Dream about orchids

The beauty of an orchid is indisputable, it is considered a symbol of femininity, purity, calm and delicacy. But the orchid is also linked to bad luck when it is inside a house, as it is the flower of a vampire that draws energy from the people who live in the home. This is why, in order to know the meaning of dreaming about orchids, we must remember the events that occurred in the dream.

We can have different types of dreams, we can dream of orchids that are dry, or see that they are of different colors, we can also see that we are planting or pruning them, that we buy them or give them to us. There are many ways how a dream involving orchids can be given.

dream with orchids

Finding orchids indicates that we will have a pleasant surprise. Seeing an orchid on a sunny day shows that our feelings are being divided by a conflict. An orchid in the snow means that we will meet a very good person who will become very important to us. If someone gives us an orchid, it predicts success in love. Putting orchids in a vase, portends the beginning of an interesting love.

Seeing many orchids shows that we will remain calm despite the different obstacles that will be presented to us. If someone gives us a flower, it indicates that we will have a connection with that person, which will last a long time. Feeling the smell of an orchid is a very good omen, as it announces that we will achieve our goals. Seeing that we water it in the dream means that we will risk a lot, but it will all be worth it, because we will win a lot.

if it is purple

If someone gives us a purple orchid, it means that person has very important feelings towards us. Buying purple orchids portends great changes in our lives and economic instability.

Dream of white orchids

Having a white orchid indicates that the love we feel is mutual and very strong. Also this dream means that we are very peaceful and spiritual people. Choosing a white orchid means that we will soon get married.

See red orchids in the dream

A red orchid shows sincere love and good feelings. But if the red orchid is broken, it indicates coldness and distance in relationships. If the red color of the orchid is pale, it augurs loneliness and sadness, we will have a lot of uncertainty in our lives and to clear those doubts it is best that we get closer to the spiritual side.

Meaning of dreaming of yellow orchids

Seeing a yellow orchid represents immaturity in our partner, lack of calm and constant fights. If someone gives us a yellow orchid, it alerts us to gossip and slander that will form about our private life.

planting an orchid

If in the dream we are planting an orchid, it is a good omen, since it predicts a lot of happiness and prosperity in all areas of our lives. Another meaning of this dream indicates that we will make a very risky investment, but everything will work out in our favor. If we plant an orchid in a pot, it predicts the breakup of a couple.

See garden full of orchids

Observing a garden full of orchids shows that over time we have learned to control what we say and do. We are no longer as impulsive or hurtful as we once were. Uprooting the orchids from the garden predicts that we will finally achieve our goals. Poisoning the orchids in the garden shows that we are facing very difficult tests that life has put on us. We should not worry so much, because we will be able to overcome them and achieve the success that we seek so much.

Omen of dreaming of dry orchids

Seeing that the orchids are dry, warns us about problems with business, or serious economic problems.

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