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What does it mean to dream about owls? 17 dream interpretations

If you want to know what it means to dream of owls , keep reading and you will know more than you expected, this bird can mean many things, it can be positive or negative. Seeing an owl in dreams symbolizes your expanded consciousness or some magical virtue, since this animal sees what is happening in the unconscious areas of your soul and thus can bring you wisdom and insight about your hidden feelings and experiences, it can also awaken your conscious self. in the process of self-awareness and help you reveal some personal mysteries of life and death.

Because owls hide in the dark and fear the light, they are often perceived as the symbol of death and the unconscious (among Native Americans, in India, Arabia, Africa) Death only has negative connotations for the but the owl can also be seen as the guardian of the underworld, messenger of secrets, or protector of the dead.

Commonly found in forests and hunting alone at night, only independent animals with keen eyesight could be capable of such a challenging existence. Therefore, another symbolic meaning for the owl is wisdom and solitude.

They have the ability to see what is normally hidden from others, it can be the spiritual symbol of wise clairvoyance and can symbolically perceive the true reality, the experience beyond all illusion and deception.

What does it mean to dream of owls? 17 dream interpretations

Dreaming of an owl is often considered good, although not all bird dreams are pleasant. Owls represent success, sharp vision and intuition suitable for business, they are birds of prey at night, they include nocturnal animals. The owl dream can show that you have no hearing or vision problems.

These animals can easily live anywhere, but dreaming about them can mean that you have an intuitive ability. Owls are birds that we have seen hundreds of times and that can still be seen in stories and children‘s books, they appear at first sight with good character, always looking over a tree branch because they never sleep.

Dreaming of owls has different meanings, both because of the way it is presented and because of its color, and it still varies according to each person’s analysis, but in general it has a close relationship with wisdom, with the possibility of making good choices and give and receive advice. It can also be an insight if used wisely you will get the answer to a mysterious question.

1.- Dream of white owls

All over the world, the white color is usually linked to issues of peace, so for this reason, dreaming of a white owl should bring you joy, this means that you will receive divine protection at the moment a problem hits your life. The bad thing about this story is that something must result in a problem for your well-being, that is, to take away your peace, the good side of this dream is that you will survive and come out of this event totally unscathed.

2.- Dreaming of small owls

Dreaming of seeing little owls can be the interpretation of life itself, it can be the hope that you are doing things right and the owl represents your own being, perhaps you are growing up or learning to live properly.

From another perspective, it can also mean that you have a person nearby who you must help and guide, so that he becomes a great loyal and fair person.

3.- Dreaming of owls and barn owls

To dream of an owl preying on a barn owl is symbolic of your consuming frustration at a grave injustice, you may witness someone being mistreated, abused or unfairly taken advantage of and your righteous indignation would almost goad you into action but upon evaluating the abuser’s power and authority, and with your own safety and well-being in mind, you would allow the abuse to occur in your silent protest, feeling powerless, confused, and horrified at the same time.

4.- Dream of many owls

Dreaming of seeing many owls means that you should be careful with the people with whom you relate and those to whom you give your trust, since one of them may be planning something against you or will simply raise slander to harm you either at home, at work and even in your studies.

5.- Dreaming of owls flying

If you dream of owls that are flying, it can mean that someone is watching your every move from far away, this dream sometimes indicates that your efforts in your professional life can be known by people who are far from you.

Here it may be a warning sign, you should be careful who you trust because not everyone is what they seem to be and they may even approach you just to find out what you are going to do to spoil everything.

Dreaming of observing an owl in flight symbolizes your willingness to lend a hand, there are times when a friend or a member of your family would be harmed by your luck and you could be the only person who could lift them up and put them on their feet. This dream indicates that you would be bound by your strong sense of duty to do the right thing and help people in their times of dire need.

6.- Dreaming of baby owls

Having a dream with baby owls means something good for you and bad for someone else, the point is that this other person can be a family member, friend or colleague, you are tied to a time when luck will come to you.

On the other hand, bad luck will bring problems to someone, it is like in a dispute, you will be the winner and the other person will lose the game, but this interpretation does not necessarily refer to a game, but to certain moments of your life.

7.- Dreaming of owls that attack

Dreaming of owls that are attacking you is an alert and suggestion message that comes from your subconscious. He is warning you that there is a bad judgment on your part about certain things or people, the idea is to stop to analyze the moment, find out if you have a problem and if so, go against it, face it and solve it.

In addition, it can also mean that you may be feeling attacked in some way during your life or indicate that you are approaching a major transition.

8.- Dreaming of black owls

When interpreting dreams of black owls, we must also keep in mind that you will go through a difficult time and you will receive some protection, but unlike the dream with a white owl, this indicates that you will suffer a little, but it is nothing to worry about. life will not be taken away, only your peace will be shaken for a certain period. This problem, although persistent, will interrupt your life, but nothing that will keep you from success, so raise your head and try to deal with the situation in the most rational way possible.

9.- Dreaming of silver owls

If in your dreams you see a silver-colored owl , the interpretation is less benign, since this dream could indicate that you will soon have to face the consequences of your actions in the past and where you have to be mature enough to make the right decisions. to solve those problems.

10.- Dreaming of owls fighting

Seeing owls fighting in your dreams means that perhaps a friend feels angry with you for some inconvenience and that you may be a proud person who does not accept when you are wrong and you must change this, because you may lose very good people along the way of your life. lifetime.

11.- Dreaming of nestling owls

A nestling owl in a dream represents a budding idea, vision or awareness, this means that you are holding on to something that is not fully developed yet, it could be the seed of a business idea or a plan that could bring you closer to your life. desired career path.

The owl is also associated with concentration and perseverance, so that this germinating idea becomes a fully realized business plan, a viable goal or a clear path of enlightenment and learning, you have to cultivate it by developing your own skills, asking help from qualified people and ultimately giving this outbreak the proper time and effort it deserves.

12.- Dreaming of owls and snakes

If in a dream you see an owl and a snake this is a bad sign, it can mean that you have gotten into a big problem for helping another person and he will not do anything to help you, because he watches his own back, take it as a warning and do not put your hands in the fire for the one who will not do it for you.

13.- Dreaming of owls chasing me

If you have a dream that an owl is chasing you , this means that a person who is very close to you wants to tell you something important but does not know how to get to you to tell you, since he may feel that he is going to disappoint you or make you feel bad about that bad news.

14.- Dreaming of talking owls

Having a dream where owls speak symbolizes illnesses, either in you or in people close to you that you really care about, this dream is also usually a warning of bad news but despite this, after going through the bad it also brings with it good news that comes after illnesses and bad times.

15.- Dreaming of owls in a tree

In general, seeing an owl in the branches of a tree means wisdom and good news, but if on the contrary it is also singing, this is a sign of bad luck, failure, illness and even death.

16.- Dreaming of green owls

Having a dream with a green colored owl refers to your attempts to gain recognition and claim independence. You are a focused person but others underestimate you, either because you are a little shy and do not open your thoughts to those who try to get close to you.

17.- Dreaming of dead owls

If you have a dream with owls that are dead , it means that your waking self is not in symphony with your subconscious and that you must take steps to achieve greater self-awareness.

It can also give a warning that you will have health problems, but as you see your problems lessen over time, you will relax and perk up.


As you may have noticed, the owl is considered a nocturnal bird, so it is difficult to see it unless you like to explore at night and live in a forest, for example. Your experience with owls will help you understand your dream, but at first you should remember the last time you saw, heard or read about them.

Don’t pay so much attention to the length of time, you may have seen it long or short, but what matters is your recollection of anything related to the experience, whether direct or indirect.

Keep in mind that your experience with dreaming about owls may be a bit strange, but you must keep in mind the details to achieve a clear interpretation.

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