What does it mean to dream about murder? 45 Dream Interpretations

There are many details that can surround such a dream and this could have been a nightmare for you! Dreaming that you have committed murder or dreaming of murder means that you are ending old ways of life and an old enemy may come back into your life! This could refer to an addiction you have or to a real tangible person, which will bring you confusion.

The dream suggests that you have suppressed anger or feel attacked or in a former company you work for, an old relationship or even with yourself. Often dreams of murder can occur in times of great depression. Do you feel depressed?

To dream that you see a murder suggests that others will lean on you in the future. It can be quite worrying to see any murder in a dream, to the point where you might wake up and spend the night and worry. Murder is not the best nightmare to be afraid of. Let’s see some interpretations of dreaming of murder below.

What does it mean to dream of murder? 45 Dream Interpretations

There are many interpretations that can be given to the fact of dreaming of murder, for example, if you dream that you are murdered, that could mean that you are repressing your own aggression from something in your past. There is a psychological approach to moving forward in life and that you just have to let go of past problems. It is also common for you to dream of running away being chased by a murderer.

This indicates that it is very important that you simply let go of all the hurts and pains that have been experienced in life. To dream that you are killed with a gun indicates that an important and significant relationship has been broken. You are working to disconnect in life.

When you see someone being murdered in your dream, it could be a symbolic representation of someone in your current life that you just don’t like. Dreams can sometimes be confusing, they are never easy and sometimes hard to know what they really mean.

If you want to cut someone out of your life (or just take a break), then it is quite common to dream of someone being murdered that you don’t know in real life. This may be part of your own personality that you want to assassinate or remove the values ​​represented by other people, such as co-workers, bosses, partners, or even children. Don’t worry, it’s not that dramatic and it may suggest that you need a break away from someone for a while. Pay attention to the following interpretations and find the meaning of your dream.

1.- Dreaming of killing an enemy

Killing an enemy or someone you don’t like while defending yourself in your dream is a good sign. This dream predicts your success in dealing with the society and solving the problems you face while interacting with the people around you.

2.- Dream that you commit a murder

To dream that you have committed a murder implies participating in shameful things and discrediting your name because of them.

3.- Dreaming of murdering someone

Dreaming that you murdered someone is an indication to free yourself from an unnecessary and boring relationship that takes place in your life. You always try to convince yourself that it is still something valuable. However, the truth is that your relationship is deteriorating and there is no room in your future for a peaceful and meaningful relationship for anyone involved in this relationship.

4.- Dream mass murder

Dreaming that you yourself are committing mass murder informs you about your aggression and anger, feelings normally hidden from the rest of society. These feelings manifest as part of your dream due to stress and unhappiness in your life.

5.- Dreaming of the murder of a stranger

To dream that you have murdered a stranger means that you are trying to deal with parts of your own personality and that you are behaving inappropriately or to your disadvantage. Or it may be a sign of trying to get rid of something in your life that makes you feel ashamed or uncomfortable.

6.- Dream of murdering a person

Murdering a person in your dream is an extremely bad omen. Crime and imprisonment may become the obvious result of her deeply flawed life. After experiencing this dream, you must analyze and give up the sins and bad intentions present in your life, otherwise the consequences can be horrible.

7.- Dreaming of arranging a murder

Hearing or discussing news about planning to murder someone in your dream means that your plans will not come true due to the guilt or interference of your friend or girlfriend.

8.- Dream that your friend murders someone

Finding out in your dream that your friend has committed a staged or planned murder foretells unfavorable or unpleasant events, or an act of deceit or forgery committed by a person of immense trust.

9.- Dream that you learn to plan a murder

Having a dream where you learn about organized assassinations means unpleasant news or information that you are about to find out about your colleagues or family members. Females who had this dream will be able to ignore unwanted propositions from male acquaintances.

10.- Dream of rewarded murder

Having a dream about being offered a large reward for murdering someone indicates possible financial difficulties. You may be trying to increase your wealth and improve your financial well-being by resorting to dishonest or questionable actions or behavior.

11.- Dream of arranged murder

Committing an arranged murder in your dream means being involved in going through desperate actions of behavior that may lead to disapproval or even severe punishment.

12.- Dream that you ask someone to commit a murder

If you find yourself asking someone to kill a person you don’t like, it could be an indication that they may be trying to blame someone else for some shameful or inappropriate actions.

13.- Dreaming of murdering a defenseless person

Dreaming of murdering an unarmed , defenseless or innocent person foretells difficult times or difficulties full of pain or sorrow that you are about to face in your life.

14.- Dreaming of the murder of a friend

Dreaming of the murder of your friend or a person very close to your social circle, can mean strong tribulations and spend long periods of time before making a decision that is important to you.

15.- Dream that someone tries to kill you

Dreaming of someone trying to assassinate you tells you about your subconscious desire to get rid of a boring life partner and end the relationship with him or her.

16.- Dreaming of murder with a knife

Dreaming of committing murder while using a knife indicates that your sexual desires towards your partner are gradually improving and this may be a mutual feeling coming from both sides.

17.- Dreaming of murder by suffocation

Dreaming of committing a murder by suffocation means that you must bring variety, novelty and enthusiasm to your relationships with your partner.

18.- Dreaming of murder with a gun

Dreaming of trying to murder someone with a firearm is a sign of resolving intimate issues or problems related to your personal relationship in the near future.

19.- Dreaming of murdering relatives or friends

Dreaming of murdering your family members or friends is a warning about a possible fight with them, as well as failure to accomplish what you have plans to complete or achieve.

20.- Dreaming of the murder of someone in the service of the army

To dream of a murder involving someone serving in the military means that this person may die while on duty or due to some tragic accident while on duty.

21.- Dream that you see a murder

Seeing a murder in your dream means a lot of sadness due to the malicious intentions or behavior of some people that you are about to face. You may also witness violence that leads to someone’s death.

22.- Dream that you are assassinated

Being the victim of a murder in your dream is a sign that you must be very careful not to fall into the traps set by your enemies or people you do not like. This dream is also telling you to be careful about actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation.

23.- Dream that you are a witness to a murder

Witnessing a murder in your dream as it happens means too much violence in your sexual fantasies. He is not understanding that someone does not like his aggressiveness and forceful intentions while having sex. The dream advises not to be selfish or aggressive during sex.

24.- Waking up while dreaming that they kill you

Waking up during a dream about someone who is murdering you indicates a lot of fear that you may have towards unexpected or frightening things that you encounter. This may attract danger and this dream may be warning you to be prepared for them.

25.- Dream that your wife kills you

Dreaming of being killed by your wife is a bad sign of facing misfortune and difficulties in life that can drastically change your way of life and lead you to an unpredictable and miserable existence.

26.- Dream that you try to commit suicide

Trying to commit suicide in your dream with a knife predicts a lot of luck. When you only hurt yourself with a knife, the dream can also foretell that great happiness and happy existence will come to you soon.

27.- Dream that you survive a murder

To see yourself surviving an assassination attempt in your dream signifies your boldness and courage helping you to avoid dangerous or threatening situations. Cultivating these strengths will help you resist potential unwelcome enemies in the future.

28.- Dreaming of murder in the desert

A desert is devoid of life, therefore committing mass murder in such a barren environment in this dream is symbolic of your need to get rid of stress and dissatisfaction in your life. The knife represents the severing of the bonds of this unhappy aspect of your existence. However, being mutilated and decapitated means that some problems remain, no matter how hard you try to eliminate them.

29.- Dreaming of murder by rejection

The type of multimedia content we consume can sometimes influence the narrative of our dreams. That said, your murder mystery dream speaks to your hidden longing to get rid of a particularly unpleasant aspect of yourself. The recurring side of this vision means that you are either not aware of this aspect of yourself or you are afraid to face your inner demons.

The unrequited love as murder resolution angle reveals repressed feelings of abandonment and rejection. Perhaps a part of you wants some validation or affirmation from the people around you.

Visions like these require self-awareness and introspection to break certain cycles and resolve deep-seated personal issues.

30.- Dreaming of mafia murders

The chaos at the beginning of the dreamthe armed mob and their attack on the police , represent the uncertainty of their future and serve as a reminder of the fragility of their circumstances. Obtaining a weapon and attacking these ruffians, then, can be interpreted as the manifestation of his power to deal with this situation. You must harness all your experience, knowledge, and ingenuity to overcome this potential challenge.

31.- Dreaming of murdering babies

Babies are usually a positive image associated with the good things that happen in your life. However, killing babies and trying to profit from selling their organs or body parts suggests that you are sabotaging yourself by trying to get ahead through unfair or illegal means. If you abandon your bad habits and do things correctly, you can get ahead faster and with fewer moral qualms.

32.- Dream that a mother kills a baby

This dream image of someone murdering a baby and then attempting suicide points to a shameful act or indiscretion, committed by you or someone you know very well. For good or bad reasons, this matter remains hidden and kept secret, but your subconscious mind is telling you to come clean and admit wrongdoing and confess to those who may be affected.

Watching someone wash dishes is an indication that you can gain peace of mind and emotional stability if you act quickly on what may have happened and let the truth prevail.

33.- Dreaming of the murder of a complete family

To dream that your family is attacked and killed by mysterious individuals is a very ominous sign for your upcoming nuptials. It presents serious disagreements or discord between you, your future husband and possibly your future children.

The macabre nature of the attackers could suggest that the cause of their problems is related to confusing and misunderstood messages. The solution, then, is to foster an atmosphere of open communication to avoid such a situation.

This vision of a mother and her daughter being kidnapped and murdered is extremely ominous and should be carefully considered. Family deaths , especially through murder, spell trouble and decline for you and your loved ones.

In some cases, it means dealing with a single act against you, like being mugged or being the victim of a car accident, and sometimes it means more gradual problems, like getting involved with the wrong crowd.

In either situation, the fact that a sword was the murder weapon shows that whatever happens, it can have an extremely negative impact on his relationship with other members of the family. You may have great difficulty overcoming these challenges and getting back to where you were before the incident occurred.

34.- Dreaming of multiple murders

Killing someone in a dream vision is often not about the actual act of murder, but rather signifies your desire to end a certain type of behavior or feeling within yourself. In this case, the multiple murders over the course of the dream visions may also be influenced by recent media coverage of such carnage, especially if your visions do not possess any rhyme or reason for the deaths.

The nature of your dream, then, suggests that you are actually a peaceful person who wishes to see an end to violence and the growth of understanding between all people.

35.- Dream that you are locked up and harassed by a murderer

Dreaming about not being able to get out of a large or complex building because you don’t have the key is a symbol that is often associated with negative feelings about the way your life is currently unfolding. You may be very dissatisfied with some aspects, particularly with certain relationships that tend to bring you down or bore you.

This is followed by your admission that the key is the only way out, suggesting that you know how to fix this situation, but are unwilling to admit it to yourself or others for fear of being rejected or warned off.

However, the crazy killer is very revealing and shows his true feelings about this situation. Your persecution is the manifestation of your desire to avoid or eliminate a certain individual from your life despite how others feel about them. You don’t have to worry about your family or friends.

36.- Dreaming that an ex-boyfriend kills your mother

Imagining the murder of those you swore to protect is an ominous symbol associated with witnessing terrible acts in real life and being unable to do anything to help despite your desire to do so. Maybe you are passionate about social justice or just tired of all the hate and abuse you see around you.

This vision is the manifestation that you feel powerless or ready to give up in these situations. Dreaming of killing the killer represents the potential action you need to take for change to occur. However, the police paying him a visit at the end of the vision can be interpreted as a warning that no matter what he chooses, he must always act with love and kindness, not anger or violence.

37.- Dreaming of men who frighten and kill others

Living in fear of the men who are terrorizing your neighborhood is a bad omen to experience in a dream vision. It often predicts falling victim to someone or a group of people who want to trick you, possibly offering you an opportunity that seems too good to be true.

This is also supported by the image of monkey suits, a symbol associated with poor health or a decline in well-being. If this person or these people manage to take what they want, your stress and worry could lead to some serious difficulties that may even require medical attention.

38.- Dreaming of murder and subsequent escape

Killing someone in a dream often alludes to your determination to tackle a problem or obstacle that is causing you difficulty. However, running away afterwards could foretell that your strength alone is not enough to overcome this situation, which also explains the presence of a girlfriend. Your mind is trying to conjure up the image of someone who could support you and give you the strength you need to solve this problem once and for all.

39.- Dreaming of murder on top of a mountain

These visions contain two main symbolic connotations that could indicate your numbing perception of human suffering and the pain you might be exposed to through the media or even in the area where you live.

Being in a castle high on the mountain can be attributed to your psychological state of being overwhelmed and bewildered by the onslaught of tragedies involving deaths that you might be recently witnessing or learning about.

Bodies being carried down the mountain and piled up in a cave can also mean that you are slowly building up a lot of negativity and frustration and subconsciously want to put them away, at least for the time being before they fade and disappear from your memory.

40.- Dreaming of the murder of a brother inside your house

These images in her dream speak of the betrayal and confusion she felt and still feels over her brother’s death. Being killed by your best friend is the ultimate level of betrayal and dreaming about it repeatedly suggests that your anger towards the assailant does not diminish with time.

Your subconscious mind can be compared to your home, where you feel safe and secure, but seeing the killer inside means you can’t escape thoughts about the killer. In your dream, everyone reminded you that it’s okay, and yet you keep fighting it, which amounts to your constant attempts to find closure.

41.- Dream that you help someone to murder a person

In general, witnessing someone commit a crime in the dream world predicts the possibility of being put on trial and scrutiny. You may be blamed for the misfortune of others due to some of your past or recent actions or decisions. This may be related to your job or even a personal business.

The thing is, while he may not be directly at fault, he may have been complicit in the mistakes made, as illustrated in the dream. If he is related to the work, he might be aware of the colleagues’ unethical practices, but his loyalty or perhaps personal gain prevented him from calling them.

42.- Dreaming of murder through super powers

Having supernatural abilities in the dream world often suggests being rewarded for your efforts in real life. You may have worked hard on a particular skill or area of ​​your life and are finally seeing the fruits of your labor.

Killing innocent people with these powers , however, suggests that you may let your ego get too inflated after all this recognition. In a sense, your good work ethic could be replaced by pride and vanity, leading you to hurt or criticize others unfairly.

43.- Dreaming of murder for love

Murdering someone in a dream has negative connotations. It suggests that you engage in adverse activities that can bring shame and destruction. Committing murder because of someone else indicates that these mishaps are likely the result of blindly following someone or allowing them to take over your life. You should try to avoid such malicious people and instead focus on people who want the best for you.

44.- Dreaming of serial murder

Dreaming of a serial killer means that you may be trying to get rid of some negative emotions. There may be aspects of your personality that you want to let go of because they are keeping you from reaching your full potential. This can also be an allusion to your self-destructive habits and tendencies.

You could be afraid of being a danger to yourself due to your lack of discipline and self-control. Maybe it’s time to face your shadows and start becoming a better version of who you are.

45.- Dream of murder in cold blood

Committing cold-blooded murder is an ominous symbol in dreams . This means that you may end up participating or getting involved in illicit or questionable activities in the waking world. This could seriously damage your reputation and close doors of opportunity that you may have been trying to take advantage of.

Alternatively, the murder could also symbolize cleansing and transformation. The people you chose in the dream may represent aspects of yourself that you want to get rid of. Killing them represents purging yourself of those bad habits or negative characteristics.

Also, the sexual relationship that took place before the murder could indicate that you would need to acknowledge those flaws before you can improve or become a better version of yourself.

Conclusions about dreaming of murder

To dream of committing a murder represents your motivation to make sure that you never think in a certain way again. Making sure changes happen no matter what the costs, how bad the situation gets, or how dangerous it feels.

End a habit, thought pattern, or situation for good. An intentional end to a relationship. Show the courage to face something difficult. Bravely overcoming a powerful fear. Taking revenge on someone, feeling hate, resisting the problems that you feel are unacceptable. Feelings of guilt or awareness of having destroyed something or ruined someone’s life.


Murder in a dream can also represent the resentment you have or feel towards yourself from others. Friends who are jealous or people who like to see you lose.

Negatively, murdering someone in a dream can reflect situations where you are experiencing intense jealousy. To kill another person’s happiness, success, or power. Feelings about family members you don’t like seem to deliberately enjoy making you unhappy.

People who are giving up addictions or bad habits commonly dream of murder.

To dream that you are killed represents powerful negative feelings about failure or unpleasant change that you were unable to stop. Fearing the dire consequences. Experiencing failure or feeling that someone likes to see you fail. Feeling that a person has ruined you on purpose or tried to prevent you from winning. Feeling that someone has intentionally tried to embarrass you or destroy your reputation forever.

Being killed can also reflect a problem that you may have trouble overcoming. Feeling like your addictions or cravings are too hard to resist. Fearing that someone will react badly. Feeling that someone has destroyed an area of ​​your life. Alternatively, being killed for depicting a troublesome situation that interrupted or overwhelmed him in some way.

Dreaming of being murdered is common for people suffering from depression. Idealizing with an assassination attempt represents you or someone else who has tried to permanently cancel or fail something. It can also reflect a failed attempt to embarrass someone. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings that someone is out to get you, but doesn’t have the power or resources to go through with it. You or someone else who has risked everything to remove something and failed.

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