What does it mean to dream about mice and cats

What does it mean to dream of mice and cats

Dreaming of mice and cats show us something that we should change in our ideas. This makes us not progress even though we are very talented people who should achieve great things.

One of the characteristics of people who have this dream is that they don’t get the idea that they were born in unfair conditions and with few opportunities. Which may be true and you have every right to think that.

However, the reality is that you cannot get out of where you are now because it is that idea that keeps you where you are. You have even been able to try many things, but it does not work out for you because of that mentality that you have.

To better understand the dream, it is important to know that this is because cats show us positive things such as the ability and luck that we have when we face something with all our will.

But at the same time it shows that mice are synonymous with negativity. Being the factor that prevents us from taking action and keeps us with the idea that we will not achieve things because we are not capable.

Being clear about the meaning of each animal, it can be seen that there is a conflict between a positive and a negative force. This in turn means that it will be important for you to realize that you can be on whichever side you want.

Since it is the perfect sign that, if you wish, you have enough capacity to see the opportunities and also take advantage of them.

It is time to stop seeing your life as something unfair and you should see it as a motivation to improve it and be happy. Thinking like this will be the key step to achieve great things in your life.

Dream of mice and small cats

If in case the cats and mice you see are small, this means that you are a person who cares too much about how others see you.

This way of being prevents you and will continue to prevent you from doing things that fill you with pride.

This is very clear, the only thing that stops you is your submissive attitude that is generated by unnecessary ideas.

To change this, you must know that everything will depend on you and thinking about others will do nothing for you to achieve what you really want.

Dreaming of dead mice and cats

This is curiously a positive dream. Although it is an unpleasant dream, the meaning shows that you should keep fighting for what you currently do. That it doesn’t matter if it isn’t turning out the way you want because soon you will get what you want.

That is, it announces that thanks to what you are putting effort into, you will achieve important things and it will improve your life.

If you were complaining or regretting the decision you made, you should leave that negative attitude, because things will soon turn in your favor.

Dream of mice and cats playing

You should be careful if you dreamed of seeing mice and cats playing. Since this means that you are a person who lies to himself.

The dream shows the existence of things that you must face to change it, but you do not do it for various reasons. Whatever that reason, you must think of it as an excuse. If not, you will not be able to change your current reality.

You must be aware of your ability and know that you can actually improve your life.

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