What does it mean to dream about mice running

What does it mean to dream of mice running

Dreaming of mice running symbolizes something that you must change in yourself. Apparently it is not something serious, but in the long term it will cause you to generate many disappointments. The power to change is in your hands, but the important thing is to decide to take the first step.

If you dreamed of running mice , this shows that you are a person who gets carried away by the ideas of others.

You probably have certain paradigms that you believe are all the truth in the world. But at the same time you have in your heart, things you want, and they do not match that desire and “reality” that they painted for you.

Being the reason why very few times you were able to do the things that you seriously wanted, and the truth is that it is the reality that many live. If you dreamed of mice running, it shows that you have missed many opportunities that you were aware of, but you thought you were not capable or it was something impossible due to your conditions.

Don’t worry, this has something positive. And it is that if you have dreamed it is that your subconscious wants that change of mentality. So you can feel lucky now that you understand the meaning. This is a great opportunity to make a change.

What you must do is be aware that all the things that others have said are not necessarily true. And knowing that you can afford to go after what you want most in life, because you are totally capable and talented.

Now if you are chasing and killing mice the meaning changes and it would be another type of alert. Even if you find the mouse dead it will be different being a positive dream. Those interpretations of the dream will serve you as the ones that we will present to you right away. We will go with the variants of the dream.

Dream of small mice running

This dream clearly shows that you are a person who constantly changes the idea that you have. That is, if you hear a proposal that sounds good or makes you excited, you let yourself be carried away by it.

Being the reason why very few things have lasted you.

The dangerous thing about this is that without realizing it you are stagnating because you do not find the true purpose or a goal that is born of you.

If you find yourself in that situation, give all those things a break and analyze well what you want most without lying to yourself.

Dream of several mice running

The dream with many mice running is not a bad dream. since this signals that you are trying to change your situation and realize what you want.

You just don’t think you’re capable because you haven’t achieved the favorable results. But this is only a matter of time and the good thing is that you are determined to change. You should know that by having that optimism you are making a big difference with others.

Dream of mice running around the house

The mice running around the house reflects that we are people who hate leaving things that we feel comfortable with.

That is, you are one of those who avoid complications because you do not like to change reality. You do this unconsciously and you don’t realize it, but it’s making you a mediocre person little by little, it’s time to realize that and change the situation.

Dreaming of mice running in bed

This is a clear sign that many things are accumulating in you that you do not express. You do this out of fear of the opinion of others.

Unfortunately this will cause disappointment in the future and make you unhappy. Now is the time to open yourself more to the world and decide to express or show what you really are.

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