What does it mean to dream about passionate kisses

What does it mean to dream of passionate kisses

It is said that dreaming of kisses of love or even more if they are passionate, are erotic dreams that can mean falling into temptation. So be careful with forbidden relationships, because they almost always bring negative consequences.

It is related to the desires and freedoms that you often feel you do not have, because you are trying to be independent. That is why in dreams you show that rebelliousness of kissing or letting yourself be passionately kissed by someone.

But it also tells you that a period of stable relationship is coming, with full satisfaction in every way. You will live intense moments full of emotion, you will enjoy and discover how fabulous passion can be.

This dream is an omen of achieving achievements that you had been working on previously, perhaps you have been trying to consolidate a business for some time. Keep persevering because soon you will achieve your goal, everything will turn out as expected.

Enjoying a passionate kiss in your dream could mean that you are experiencing incredible moments of satisfaction. Maybe you are learning some new things, which you know will help you to develop a project effectively.

If the person you see passionately kissing in your dream is not your partner, it is an announcement of problems to come. Perhaps it is simply nostalgia for the moments lived, or some details that you would like your current partner to have.

Maybe there are things pending to be solved and you think they are already forgotten, it is better that you close that chapter completely. Take the bull by the horns and fix things, that will allow you to continue your life with more security.

Either way, they are positive dreams because the warnings will allow you to stay one step ahead. That will help you make good and better decisions, with more effective results.

Tongue kiss dream

This dream means that you may feel very nervous or shy because of someone who criticizes you a lot, that you are having a hard time expressing what you think. Try to do breathing exercises to calm your nerves, the rest will flow in the moment.

It could be that you are attracted to someone in your environment more than usual, and subconsciously want to take a risk. But if the one you tongue kiss is your partner, he may be asking for more attention from you.

Dream that you kiss passionately with a friend

Seeing in your dream that you kiss a friend, if you are a woman, or a friend if you are a man, means that you need someone’s help to change a situation. Problems will come that you will not be able to solve alone, your friends will be a great support.

It also means that a greater complicity with that friend or friend is emerging, and that their friendship is strengthening. They will have goals and objectives in common that will allow them not only to accompany each other but also to strengthen each other.

Dream that you kiss passionately with a stranger

If you see yourself kissing a stranger, it means that you are having many temptations lately, and it is not the time to make serious decisions. Enjoy the present, then analyze the situation better without being overwhelmed by emotion.

When you like the passionate kiss, it will mean that there will be very good changes in your life, and that you will receive help from whom you least expect. If the kiss is unpleasant, prepare to be betrayed by someone unexpected.

Dream of kissing passionately with your ex

Maybe you are just feeling nostalgic for everything you built with your previous partner, but if you are alone, it may be that you need someone in your life. If this is not the case, it is because you have not yet found the complicity that is needed with your current partner.

It also means that small problems will arise caused by jealousy, or misunderstandings by someone from the past. You must handle the situation calmly, so you will have control of the conversation and the waters will return to their course.

Dream of kissing passionately with your ex-husband

This dream is related to some pending things that have been left in the past, perhaps you did not completely close a stage. Or you are a person who clings too much to past things, that you are stuck and cannot take the next step.

Whatever the moment you are living, do not exhaust yourself or beat around the bush to face the important things. Open your heart and your fear will be transformed into excitement and strength to continue this journey called life.

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