Dreaming that you see your mother crying or with a sad face is associated with family, personal issues or even those issues directly related to your mother that have not been resolved, which can still cause conflict, pain or tension.

You may need to forgive someone, forgive yourself or yourself, or be forgiven by someone. There may be some experience or experience that you have not been able to resolve or that has caused you a lot of suffering and that still affects you in one way or another.

Meaning of dreaming of your mother crying

Dream of your deceased mother crying

  • If you dream that you see your deceased mother crying in real life , sad means that there is some emotional knot, some blockage or circumstance related to your mother when she was alive that could not be resolved satisfactorily and that now causes you problems, guilt, discomfort. or block you in some way.
  • If in the dream you comfort your mother and try to calm her down, it means that you did everything in your power to solve or fix it. That you must overcome this situation and settle it, that you must definitely turn the page on this matter since you are blaming yourself and you are suffering for something that is not your responsibility.

Dreaming of your mother crying with another person

If you dream that you see your mother crying with another person or with other people, you will have to pay close attention to who these people are, if they are known to you, if they are family members, if they are your partner or ex-partner or someone close to you. or on the contrary it is someone you do not know.

  • If it is a known person , it means that you are going to live or are living with that person or people through a stage of emotional ups and downs, instability, conflict or emotional crisis.
  • If, on the other hand, the person or people who appear with your mother are strangers, it means that you are going to live a complicated, difficult or clandestine love story, which will cause you some suffering, anxiety, worry and stress.

Dream of your mother crying and talking to you

Dreaming of your mother crying and speaking to you at the same time that she tells you something means that she is warning you about a possible danger that you run when making a certain decision, betting on something or someone or letting yourself be carried away by an impulse.

This dream is a warning so that you can redirect your steps, rectify what you have done wrong or stop to reflect well on the circumstances that surround you before launching or deciding.

If you remember the words of your mother in the dream , it will be of great value to analyze in more depth the origin of that danger or warning.

Dream of your mother crying and hugging you

If you dream that your crying mother hugs you, it means that you are looking for comfort, understanding or acceptance about something that you are experiencing, that you are suffering or that is conditioning you.

You may live with a very hard secret that you cannot express certain feelings that you are experiencing, some complicated or painful episode and therefore you need the support and help of someone but either you cannot find it or you are not able to open yourself completely out of fear, embarrassment or insecurity.

Dream of your mother crying and comfort her

To dream that your mother is crying and you comfort her and try to calm her down means that in the face of the problem you are experiencing, whatever its nature, you do not have the complete solution in your hands. That is, it is not in your power to fix things, but you can relieve some emotional burden or help things change by making a certain decision that can generally be difficult or hard because of what this dream entails.

Try to convey to you that time will put things in their place, that everything falls of its own weight sooner or later.

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