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Dreams have always been a fundamental food for those who make art their profession, to the point that even international cinema has not spared, over the years, a series of excellent films about dreams , which use interpretations and contradictions to tell in a creative sauce hidden aspects of our unconscious.

Many interpretive keys have been chosen to enter, cinematographically speaking, complex spheres of our being, some extremely faithful to reality mixed with others, no less exciting, contaminated by a hint of science fiction .

The best movies about dreams:


If you’re talking about the best movies about dreams, then you can’t help but quote the king of the genre: Inception . Arriving in theaters in 2010 and awarded with the beauty of 4 Oscars, the film sees an impeccable Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb, a professional information theft, who exploits the unconscious, through a mysterious but effective machinery, to Steal hidden secrets from the minds of their victims. Everything changes when he, on the other hand, is forced to implant ideas in the heads of others, becoming at the same time the protagonist, manipulator and victim of a dream.

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If you let me cancel you

Always on the border between dreams and science fiction, If you let me cancel you – whose original title, Eternal sun of the spotless mind , gives us a better idea of ​​what the film is – tells us about a tormented love story, in which Joel and Clementine are the protagonists who decide to rely on a complex procedure to eliminate, during sleep, the memories related to a person. All is going well for Clementine, while too many setbacks hit Joel’s way.

vanilla sky

Recognized as one of the best dream films in history, Vanilla Sky shakes the fine line between dream and reality through the life of its protagonist, David Aames, who after an accident is disfigured and forced to change his life. life made of beauty and success. From here a complex journey begins, deeply marked by the dreamlike sphere of the character, where the search for perfect love is mixed with hallucination. The film is a remake of the Spanish Apri gli occhi , by Alejandro Amenàbar.

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The Secret Dreams of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller wears the clothes of Walter Mitty, the protagonist of The Secret Dreams of Walter Mitty , in which the dream part of the character intervenes to help him escape from reality, seeking a satisfaction that he cannot obtain in everyday life. But the dreams overlap and become insistent, to the point of irreparably upsetting -and pleasantly- his life, and makes this story one of the best movies about dreams that cinema remembers.

Matrix among the best films about dreams

A great mix of action, dream and combat can be found in the famous Matrix , a feature film that certainly needs no introduction but of which, many times, we underestimate the great red thread of the dream that runs through the plot. Well, The Matrix, with its clever cinematic mix, turns out to be one of the most interesting movies about dreams that you can choose to watch, where the story of the dream tends to mix with reality, and where the perception of reality is confused to the point of confusion. which is almost no different from the dream.

the enchanted city

Let’s close the list by citing the Japanese The Enchanted City , with in the center of the scene a girl of only 10 years and a ghost town, which comes to life at night through spirits, unreal characters and imaginary creatures. The border between the real life of the protagonist and her imagination is really blurred, in a dream union that has always enchanted even the youngest viewers.

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The cell

An interesting film about dreams that has not received much recognition and nomination is the less recent «The Cell», an American film from the year 2000 starring, among others, a young Jennifer Lopez in the role of psychotherapist Chatarine Deane.

The woman, who has unsuccessfully experimented with an innovative psychotherapy technique on a young boy trying to treat his mental disorders by sneaking into his dreams, is contacted by an FBI agent who desperately needs to try everything to save a woman’s life.

Carl Stagher, a serial killer known to law enforcement for kidnapping and leaving several women in a secret location for 40 hours before slowly and excruciatingly finishing them off, is now in a coma and his latest victim must be saved first . that it’s too late. Chatarine Deane will have to try to enter the man‘s mind, but the danger is not that far away.

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Paprika – Dreaming of a dream

We conclude our review of the 5 recommended titles to watch about dreams with a Japanese animated film called “Paprika – Dreaming of a Dreaming”.

The film, a 2006 feature film directed by Satoshi Kon, tells of a near future where a device dubbed the DC Mini allows doctors to enter patients’ dreams to treat their psychic problems.

Since these devices are still in experimentation, the DC Minis are kept safe to prevent misuse, but a thief, who managed to take possession of them, will wreak havoc by entering the dreams of people who will live dreams that will make them come true. crazy puppets .

Dr. Atsuko Chiba, under the pseudonym of Paprika, will begin to investigate the case to regain possession of the DC Mini and prevent the thief from creating a collective dream capable of threatening all of humanity.

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