What does it mean to dream about menstruation

What does it mean to dream about menstruation

When you dream of menstruation you should know that the most immediate interpretation is regeneration, liberation, change of life cycle and purification of impurities. It is essential that you analyze your behaviors, and situations that you live around this dream.

Worry in your daily life can be a key element that you should analyze. If you think there is something that brings you pangs of conscience, you must amend some actions. In general terms, this dream invites you to take a break in your life, to turn the rudder towards a correct course.

There are many and varied dreams with menstruation, to understand them and find a faithful answer, focus on evaluating the events that surround you, family and partner relationships, concerns and desires, there is the key.

Life cycle and menstruation

Dream of abundant blood during the period

This dream indicates that you are going through moments of intense concern , you need to end everything that hurts you, therefore, you feel the need to eliminate everything that disturbs you from your soul. Being a process of elimination and expulsion, the dream tells you that you should take advantage of this moment to renew yourself and start a new life.

dream of own menstruation

If in your dream you experience the sensation that your menstruation is coming down, most likely the pangs of conscience that you are about to experience will be very strong. 

It is common to have disagreements with family or friends. In our relationship with them, we share important moments and sometimes we fight and hurt them with our attitude. If you made a mistake, if you harmed a person with your actions , it is time to stop in your life and have an episode of constriction. In this hurricane of concerns and regrets, often found, we do not have the tools to recognize our mistakes and apologize; usually pride wins us the battle.

This dream urges you to improve the way you treat others and leave behind bad memories and experiences. Most likely, that will make you feel better.

Dream that your period comes

This dream is very recurrent , because the body alerts your subconscious to warn you that you are about to experience this cycle. So you shouldn’t be surprised that it happens eventually, concentrating on this fact is not very good, because you are not going to live in a relaxed way. You should know that the menstrual cycle brings benefits to your body. It is a very positive and regenerating dream.

It may be the reflection of your anguish, having sex with your partner without any type of protection. It is a way to drain what makes you feel guilty for not having taken the forecasts and letting yourself be dragged by what your desires prompted you to do. This dream does not alert you to possible pregnancies, you should not worry. It ‘s just a reflection of your emotional upset .

Dream of expelling clots during menstruation

This dream is telling you that you are trapped in strong emotions . At this time you are not right in the way of being able to end a relationship that hurts you. You have lived with your partner for a long time, but that relationship has never been stable sentimentally, but in terms of the economic part it has been very fruitful. You have discomfort, you feel trapped between the status that this relationship gives you and your self-esteem, therefore, you must reconsider in time, because you are losing opportunities to find true love. 

The dream alerts you to change, but it does not give you the tools to do so, that depends on yourself, you have to manage this new cycle in your life, with calm, patience and sanity.

Dreams with dark menstrual blood

This dream augurs loss , it can be related to severe problems and negative attitudes that you have experienced in your work environment. Due to your lack of judgment and personal stability, you have caused a lot of discomfort in your co-workers, so much so that they have left you aside, they no longer share their experiences or want to relate to you.

The dream announces inconveniences with debt payments or economic problems to be solved, you must stop wasting money, or you will go through deep sorrows. It is not a pleasant dream, since dark blood transmits restlessness and fear, that something is going to go wrong. 

In addition, the dream portends death and destruction. You must be prepared for many events that will harm your health, avoid excesses, liquor, late nights and junk food, its high levels of fat could damage your body and cause you a lot of discomfort.

Dream that menstruation disgusts you

This dream indicates a strong taboo, you are a very demure person, you do not like to share your intimacy with others. That attitude makes you an isolated person, therefore, you have not found a solution to the conflicts you have with your partner   For fear of expressing what you feel, you are about to spoil everything, reconsider, it is time.

The traumas that inhabit your mind condition you not to understand that the forbidden is something normal and that it is part of human relationships, they cohabit with each one of us and at any moment they make an appearance. You must understand that you yourself put limits on your mind , try to be a little more flexible with what you want.

Periods and life stages

dream of menopause

It indicates that you should not wait a long time to carry out your plans , you should make the most of all the resources you have, time, money and disposition. It is not the time to wait, take advantage of those extraordinary ideas that you have and start ventures, you will achieve great success. You must concentrate your inner strength to activate yourself with the changes that your life needs to experience.

Other meanings state that it symbolizes death or the end of a cycle . If you have experienced fatigue in your work activity, you should analyze your situation, perhaps you need a good rest , or stop doing that activity. Your subconscious is warning you that it is time to live something new, change your routine and experience sensations and realities that you have not experienced until now.

You should be passionate about other projects, you need to have a broader vision of what surrounds you to get out of the stagnation . If you let opportunities pass you will never get what you have wanted so much, to have a good economic and professional status. 

Menstruation and fertility

Dream about menstruation while pregnant

Having this vision in your dream is a sign of worry . You can go through bad times, if you have relationship problems, it is a bad time to try to solve them.

If you are expecting your first child, you are going to experience a strange feeling. This dream will make you lose control , because you are going to associate it with the possible loss of your baby, but this situation should not cause you concern, your subconscious is telling you that you must have a lot of strength at the time of delivery.

On the other hand,  this dream is very common in sterile women . The desire to bring a child into the world and not achieve it makes the subconscious repeatedly represent it. It is important that you calm down because you can end up very exhausted and sick, let time and life decide, if you do not change your attitude, you will never be happy. 

If the dream appears again and again, it is a sign of frustration. It is advisable to go to a specialist so that you can overcome this situation. 

Dream that menstruation does not stop 

This dream is related to loss of money . It is possible that you will experience a robbery in the next few days , this dream is alerting you to be active at all times, you must not lower your guard, because you are going to regret it. If this dream is repeated frequently, it is possible that it is associated with the desire of not wanting to conceive.

There are several meanings for this dream. But most are related to fears and apprehensions . If you are pregnant and you dream that you do not stop bleeding, you should try to go to the doctor, so that he can do a check-up and check that everything is going well. Don’t let too many days go by, remember that prevention is the most important thing right now.

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