Dream about olives

Dreaming of olives is very good for us, in all aspects of our life. Olives indicate that we have to enjoy life more, and be more joyful.

This type of dream also means successes, joys, prosperity, ending of problems and that things will turn in our favor. Although there are also dreams of olives where their meaning is not positive, such as: if we break a jar of olives, which means that many disappointments come into our lives.

Dream about olives

Seeing ripe olives in the dream, augurs prosperity and happiness to come in our life. If we are harvesting olives in the dream, it predicts that we will be very successful. Seeing olives everywhere, signals that everything bad will turn into good, problems will be over sooner than we think. If the olives are rotten, it shows us a possible disease. We must be attentive to the signals that the body gives us. For a married person, or with a partner, dreaming of olives indicates that they will be very happy and that their relationship is very sincere and is based on love and honesty.

Meaning of dreaming about green olives

It indicates that we will have an unexpected joy. Opening a jar of green olives, portends that much joy and happiness awaits us, everything will go well in our life. If we turn green olives into olive oil, it predicts that difficult times are coming for us and our family.

Dream in which we eat olives 

Eating olives in the dream indicates that we are overwhelmed by work and housework. If we love the taste of the olives we are eating, it indicates that life has a great surprise in store for us. If we eat olives and their taste is sour or bitter, it shows that an illness will cut our plans. Putting butter or sauce on the olives to eat them shows that we are very monotonous people. We have to start living new experiences.

Harbinger of dreaming about black olives

Collecting black olives augurs that things will not go as we had planned and we will feel a lot of discouragement and sadness. If we eat black olives it means that we will receive bad news. When someone gives us black olives in the dream, it shows that there is someone close to us who is not who we think they are.

See olive pits or pits

It predicts that we have to keep fighting and not give up, because happiness and success are very close. If we collect them, it shows that we will have peace and happiness in the family. Taking the bone out of the olive signals that we will make peace with someone who has time to be angry. Eating the olive with the pit suggests that we will have to swallow our pride and make peace with someone we don’t like. We will do it for the good of our family. Eating pitted olives indicates that the problems will be solved.

Olive tree full of olives

If the olives of the olive tree are green, then it shows that we have a balance in our life. If the olives that we see in the olive tree are black, it indicates that we are going through difficult times where our mental health is not well. We have to work to balance our feelings and feel better. Picking the olives from the olive tree and eating them, augurs that many successes and good news await us.

Dream About Huge Olives

This dream is really positive, since it augurs great economic gains and a lot of health for us and our family. If we eat huge olives, it signals that we are happy with the life we ​​are leading. It is time to relax and enjoy what we have achieved with so much effort.

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