Did you have a dream about someone you know? It is very likely that you have seen friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and other people appear in your dreams. Perhaps you have even had a dream about a mysterious person you have never met! People in our dreams are very common. When you consider that most of us talk to other humans every day of our lives, it’s not surprising that people appear in our dreams.

What does it mean to have dreams about someone?

The best way to understand people in our dreams is to imagine them as characters in a story. Our family, friends and even complete strangers can appear in a dream as dream characters. They often appear as actors and actresses playing a specific role. These people in our dreams as actors and actresses can play various roles and represent many different things in dreams.

Sometimes they symbolize a particular character archetype, other times they are in a starring role as your own self. Being able to see this person simply as a player on the screen makes it much easier to understand what they could symbolize in the dream, or if the dream could be about something important for us to know.

The three types of people as characters in our dreams

People in our dreams typically fall into one of three main roles. These are some of the common ways characters present themselves in various roles in dreams.

Characters who introduce themselves as themselves:

This is more common when you have recent experiences involving the person. This person is “fresh in your mind” still, so it’s not uncommon that you may have sparked some thoughts and feelings associated with the person. Examples of dreams:

  • You dream about your partner after experiencing an argument.
  • You dream about someone who recently called you on the phone
  • You dream about a person you unexpectedly saw while running errands the day before

Occasionally, you may also have a precognitive dream about a person. Before you panic, most dreams are not literal in nature. If you dream of someone dying, for example, it is more likely a symbol of a person changing than an actual death.

It is also entirely possible to have dreams of a person communicating a specific message to you . We can also have dreams about people who have passed away .  These dreams have some very clear characteristics that make it easy to recognize when you are actually communicating with someone who has passed away, compared to a simple liberation dream that is expressing thoughts and emotions.

If the person is actually alive in real life, it is also entirely possible that you and another person are sharing a dream experience. In such cases, you may talk to a friend and discover that you both had the exact same dream about each other. This is more likely if you are both very vivid dreamers and at least one of you has the ability to dream lucidly. Although all of these dream scenarios are entirely possible, they are not very common for most people.

The people and characters of our dreams as symbols

Most of the time, the people in our dreams are actually symbols. They can be symbols of a specific thing or even of our own emotions. Examples of dreams:

  • Dreaming of a distant cousin can symbolize feeling distant in life situations.
  • Dreaming of your friend who is a nurse can mean that you feel that you need some love and care in your life.
  • Dream about someone who lived in New York when you have plans to travel to New York City next week.

When you dream of a person and you’re pretty sure they’re there as a symbol, it can be helpful to think about your own personal associations with the person or try to identify them as one of the 12 character archetypes. This can help give us an idea of ​​what the dream means.

Someone in a dream as an aspect of yourself

The characters that appear in your dreams can often even star as you. This can be very surprising to people, but someone has to play a role for you in a dream. This is where people step in to act as actors and actresses. Someone in a dream playing a role like you is especially true if it is someone from the past or someone you don’t recognize. Examples of dreams:

  • You dream of an old co-worker, who represents the professional aspect of yourself.
  • You dream of a stranger as a cashier while shopping in a dream, the stranger represents you looking at your current options to make a decision.

In most dreams, these characters symbolize an external force or most likely some aspect of yourself or your own life.

Questions to understand the meaning of people in your dreams

Better understanding the characters and people in your dreams helps you answer some questions about them. This will help you identify what type of dream character they represent, as well as better relate the meaning of the dream to waking life.

Here are some questions about the person you may want to ask

  • Name – Does your name have any special significance or significance?
  • Age – How old are they in the dream?
  • Relationship with you – How do you know this person?
  • Physical Characteristics – What do you notice about the person’s appearance?
  • Personality traits – What is your personality like?
  • Choose 3 words to describe the character in the dream.
  • What profession or role in life does this person have?
  • What mood or emotions did the person make you feel?

Answering these questions about the characters will help you make associations and identify if the person is a symbol, a representation of a part of themselves, or if the character is playing the role of themselves in the dream. If you are wondering what it means to dream about someone, learning how people present themselves in dreams can be very helpful. Often when you ask the questions we have listed above and think about current events in our lives, it becomes very clear why this person might be appearing in our dreams!

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