Learning the symbolism of the Moon can help you understand your emotions and feelings more clearly.

Seeing the Moon in your dream represents a covert and mysterious element of yourself. It is normally connected to a feminine presence as well as intuition. The Moon can also indicate your mood swings. We often associate the moon with our emotional state.

Just as the Moon can influence the tides of the ocean, the Moon can be a symbol that you need to be aware of your feelings and emotional well-being. For this reason, it is often helpful to also look up the water dream meaning , as water and moons often appear together in a dream.

Meaning of dreaming about the Moon

When it comes to understanding what the Moon can mean in a dream, there are a few things to ask yourself. First, what kind of moon was it? Where do you see the Moon? Do you see the moon next to other planets in the dream? Next, consider what actions you are performing in your dream about the Moon. What activities are you doing? What events are happening?

  • Are you going to fly to the moon? This could suggest that you are trying to escape from particular responsibilities.
  • Is it capable of reaching and touching the Moon? This could mean that you have high intentions and will not settle for anything less than perfection.
  • Are you taking a shower or sunbathing in the moonlight? This could mean that you are not necessarily seeing things clearly. It could also mean that you have a romantic version of your life that does not match reality.
  • Did you dream that the Moon has exploded? This could mean that you are aiming to do something impractical. You may feel that you cannot fully achieve your aspirations in life. Seeing the Moon in a dream of an apocalypse could also signify your feelings of change or loss.

Dreaming of the Full Moon Meaning

The image of the full Moon is often associated with the feeling of luck or favorable circumstances. However, this is not always necessarily a true indication of what a full moon in a dream can mean. If you see the full Moon in your dream, it could be an indication that while you want more in your life, you are also happy with what you currently have and feel grateful for it. A full moon can mean that you feel complete, or that you are fully aware that your entire energy being is coming into focus.

Crescent moon

To see the crescent Moon in your dream indicates cyclical adjustments, revival, as well as movement. You are moving smoothly towards the course of your life.

two moons

If you see two moons in your dream, this can indicate that you feel like you are being pulled in two different directions in life. The expression “walking two moons” also means taking time to think about a situation.

lunar eclipse

Seeing the eclipse of the Moon in your dream means that your feminine side is being eclipsed. Or it may indicate that some covert aspect of yourself is related to the surface. Dreaming that you touch the Moon describes your ambition. When it comes to your aspirations and also your goals, you aim high. You can do anything if you focus your mind on it.

Destruction of the Moon

To dream that a massive asteroid or comet collides with the Moon implies that there is great chaos in your life or that you feel out of control to the point of total self-destruction. You are giving up your intuition to guide you in the choices you are making when you wake up.

Alien life and invasions

Sometimes you may also have a dream of aliens invading the Moon, or seeing a spaceship or UFO flying in the sky. Looking at the meaning of the dream with aliens and spaceships can be helpful to understand more on what this dream can mean.

Dreams about the Moon are quite significant to the dreamer’s waking life, so take the time to dig deep into your subconscious and current life situation if you have this dream.

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