Dream about phones

In the world of dreams, telephones symbolize communication in general and, in particular, communication in affective or sentimental relationships. Telephones today have become the most used means to communicate with each other.

When you dream of a telephone, you are revealing your need to communicate with someone, to receive news or a response from someone, or it may even be the omen of future communications or contacts with someone.

It is important to analyze the nuances and elements that appear in the dream, since the meaning will vary significantly.

Dream of many phones

If you dream of many phones, it means that there are difficulties for you to communicate with someone specific or with respect to some people.

This dream reflects that you must rethink certain relationships and reflect on establishing communication with that or those people to solve a problem, settle an issue or to unblock a path.

Dream of a mobile or cell phone

Dreaming of a mobile or cell phone is directly related to the way you communicate with your partner, special person, family, friends… it is possible that there are feelings or thoughts in you that you should but you do not dare to tell someone, that you would like but you do not know how to express to someone or that you do not want them to be known by someone specific.

Dream about old phone

If you dream of an old telephone symbolizes the nostalgia you feel regarding the relationship with one or more people from your past, it is likely that you feel longing for what that relationship or relationships was like in the past, how you communicated, how the energies flowed between that person and you or between those people and you.

Dream of a broken phone

Dreaming of a broken telephone that does not work means that communication with someone important or special to you does not flow as it should or as you would like, that communication has been broken or that it has cooled or distanced itself for some reason or circumstance.

This dream sometimes symbolizes the definitive rupture of the relationship with someone specific.

Dream that you lose your phone

Dreaming that you lose your phone may be reflecting the frustration you feel at the lack of communication with someone in your environment or at the difficulty in that communication, you may be waiting for a message, a call, an explanation, a piece of news or that communication with a person important to you causes you concern, concern or doubts.

Dream that your phone is stolen

If you dream that your phone is stolen, it means that the problems related to communication with someone close to you are caused directly or indirectly by third parties.

Dream that you find a phone

If you dream that you find a phone, it means that you will receive a call, message or communication from someone that you do not expect and that could pleasantly surprise you.

Dream that you talk on the phone

Dreaming that you talk on the phone with another person symbolizes how your communications with others are, especially with people important to you, partner, family, special person, friends… Therefore it is important that you pay attention to the conversation you have, the tone of that conversation and the person with whom you speak and of course to what you mutually decide since the meaning of this dream will be directly related to that conversation.

Dream that they call you on the phone

If you dream that someone you know calls you on the phone, it means that you are waiting for news, answers or communication with someone and that in a short time you will receive that news, that answer or the communication will take place.

If you dream that you receive a call from an unknown phone, it means that news is coming to you in terms of social or love relationships.

Dream about dialing a phone number

Dreaming that you dial your phone number means that you must take the first step in communication with someone close to you, either to solve a pending issue, to reconcile with that person or to be able to bury a certain problem forever.

Dream that you receive a message on the phone

If you dream that you receive a message through the phone, it means that you are going to receive news from someone who has something important to tell you, reveal yourself, confess or even propose.

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