What does it mean to dream about nails?

Dreaming of nails represents the naive hopes of wanting to get rich through the business or work we do. We have to understand that we will not be rich, because our work will never generate the profits we dream of. We are being irrational and that will fill us with frustration and disappointment.

It can also show us that we must take care of our health, because no one is going to recognize the effort we put into our work. Nails symbolize the character of a person and his behavior towards others. Seeing them in the dream shows us that we will have a lot of work and it will be very hard. Unfortunately we will not see him rewarded.

Meaning of dreaming of neglected or broken nails

It represents sickness and disappointment in business. It also shows that a fight can leave us emotional scars for life.

Prediction of cutting nails in the dream

It indicates very difficult moments that will come unexpectedly into our lives. If we cut some chewed nails, it portends sad moments that are soon to come.

Dream about nails that are painted

When we give ourselves a manicure and paint our nails, it shows that we will have to accept the unfavorable conditions that will come our way. If it is a woman who paints her nails red, it means that her husband or partner will treat her like a queen. When we see that we paint someone’s nails, it represents that we will unintentionally find something very valuable that will change our lives.

Why do we dream of dirt under the nails?

It predicts that we must take great care of ourselves so as not to get sick from something that can be prevented. Otherwise it will bring us a lot of pain and anguish. If we see that we remove the dirt that we have under our nails, it shows that our business will deteriorate little by little. We will enter into a dispute with a relative.

What does it mean to dream of dirty nails?

It indicates that if we are not critical and realistic with the real state of what is happening, times of shame and dishonor will come for the whole family.

You dream that you do your toenails

It predicts that our effort at work will not give us happiness, let alone the expected remuneration.

What portends to dream of broken toenails?

It predicts that all the goals we set ourselves will be overcome with the expected success.

See someone with clean and manicured nails in the dream

If we see someone we know who has clean and well-groomed nails, it shows us that that person is very trustworthy. We can count on her for anything, she will never fail us. If we see a man we do not know with very well-groomed nails, it is a sign of financial gain, luck and success in life. If the very clean nails belong to long and thin fingers, it portends that we will live an overly passionate love relationship that will last a long time.

dream of long nails

Predicts a fight with someone we know. If it is difficult to grasp things because the nails are too long, it predicts a catastrophic situation. We can only get out of it with the help of a family member or friend. If long nails look very well cared for, it portends well-being, wealth and unexpected money.

Clean our nails in a dream

It symbolizes that good manners will make us adapt to society more easily.

Explanation of a dream in which you bite your nails

That shows us that the difficult experiences we’ve been through make us feel very powerless.

What portends dreaming of falling nails?

It predicts that difficult times are coming where we will go through many needs.

They pull out your nails or put a needle under your nails

In spite of everything, this dream is very positive. It portends that we will defeat our enemies and thus achieve the success that we so much hope for in business.

What predicts dreaming of shiny nails?

It shows that we will finally reconcile with a relative, after being angry for a long time.

If they scratch us with long or sharp nails in the dream

It indicates that times of great bad luck are coming and someone in the family will get sick.

Meaning of dreaming with short nails

If they are so short that they are barely visible, they alert us to many concerns and problems. We will feel overwhelmed by the rain of problems that will come and we will not know how to stop them.

Dreaming that you are doing someone’s manicure or that you are the one who benefits from this beauty service can have a different meaning, but they are all related in some way to the person’s own conception of beauty and self-esteem.

Possible dreams related to manicure:

  • That you do someone else’s manicure.
  • Doing your manicure.
  • Color manicure.
  • Manicure sharply vs. round.
  • Spilled blood while working on someone’s manicure.
  • Transparent manicure that reflects your personality.

More information about these dreams:

If you dream that you are doing someone else’s manicure, it can mean that you are not happy with your lifestyle and that you feel inferior. You have great qualities, you are creative, you are organized but still, you are not confident enough. This can be a sign that someone else will take your place at your job, for example, if you don’t learn to take initiative.

If you dream that you are getting a manicure, it means that you need a change in your life that you cannot do on your own. You have the right person who can help you, but you haven’t realized it yet. Someone could try to trick you by presenting you with some “advantage” but you have to be very careful because they could be looking to trick you.

If you dream that you are doing a colorful manicure or painting someone else’s nails with bright colors, it means that you are satisfied with your love life. Dark colors are a warning that someone else is trying to steal the love of your life, so be careful and pay attention to details.

Big round shaped nails appearing in your dream means that you will have a good life, you will be in the center of attention and you will be appreciated for your achievements but also envied. If, on the other hand, you dream that you have sharp nails, it is a sign that people will try to make you abandon something that you have set out to do.

If you have a nightmare and dream that you or someone else has blood spilled while doing a manicure, this is definitely a bad sign. Blood is associated with death and pain. It is possible that someone you know could die or have an accident. Also, if the blood refuses to stop, it can represent the wrong decisions you are about to make that will negatively influence your life.

If you dream that you have a perfect manicure, that it is shiny and in which you can see your reflection, it is a sign that you are too concerned about how others see you. You are selfish and want others to see you as perfect, just as Narcis from Greek mythology saw himself in the lake when he literally fell in love with himself. People in general don’t like such people and it may be a sign that you need to change at least part of your behavior.

When dreaming of manicure, the person is more likely to experience feelings of high self-esteem, confidence, lack of confidence, fear, desire to take the initiative, confidence but also the feeling that others underestimate the beauty of that person.

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