What does it mean to dream about monkeys? 19 dream interpretations

Dreaming of monkeys can occur when we feel mocked by someone, because perhaps we see them as animals that only make funny faces. Monkeys are cheeky creatures; most people find them interesting and cute, but these animals can be very mean and possibly dangerous.

When monkeys appear in our dreams , they remind our subconscious that we need more fun and adventure in our lives. They are often a call to take a break from everything and just relax. Monkeys in dreams symbolize instincts, tricks, intuitions, betrayals, games, immaturity and childish behavior.

They also remind us to nurture ties with family and friends. These creatures are very intelligent. Monkeys in a dream are an encouragement to trust your intuition and trust your gut when you need to make some important decisions. They can symbolize changing our approach to solving problems.

These types of dreams often indicate having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with a situation and identifying the problems we need to solve. Monkeys usually symbolize false and dishonest friends or acquaintances. They can point out people we know who are not honest. They could help us find out who are the real friends and who are the ones pretending to be our friends.

These dreams commonly indicate the need to remove negative things and people that represent a destructive influence from our lives. In some cases, dreams about monkeys indicate that you are still immature and acting childish in serious situations.

Perhaps you behave rebellious and disobedient towards someone and this dream is a reminder to start acting more mature and responsible. Often dreams about monkeys mean a lack of focus, and too many interests, which leads you to jump from one thing to another and not be able to finish any of them or finish them with poor quality.

This dream could be asking you to decide your priorities so that you can focus on finishing them first before looking for others.

What does it mean to dream of monkeys? 19 dream interpretations


A dream about a monkey or monkeys could symbolize a new beginning, often a partnership of a romantic or business nature. If you dreamed about monkeys , it is often not a good sign. It usually indicates some health problems. It could also reveal your selfishness and self-centeredness; indicate that you do not care in the least what happens to others.

They could indicate that someone close to you will be humiliated and you will not be able to do anything. In some cases, a dream about monkeys reveals your cheerfulness and happy-go-lucky personality. But each scenario of this dream has a different meaning, for this reason we have prepared for you the following interpretations of the most common dreams with monkeys:

1-Dream with monkeys on the shoulder

Dreaming of monkeys on your shoulder is a good sign and often symbolizes that someone is going to visit you soon. This visit will make your life very happy, since it is about a person that you loved very much in the past and with whom you shared many beautiful things, but for some reason you had moved away from this person.

2-Dreaming of monkeys in a group

Dreaming of monkeys in a group is not a good sign. It often announces encountering some difficulties soon. Sometimes it is a sign that someone or some situation in your life is not what it seems. Perhaps someone in your environment is pretending to be different from what they really are or is deceiving you in some way.

Someone could soon try to take advantage of you as well. This dream can also indicate that you tend to see life as a game and not be serious in many situations. Perhaps it is indicating that you spend too much time with people who have such an attitude.

3-Dream of monkeys imitating you

Dreaming of monkeys imitating you usually indicates your immaturity and childish behavior. Perhaps you go through life taking everything lightly and downplaying the things that are essential for your personal and economic growth. This dream is trying to tell you that you should mature and learn to manage your affairs responsibly.

4-Dreaming of attacking monkeys

Dreaming of attacking monkeys is often a bad sign, possibly indicating your aggressiveness and bad mood. You do not know how to control yourself in moments of disagreement and that will cause you to find yourself involved in discussions and conflicts with someone sooner than you think.

5-Dream of monkeys on a branch

Dreaming of monkeys on a branch  is a sign of something that is pressing you from within. Maybe you have been avoiding dealing with some problems or situations for some time and they have become a real emotional burden for you.

6-Dreaming of monkeys climbing a tree

Dreaming of hands climbing a tree could be indicating that you will soon have a fight against people from your immediate environment. Someone could unexpectedly humiliate or treat you badly and you could experience great disappointment because of it.

6-Dreaming of dead monkeys

Dreaming of dead monkeys is a good sign; indicates that you will succeed in avoiding damage from your enemies, blocking someone’s damaging actions. This dream is an indication that you are finally starting to behave more mature and becoming more responsible and serious.

7-Dreaming of killing a monkey

Dreaming of killing monkeys is a sign of planning to deal with your rivals or people who are trying to take advantage of you in some way. This dream is warning you that you should be aware of your enemies, since they can act in a surprising way.

8-Dreaming of monkeys that bite you

Dreaming of monkeys biting you is a good sign, this heralds a new love interest or the start of a romantic relationship with someone you have been in love with for some time. For older people this dream could indicate a worsening of their health.

9-Dream of caged monkeys

Dreaming of caged monkeys could be a warning not to meddle in what is none of your business. Maybe you are too curious and that could lead to problems or situations where you could experience something bad and dangerous.

Your actions could put you in danger, so it is advisable to change your behavior and develop a more cautious approach towards others.

10-Dreaming of having pet monkeys

Dreaming of having pet monkeys is a bad sign. It often indicates that you are overwhelmed with fear and worries. You may even be aware that your fears are groundless, but you still cannot control them.

This dream is often a message to stop worrying and fearing so much. You must start thinking and expecting positive results from your actions because what you expect to happen will manifest in your reality, be it good or bad.

11-Dreaming of walking a monkey

Dreaming of walking a monkey on a leash like a dog is a possible warning; I might suggest you evaluate your friends because not all of them may have good intentions on their mind.

You may discover their dishonesty and attempts to take advantage of or cheat on you. In some cases, this dream could indicate that some friend or friends are going to publicly humiliate you.

12-Dreaming of being afraid of some monkeys

Dreaming of being afraid of some monkeys could indicate problems and chaos that you will soon experience in your work. Perhaps you will be accused of something in which you did not participate and that will inevitably bring unfavorable consequences.

13-Dreaming of petting monkeys

Dreaming of petting monkeys could indicate weak rivals. This dream is a confirmation that your enemies and rivals, both in your professional and personal sphere, cannot harm you or interfere with your plans and actions.

14-Dreaming of chasing monkeys

Dreaming of chasing monkeys is a bad sign; It is possibly indicating that someone in your life is trying to manipulate you or is currently doing it to you. That person probably doesn’t trust you and could ruin your reputation if you don’t push them away soon.

15-Dream of monkeys dressed in clothes

Dreaming of monkeys dressed in clothes could indicate that someone close to you is not able to change some bad habits, regardless of what you do to help this person.

16-Dreaming of feeding a monkey

If you dreamed of feeding a monkey ; it is a bad sign, possibly indicating betrayal by someone you trust. You should take more care of the people you trust with your important things.

17-Dreaming of having a monkey in your arms

If you dream of having a monkey in your arms , that dream could mean a new love interest. Sooner than you imagine a person will come to you who will come to brighten your life in all aspects with her fun character. You may soon begin a relationship characterized by tranquility and happiness.

18-Dream of a noisy monkey

If you dream of a noisy monkey , it could indicate that someone close to you has some addictions that you would never have imagined, which may be damaging the tranquility and social well-being of your environment and will be manifesting in the coming days.

19-Dreaming of living among monkeys

Dreaming of living among monkeys means that the people around you will humiliate you. This dream is often a sign of being negatively influenced by the people you associate with. In some cases, this dream could indicate that you are doing some bad and potentially dangerous things due to the impact they have on you.


Dreams with monkeys become part of our dream experiences in order to warn us about the intentions of the people around us; which many times we are not able to see by ourselves. They also warn us about the opportunities and good news that will be coming into our lives in a short time.

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