Dreaming of mushrooms and mushrooms symbolizes relationships with others, passions, feelings and most intimate thoughts and at the same time these dreams are related to lack of reality or irrational fear. Therefore, the meaning and interpretation of dreams with mushrooms or mushrooms is very varied depending on the conditions, nuances and elements that are seen in the dream itself.

Dream about big mushrooms

If you dream of large or very large mushrooms, it means that you need to live an emotional, love or sexual relationship that is more intense, more passionate or simply different from the one you currently live.

Dream about small mushrooms

Dreaming of small or very small mushrooms means that you are not being realistic with what surrounds you, that you do not dare to accept a certain truth or reality, so you try to avoid or evade it.

Dream about poisonous mushrooms

If you dream of poisonous mushrooms, it means that around you there are some malicious, treacherous, false people or people with hidden interests. This dream warns about a possible betrayal, deceit or disappointment that you could experience with someone very close or close to you.dream mean? one”>

Dream of mushrooms on the head

If you dream that you have mushrooms on your head, it means that you have many fears or a great fear of something specific or general in your life, it may be an irrational fear that paralyzes you, that blocks you or that does not allow you to be happy.

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On the other hand, this dream is also related to your most intimate or secret thoughts, feelings or desires of which you are ashamed, those with which you do not dare to express yourself or those that cause you a certain personal conflict.

Dream of mushrooms on your back

Dreaming that you have mushrooms on your back means that you do not take care of yourself, that you are neglecting certain care that you need or that are important to you, probably due to laziness, because you do not give it importance or because you do not want to accept that need that you have. .

dream of mushrooms in hands

If you dream of mushrooms in your hands, it means that you must bring about a change in your life or in a specific part of it, that you are living or rather suffering from an unhappy relationship or manipulation by someone who prevents you from being who you are. really, do what you feel like or feel free and happy.

Dream of mushrooms in your house

Dreaming of mushrooms inside your house or in your garden means that there are family or partner-related issues that you are not managing correctly, either because you do not want to accept them, because you are afraid to touch or talk about them, or you simply do not think they are important. However, this dream warns you that this situation or circumstance, if not treated properly, will cause more serious and unexpected consequences in the future.

Dream that you pick mushrooms

If you dream that you pick mushrooms in the field or somewhere, it means that you are going to give free rein to your inner passions, that in one way or another you are going to free yourself because you need it and you feel ready or prepared for it. However, on that path of liberation or change you may find some difficulty that you will have to face.

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Dream that you eat mushrooms

To dream that you eat edible mushrooms means that you are going to have the opportunity to improve some personal, family, work or love relationship, that you are going to establish emotional, affective or loving ties with someone special or important in a much healthier way.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you eat poisonous mushrooms, it means that you are going to continue living in a toxic, negative, manipulated relationship that leads you to be unhappy.

Dream about colored mushrooms

The color of the mushroom in the dream will also bring other nuances to the meaning:

Dreaming of white mushrooms symbolizes good luck within a streak of bad luck, that is, this dream is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Dreaming of red mushrooms is associated with feelings of desire and romantic love.

Dreaming of black mushrooms symbolizes dark thinking, irrationality, fears, insecurity and lack of confidence

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