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Dreaming about your partner does not have a single meaning since depending on your current situation with that person, the meaning will vary or be nuanced. When you dream of your partner, it is usually a manifestation of the worries, concerns or even fears that you may harbor regarding your relationship. However, this is not always the case, since your state of mind, the real situation you are living with that person and your own feelings will give this dream a much more intense and intimate meaning.

Dream about your deceased partner

  • If you dream of your deceased partner, if in real life he or she is alive, it means that you harbor some specific fear related to the possible end of that relationship, it is possible that your relationship is going through a crisis or there are problems that are causing you the fear of being able to lose. to that person.
  • If you dream of your deceased partner if they have died in real life, it also means that you need imminent changes in your sentimental life, you have probably stagnated, you have not managed to recover from that loss or you are going through a stage of sadness and emotional insecurity.

Dream that your partner is unfaithful to you

Dreaming that your partner is unfaithful to you is not usually a premonition that this will happen or will be a reality. Generally, these types of dreams are produced by your own fears, doubts, mistrust and insecurity in the relationship you have with your partner or in your partner.

On other occasions, dreaming that your partner is unfaithful to you usually occurs when you have been the victim of infidelity in your relationship or throughout your life. It is usual to have these dreams when there is physical or emotional distance with your partner, since the instability.

This dream is a clear reflection of your own lack of trust in the relationship or in your own partner.

Dream of your partner making love

If you dream of your partner making love, it means that there is some aspect of your sexuality or intimate life that is not developing as you wish or need. This type of dream usually manifests itself when there is some sexual incompatibility, some lack or some aspect of your sexual life that does not fully satisfy you.

Dream with your partner and his family

If you dream of your partner and his family, it means that you may feel that someone from his or her environment influences your relationship or interferes in some way. On the other hand, this dream may also be reflecting the need you have to be part of your closest circle, to strengthen ties with those people.

Dream with your partner and your family

If you dream of your partner and your family, it means that you feel that you are putting more into the relationship, that you give more or that you make an effort or sacrifice more in the relationship compared to your partner. This dream reflects that you feel that you are the strong part of your love story.

Dream of your partner arguing

If you dream that you argue with your partner, it means that there are circumstances, problems, issues or experiences between you that have to be resolved. These dreams definitely reveal some existing conflict between you and your partner that, despite seeming forgotten or solved, continues to cause tension, concern or problems between you.

Dream of your partner traveling

If you dream that you are traveling with your partner, it means that you are prepared to move forward in your relationship, to take a step forward on your path. It is a very positive dream since it reflects the progress of your relationship, the reaffirmation of the foundations of your history or the overcoming of the problems and obstacles that until now have prevented your progress.

Dream of your partner crying

If you dream of your partner crying, it means that possibly your partner is going through personal problems that are directly or indirectly affecting your relationship or their behavior with you. Sometimes this dream may be reflecting in some cases the fears, insecurity or doubts of your partner regarding your love story or the feelings they have.

Dream that your partner kisses you on the mouth

  • Dreaming that your partner kisses you on the mouth means that you may not feel as desired or desired by that person, it may be that the passion and desire of your relationship has cooled, that you have entered a routine or simply that you are going through a small crisis. This dream often reflects the need for better communication between you and your partner.
  • If you dream that it is you who kisses your partner on the mouth , it means that the problems that currently exist will end up being resolved, that passion, love and mutual desire will continue to keep you together.

Dream that your partner leaves you

Dreaming that your partner leaves you should not scare you since it is not a premonitory dream that is announcing your next breakup. This dream is directly related to your own feelings, with how you feel in the relationship, with the insecurity or doubts that you experience on a daily basis, in the relationship with your partner and with everything that surrounds you and your partner. , what surrounds you that influences you directly or indirectly and that is affecting the development of your relationship.

Dream that your partner talks to you

Dreaming that your partner speaks to you, like all dreams where another person speaks to you or addresses you, is very significant since in most cases what your partner tells you in the dream can be exactly what you want or you need to hear from that person. It can also be an intimate revelation of the innermost, deepest feelings of your partner towards you, what he feels but has not yet dared to tell you.

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