Dream about mom

Many times these types of dreams are usually very pleasant, and usually we feel protected. Dreaming of mom is a very common dream, since we always worry about her health, her well-being, her problems and her safety. Although they can also be nightmares in which we see that something bad happens to him. Much will depend on how the bond with our mother is in real life.

Sometimes when our mother appears, she leaves us worried, disturbed or sad because they include deaths, fights, distances or abandonment. As we said, its meaning will depend on how the events have unfolded.

dream with mom

The mother symbolizes protection and comfort in our lives. But if we live with her in real life, she indicates that we feel very comfortable with the life we ​​are leading.

Meaning of dreaming about a mother who dies

If we see that she dies in the dream, and in real life she is alive, it alerts us to health problems that she will face soon. It can also indicate that we are very worried about problems with our partner, money or work, and we think that we can lose everything. Many times the dream of seeing our mother die is a reflection of how we have deteriorated and abandoned ourselves.

Why do we dream of mom dressed as a bride?

It warns us of great dangers that she is about to face.

What does it mean to dream of a sick mother?

It augurs times of many fights, suffering and anguish.

Being angry with our mother in the dream

It indicates that we are going to feel very confused and we will not know which decision is correct. It portends many problems to come.

What does it mean to dream of your mother’s hands?

Seeing his hands, or touching them, shows us that we should not be afraid of change. Many times a big change is the best thing that can happen to us.

Dreaming of a laughing mother

If we are having a great time and we laugh with our mother, it predicts that times of great calm and happiness will come to our lives.

Dream in which we play with our mom

It shows us that we feel a lot of nostalgia for our past.

Dreaming about mom who died in an accident in real life

It is very flattering because it assures us of divine protection.

Why do we always dream of our mom?

It reflects insecurity and lack of decisions.

What does dreaming of a loving mother indicate?

Seeing a loving mother indicates that we will find someone who will love us as we are and will make us very happy.

See our pregnant mom in the dream

It symbolizes a lot of jealousy, regrets and regrets in our life.

Meaning of surrogate mother in the dream

It tells us that soon things will begin to change in our lives for the better, and we will enter a stage of happiness and peace.

What does it show us to dream of a crying mother?

It predicts a time of much crying and pain.

What does it portend to dream that we talk to our mother?

It predicts that we will receive news that will make us very happy, it may be something we have been waiting for a long time.

Dreaming of a mother holding her son

It predicts that the bad times are coming to an end.

Explanation of beating our mother in the dream

It alerts us to many serious problems that are about to come into our lives.

Caress your mom in the dream

It is a very good omen because it shows that there will be harmony and much love in our family.

Dream about mom who died in real life

It shows that we are very intransigent and inflexible people. If our mother is worried about us, she alerts us to a possible accident or misfortune.

Dream that we are going to be mothers

Being pregnant portends abundance and much happiness in our lives.

Dreaming that we fight with our mom

Arguing with our mother is an alert to change our attitude, because otherwise we will lose friends, family or partner.

Meaning of dreaming of a young mother

Show anxiety for difficult times to pass.

Omen of dreaming of walking with your mom

This predicts the birth of new personal projects or new very tempting job proposals.

What does it mean to dream of a bad mom?

It warns us about fights and distancing within the family.

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