In the world of dreams, the Moon represents movement, changes, fertility, the feminine, growth, dependence and everything that can be influenced. Dreaming of the Moon reflects the evolution of your life, of a part of it or of your own as a person, at the same time and depending on the phase in which you dream of the Moon and the rest of the nuances, the meaning can vary completely, relating with love, with the disorder of feelings, with motherhood or fatherhood…

Dream of the full moon

If you dream of the full Moon, it is something very positive, since it represents fullness in all senses or in some important or significant one for you. Dreaming of the full moon is a harbinger of luck, achievement, goals, stability in life in general or in a part of it.

In the case of women it can be the announcement of a pregnancy or the omen of a prosperous marriage or relationship, in the case of men this dream can be the fullness of love or the discovery of a new and passionate love.

Dream about the crescent moon

Dreaming of the crescent Moon is a symbol of evolution, growth, progress and progress. It can be in a specific area of ​​your life with respect to a certain project or in a broad sense of your life. Having this dream is very positive when you are starting a romantic relationship, a professional project or a new stage of your life since it announces that you will be able to bring it to fruition if you fight for it.

Dream of the waning moon

If you dream of the waning Moon, it means that at the moment what you are pursuing, what you are fighting for or what you have pending to resolve will take time to do so since a difficult, complicated stage is presented, a stage in which they can arise. difficulties or delays that you will have no choice but to face with the best face.

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Dream of the new moon

Dreaming of the new Moon is interpreted as the absence of the Moon, therefore it may be reflecting your fears, your insecurities, your doubts… you may be going through a personal, sentimental, creative, professional or even spiritual crisis. However, this dream also represents the new beginning from scratch, learning from the mistakes made and with the experience that you have acquired during all this past time, it is time to resume your life or a part of it and walk with optimism and strength.

Dreaming of the very big or giant Moon

If you dream of a very large or giant Moon, it is a harbinger of imminent changes in your life or in a specific part of it, changes that you need and that you want or unexpected changes that will allow you to see things from another point of view and therefore take new decisions.

Dream of the falling moon

Dreaming of the Moon falling to earth, on you or moving in the sky means that you feel insecure or insecure, that you are going through an unstable stage and that you run the risk of acting impulsively and irrationally, which could lead you to make major mistakes.

This dream may also be reflecting your changing and unstable mood due to a situation you are experiencing or have already experienced.

Dream of the red moon

Dreaming of the red Moon reflects the feelings you have for someone, the strength of that love that unites you but at the same time it also represents the difficulties that accompany you or that hinder the progress of your story. This dream represents the importance of that love in the face of difficulties, the strong connection that unites you.

Dream about the blue moon

Dreaming of the blue Moon means that important and necessary changes are coming for you, this dream is the reflection of the evolution that you are going to live and that will allow you to get out of a complicated or difficult situation, leave behind certain problems or solve some important situation.

Dream of the yellow moon

Dreaming of a yellow Moon symbolizes prosperity, material abundance and luck in general. Dreaming of a yellow Moon augurs the arrival of very advantageous opportunities for you, luck in the economy, but it also reflects the reward for which you have fought so hard and that you will soon receive.

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Dream about the Moon and the stars or the Sun

If you dream of the Moon and the stars or the Moon and the Sun, it means that you are in an important moment or facing a difficult choice but that it will mean a before and after in your life, therefore you may experience doubts, insecurity or even fear, but everything will be fine, you just have to let yourself go and choose what you really need.

Dream of the moon and the sea

If you dream of the Moon reflected in the sea, it means that you are aspiring to something that is above your current possibilities, your claims may be disproportionate or that it is not yet within your reach, therefore you must accept it and adapt to it.

Dream of a lunar eclipse

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse portends a break or change in the relationship with someone close to you who is important to you, this may be because you are disappointed with their behavior or attitude, that it is not as you expected or that you discover something dark about that person.

Dream with several moons

If you dream of several Moons in the sky, it means that you have some affective lack, that you need someone to show you their feelings, their love, that you do not feel full or complete in your emotional or affective relationships.

Dream of touching the moon

Dreaming that you touch the Moon with your fingers or you are very close to it means that you are going to achieve something very big, important or notorious, it can be a personal, professional, sentimental or other achievement, but rest assured that it will be something great. .

Dream of going to the moon

If you dream that you go up to the Moon, it means that through your intuition, your perception of people and things, this will help you to decide to know the truth or to discover certain important aspects. On the other hand, this dream also represents your hidden side, your interior, what you feel and do not show or what you feel and hide for various reasons.

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