Dream about passport

Dreaming of a passport is generally an unfavorable dream. It alerts us that if we do not comply with the law, we will have many serious problems. We will have to answer to the law for our misconduct. Also, we will end up completely ruining our reputation, and then no one will trust us.

Although most of the time it is usually a negative dream, sometimes depending on how the dream occurs, it can be positive. A passport in the dream symbolizes travel, problems, dishonesty, relationships, doubts, distrust, longings, goals and fear.

dream of passport 

If we dream of a passport, it shows that we are ready to take the next step in our relationship, but if we do not stop being so controlling, we will end up drowning the relationship. Showing our passport to someone predicts that we will have fights caused by misunderstandings when communicating with others. We have to be clearer when giving our opinion. Having the passport in hand, indicates that we are always justifying ourselves to be right, even knowing that we are not.

A new passport in the dream means that we will have to make many excuses to achieve what we want. If we lose our passport, it portends problems with the police. Finding a passport that we had lost, portends problems and many worries that are coming, related to a person with whom we are not convinced to travel.

See passport with visa 

When we have a passport and a visa in the dream, it portends a very long trip, where we will get many good things. If in the dream we lose our passport and visa, it means that we will have a fight with someone close. This will be caused by a misunderstanding. Being issued a passport and visa predicts an old abroad unexpectedly. If our passport has a visa, it indicates that we will have a great job opportunity far away and we will have to travel.

Dream about someone else’s passport

Having or finding someone else’s passport means that we are having many doubts and distrust of someone close to us. The best thing will be to distance ourselves until our doubts are clarified. If another person shows their passport, it indicates that someone around us will do something that will make us doubt their loyalty.

Change the passport for a new one

It shows that we will cancel a commitment at the last minute, without notifying you. This will make that person offended and take our speech away. If someone gives us a new passport, it indicates that to achieve our goal we will have to sacrifice many things. Only then will we achieve our goals. When a person gives us a new passport, but our photo does not appear on it, it indicates that we will meet a person to whom we can tell all our secrets and go for advice.

Being in an airport with the passport

If we are at the airport verifying the passport, it indicates that we will get into trouble and someone will do everything possible to make us pay for our faults.

they steal our passport

If it is stolen from our bag, wallet or house, it is a very positive dream, since it predicts that luck will come into our lives and we will finally be able to fulfill our dream. On the other hand, if our passport is stolen while walking down the street, it shows that we will complicate things and panic, but in reality things are easy to solve. Only that our loss of control will make us not see things clearly.

Dream about dirty or torn passport

Having the passport in poor condition, such as dirty or torn, shows that we will get into serious trouble. Also this dream predicts problems with business.

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