Money symbolizes power and security, at the same time, it is directly related to material abundance, wealth and success. However, when we dream of money, its meaning or interpretation is not always related to material goods. Dreams with money, whether they are coins or bills, represent the things that are important to you, those that worry you, that worry you or in which you have deposited, all your hopes and strength, what you fight for, what you want to achieve…

Dream about money, coins or bills

Dream that you find money

If you dream that you find money and you do not take it, whether it is coins or bills, it means that you are not making the most of your abilities , the opportunities that exist or that arise around you, or you are not paying attention to something or someone in your environment and which is really important. You may not be aware of a reality that surrounds you.

If you dream that you find money and take it , it means that you will know how to take advantage of the circumstances or opportunities that will soon arise in your life. This dream is a good omen and portends good luck.

If you find a wallet or bag with money, it means that someone close to you or someone you will soon meet will bring you luck or give you a good opportunity.

If you find money in any object, inside a book, inside a jar, among your clothes … It represents the importance or value that a certain material good has for you.

dream of money being stolen

This dream is related to the importance that you are giving in real life, to a person, circumstance or material good.

If you dream that an unknown person steals money from you, it means that you are worrying excessively about a situation or person that is not worth it and possibly that solution is not in your hand.

If someone you know steals money from you, you should pay attention to who is the person who steals your money, since in real life that person could defraud you with their behavior or attitude at any given moment.

If your partner, ex-partner or special person steals money from you, it means that you are giving much more love to that person than that person to you, that is, you are getting very involved in the relationship and this begins to take its toll on you.

If, on the contrary, it is you who steals the money from another person , it means that you are not being or are not going to be loyal to that person.

Dream that they give you money

If you dream that someone gives you money, that is, he gives it to you, it means that this person, if he is known , will help you at some crucial or necessary moment for you, you can trust that person, since he will be loyal to you.

If he gives you fake money , you should be suspicious of that person since he is not being honest or sincere with you.

If it is a stranger who gives you the money, it means that soon you will meet someone really important and special, a person who will help you, who will contribute a lot.

If the stranger gives you fake money you will have to be careful with the new people you meet in the next few days.

Dream that you count money

To dream that you are counting money represents your aspirations and ambitions in life, at the same time it reflects the material needs that you have in your current life.

If you dream that you count coins , it means that you are going through a time of hardship or shortage, that you must take care of your expenses.

If you dream that you count bills , it means that a very abundant stage in the economy is approaching and that those projects that you have in hand or are going to start will be a success.

If you dream that you have many coins and bills , it means that you have a lot of ambition and that you will be willing to do anything to achieve your goals.Dream that you throw money away

If you dream that you throw away money without its value being important or you dream that you squander it on things that you do not need or are not important, it means that you are neglecting someone or that you are not paying enough attention to an area of ​​your life. This dream tries to make you see that you have to change your scale of values ​​or priorities today

If you dream that you break bills, it is a good omen since it announces good luck and good news.

Dream that you buy with money

Dreaming that you buy any element or material object with money symbolizes your relationships with others , therefore what you buy with money will have an additional meaning and if someone else appears in the dream, the person who sells you the product or any other person , that person will be directly related to the interpretation. These types of dreams have a very broad meaning, since innumerable additional details usually appear that must also be analyzed. In summary, dreaming that you buy with money reflects the current state of your social, family, work or sentimental relationships.

If you dream that you do not have enough money to pay for the product , it means that you feel inferior to other people or that you feel or have an image of yourself somewhat devalued.

If when paying for the product you receive more change than it should be , it means that you are a very loved person among your close ones.

Dream that you earn money honestly

Dreaming that you earn money honestly augurs a significant improvement for your economy, business or work, which will translate into greater stability for you.

Dreaming that you earn money illegally or fraudulently

If, on the other hand, you dream that you earn money illegally, fraudulently or through any illicit activity, it means that bad times are coming for you and your economy. They are probably the consequences of the bad decisions you have made in the past.

dream of a lot of money

If you dream that you see a lot of money around you or in front of you, it means that you are giving a lot of importance to the material , that you value economic security very much and that you prioritize the economic in your life, in what you are doing, that you do not see the true value of other aspects of your environment and your life.

dream of burning money

In this case, the dream is made up of two very important elements, fire and money. On the one hand, fire represents changes, love, passion and strength, while money symbolizes power, abundance and success.

If you dream that you burn money, it means that transformations or changes are going to take place in your personal, sentimental, professional or family life. They can be derived from the decisions or actions that you are going to carry out or that you have carried out.

If you dream that you see how money burns

It means that an important relationship for you is about to end or completely transform.

Dream that you lose your money

If you dream that you lose money or lose it without realizing it, it means that you are stopping making decisions or doing something important out of fear , insecurity or lack of confidence. You may be letting yourself be influenced by something or someone and you are not acting with absolute freedom.

If during the dream you recover the money you have lost, it means that you will experience a transformation in your life that will help you see things much more clearly and you will be able to face what you have to take control of the situation.

If you find only part of the money or that you have lost it means that even if you are able to face the dilemma that worries you, a part of you will continue to be subject or subject to the will of another person, fear, insecurity or lack of confidence. .

If you feel a lot of anguish or concern when losing money , it means that in real life you are afraid of losing something or someone that is very valuable to you.

Dream that you bet money

Dreaming that you bet money in a game of chance, in a casino, races or in a sport symbolizes the risk that you are taking or are going to take in real life. You may have made or are going to make a very risky decision or perhaps serious consequences could follow.

If you lose your money on the bet, it means that you must be very careful in the decisions or actions that you are going to carry out in real life, since you could make a mistake and pay a high price for it.

If you dream that you are the winner in the bet , it portends a stroke of luck that will only be due to pure fortune, therefore you should not rely on luck.

dream of fake money

To dream that you use fake money means that you are not being honest or clear in real life. It may be that you are not behaving well with someone in your environment, that you are taking advantage of certain circumstances to benefit at the expense of something or someone. In short, you are not playing fair.

If you dream that you make fake money , it means that you could be a victim of your own wrong or misdirected decisions. If other people appear in this dream, they will be directly or indirectly related to the situation.

To dream that someone gives you fake money means that you could be the victim of a deception or a betrayal or a dirty game. You must be cautious or cautious with the people around you.

Dream that you see your wallet or bag without money

If you dream that you see your wallet, purse or bag without money, it represents your current concerns about the economy, work or business. You may be going through a difficult time and that is causing you anxiety or restlessness.

Dream that you see your wallet or bag with a lot of money

If, on the other hand, you dream that you see your wallet, purse or bag full of money, it portends economic bonanza , luck and prosperity for you and yours. It is a very reassuring dream if in real life you are carrying out some change, financial transaction or you are going through a difficult economic time, since this dream announces positive changes and the inflow of money.

dream about money

Don’t we all want to dream of having a lot of money? While dreaming about money is not always about your financial situation, learning the meaning of money in a dream can help you create the life you want.

What does it mean to dream of money?

Dreaming about money typically surrounds our feelings towards self-esteem, the value of something, and abundance. Here are some common meanings for money:


Money can be very symbolic of your self-esteem. You may have feelings of not being worthy of something, or you may feel worthy of something and not appreciated for it. Money can also symbolize your feelings about what something is costing you. Does it cost you your happiness? Are you losing your joy because of a certain situation in your life?

The lack of money can suggest that your self-esteem is very low at the moment. We often feel helpless when faced with certain situations, so it is helpful to look at the other dream symbols and their meanings for clues to provide more details.


Abundance means that you are making the most of a situation. Having an abundance of money suggests that you believe yourself or someone else to be of great worth.


Money is a form of energy. Not surprisingly, money can often be seen as a source of energy.

If you have a lot of money, you are often able to be in the position where you have the power to change things.

If you are dreaming about money, you may feel powerless in a situation, or wish you could change something that is out of your control. If you dream about money, it can mean that you are spending too much or too little energy on something. Do you feel like your life is well balanced or does it seem like one thing is getting all your time and attention?

Finance and the future

Money is often something we associate with the future. If you are the type of person who often thinks, “One day we will have the money to do XYZ…” – it could be a sign in your dream that you are spending more time thinking about the future than living and enjoying the present moment. Dreaming of money can also be a literal symbol of finances.

Anxiety about money problems in your daily life can sometimes manifest in your dreams in a very obvious way. Are you worried about upcoming expenses or challenges that may cost you financially?

balance and justice

We often associate money with paying bills and balancing the budget. Do you have a situation in your life that requires you to find a balance? You’ll also want to think carefully about whether you’re treating others fairly or whether others are treating you fairly.

Money can sometimes be associated with debt, and in dreams these debts can be both signs of physical or emotional exchanges.

Business and career

Most of us go to work to get money to pay expenses. Dreaming about money can mean that you are interested in new business opportunities or that you are thinking about an upcoming career change.

How to interpret dreams with money

To understand what your dream means, it helps to think about your own personal feelings about money right now. Do you think money is a good thing? Or, do you think of money as the root of all evil? Everyone has different feelings towards money, and being in tune with your own personal feelings towards money will help you connect with your true feelings that manifest in the dream.

Here are other things to look for to help you understand your dream:

What kind of money did you see in the dreamDo you see giant stacks of euro bills? Or is it a jar of coins? Did you find a penny on the floor? Or, do you see a giant bank safe? As you can imagine, the context in which money appears in your dream is very important!

Was there any significant number in the dreamNumbers can often convey very important messages in our dreams. If there was a specific amount of euros, you should make a note of these numbers involved.

What was the tone of the dreamDid the dream make you feel happy? Sad? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Afraid? The overall mood of the dream can help you understand what your true underlying feelings are about a situation.

What action was involved with the money? Understanding the different actions in your dream can make a big difference in what a dream can mean. For example, if you dream of using money while shopping 

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