What does it mean to dream about nuts? 10 dream interpretations

It may be a bit unusual to dream of nuts , but if it were to happen, know that your dream symbolizes the possible discovery of something that satisfies and makes you feel good. When objectively analyzing a nut, we observe that it appears as a fruit with a hard and woody shell, inside which there is an aromatic and tasty nucleus, so its properties suggest the idea of ​​abundance and nutrition. In other words, the walnut is like a little treasure chest with precious contents.

If, in the dream, there are a lot of nuts, it means that there is some important news on the horizon. You should also pay attention to the shell: if, in the dream, the nuts are shelled, it means that something wonderful is about to happen in your life and even with little or no effort; However, if we dream of nuts still in their shell, it means that we must go deeper to reach our goals.

If we dream of not being able to open the nuts, it is indicating that we are overcomplicating things in our lives and spending too much energy uselessly, so we must try to ration or measure our efforts to achieve our goals.

What does it mean to dream of nuts? 10 dream interpretations


Depending on the context in which the nuts are presented, the dream can take on different meanings. For example, dreaming of opening a nut represents the effort required to find the solution to a problem. If, then, in the act of breaking them, we find something precious inside them, that indicates that we will find some good luck; Conversely, if we dream of finding something rotten, or even nothing at all, it means that we should be careful with our assets.

Because the meanings of dreaming about nuts can be very diverse depending on the environment of each one, we have prepared for you a series of very specific interpretations about this dream. Lean on them; remember that before preparing to do the corresponding analysis; You must know all the details of the elements that were playing an important role in your dream:

1-Dream of large nuts

Dreaming of large walnuts means that you are a very valuable person, of incredible strength and vitality to face any challenge that is imposed on you, but you are afraid to show others what you really are, I don’t know if it is because of the fear of not being seen the way you think or for fear of not being able to handle the responsibilities given to you. Perhaps you are also preferring to stay in your comfort zone and that is not a good thing, because it takes away valuable opportunities.

The size of the walnuts in your dream also symbolizes the amount of money that you will spend in relation to the changes that you will make, so if you have dreamed of a large walnut , be prepared! Because you are going to make considerable investments that will bring you many benefits. However remember; You must show your skills so that people take you into account.

2-Dream of rotten nuts

Dreaming of rotten nuts is an alert that you should get out of that bubble where you have been locked up for your whole life. Your time is running out and all your skills are being wasted. Remember that the years go by and they do not forgive anyone, the experience does not come alone and this is what helps us to be taken into account when we are older than physical strength.

Hurry up, do not let all that effort that you and your parents made in the past be ruined by your simple apathy; because I have some information for you; the title is just a piece of paper that indicates that you have the pass to carry out some action, but the capacity of the action is demonstrated by your work, if you don’t put it into practice you will forget it, and when the truth comes you will become the mock everyone.

3-Dream of giant walnuts

Dreaming of giant nuts means that you have great potential within you; the universe has endowed you with a great capacity and others know it, but no one dares to try to dialogue with you because of your character, you have a reputation for being an intransigent person, who is not capable of listening to the reasons of others. For this reason, despite knowing that you have the perfect qualities of the person they are looking for, they do not really take you into account.

You must learn to be a little more docile and understand that shared success is not a bad thing, otherwise; It helps you to have more and better tools to fulfill your purposes, and in addition to that, it provides you with allies who can support you when you have an emotional or economic imbalance. A great project can be in your hands soon, you just have to change your attitude.

4-Dreaming of ground nuts

Dreaming of ground nuts indicates that you have finally decided to take advantage of all those qualities that the universe has endowed you with, you are making the most of your potential and the support of the people around you; that is excellent because it will be what drives you to have a better future. Perhaps someone made you see reason about your behavior and despite having to go through a perhaps difficult and painful process, you have been able to see reason and understand what your true purpose is in this world. Seeing a ground nut in your dream also implies that you will be able to pay all your debts sooner than you imagine.

5-Dreaming of bad nuts

Dreaming of bad nuts indicates that you are not giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of all the skills you have and people are beginning to stop taking you into account. You are being forgotten in the past and your qualities are going unnoticed through your own fault, since you have never bothered to show the attributes you possess and you are no longer sure of what you are.

There is still the opportunity, the possibility of a radical takeoff, you just have to leave that apathy and that bad temper that will end up closing all the doors, and it is not that you have much time left to enter with locks; I don’t mean that you’re going to die tomorrow or anything like that, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed; but your youth is fading every day and with it your physical strength, acquires experience to have to defend yourself when it is finished.

6-Dreaming of moldy walnuts

Dreaming of moldy nuts indicates that you are a very intelligent person, but you focus so much on yourself that you are not realizing that many of the people around you are taking advantage of your dislike to distort your ideas. These people are making your appearance to others look unpleasant and perfidious so that you cannot externalize what you really are. Someone wants to keep your credits and without knowing it you are allowing it.

You must get rid of this type of people as soon as possible and in addition to this you must also communicate more often with the people who are part of your social and/or work environment; to create the image you want to have, and ensure that it is not harmed by any malicious comment.

7-Dreaming of nuts in dessert

Dreaming of cooking a dish or a dessert with nuts indicates prosperity and economic growth for our family, while if in the dream we eat nuts, it means that, finally, past problems will be just a distant memory and we will be able to enjoy a bit of peace.

8-Dreaming of buying or selling nuts

If we dream of buying nuts , it means that we must make some changes in our homes; If, on the other hand, we dream of selling nuts, it means that we are living or that a significant benefit is coming for our economic improvement.

9-Dreaming of a walnut tree

If we dream of nuts on the tree , and these are in the top of it; it means that we must support, from an economic point of view, a person close to us, while if we see a nut on a branch, it means that we are the ones who will need the moral and economic support of those around us to overcome a difficult situation that we will be going through soon.

10-Dream with the kernel of a walnut

Dreaming of the core of the walnut refers, above all, to neurological problems or, in any case, to problems associated with your head because the shape of the core resembles our brain, so if you have dreamed of the core of one or several nuts is a red flag; so that you are aware of both your health and that of your closest relatives.


Nuts in dreams are a symbol of a very closed personality on the part of the dreamer. The fact that the subconscious has surprised us with this type of dreams, despite the fact that we see almost no relationship with our daily life, means that a very great success is coming to us but that everything will depend on the way in which Let’s let all that potential that we have hidden so deep inside us flow.

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