What does it mean to dream about pigeons? 14 dream interpretations

Dreaming of pigeons usually represents a charming environment. Pigeons are beings that reflect tranquility, serenity, purity, joy and many other positive things. Around the world it has been used since ancient times as the symbol of peace.

In some cultures the dove is known as “the messenger of good”, unlike the crows. In ancient times they were used to send good news to people who were in a very distant location from the sender. But what does it really mean to dream of pigeons?

Well , the meaning of dreams with pigeons has a lot to do with what was explained above, its symbology, what this animal represents. The fact that you have dreamed of a dove indicates hidden feelings that you very much want to express. But mostly seeing a dove in a dream is an indication of a calm life, full of calm, harmony and inner peace.

What does it mean to dream of pigeons? 14 dream interpretations


The meanings of dreams must be treated from a very personal angle since they depend a lot on both the sentimental condition of the dreamer and his own environment, in what aspect the environment was at that moment, what was the order of things and with what other elements were interacting.

The symbology of things changes depending on the lens through which you look at them, since not all human beings go through the same circumstances at a given time. To help you find the meaning of your dream, we have prepared for you a list of some specific interpretations of what the fact of dreaming of pigeons entails.


1-Dream of white doves

White color symbolizes purity, a spotless thing. Dreaming of white doves means that within you there are many pure feelings that you want to express and you have not been able to do so because of your shyness, but the time has come to bring out those beautiful thoughts that will bring happiness to you and your loved ones. .

Seeing white doves in dreams also means that at this moment you are experiencing a genuine inner peace that will last for a long time if you learn to cope with all situations.

White doves also appear in dreams to announce the arrival of a pure and transparent love that will be willing to fight in any way to make us happy and joyful.

2- Dreaming of gray doves

Dreaming of gray doves means that deep inside you are holding resentment feelings that are hurting you and but you have not expressed them for fear of being judged. This dream is telling you that you must bring those thoughts to light so that they do not continue to destroy you internally, leave the grudges and start over.

Seeing gray doves in a dream can also mean that you are not very sure of the direction you are taking in your life, your mind is dim. You must sit down to analyze the pros and cons so as not to stay on a wrong path that will only lead to future frustrations.

3- Dreaming of dead pigeons

Dreaming of dead pigeons means that you are going through or are going to go through a moment of despair. Your life is going to enter a black hole where you will not be able to find any moment of peace and serenity for a long time.

Dreams where dead doves appear also mean that those feelings of love that made you feel full and that you did not express at the given moment have died inside you. You feel a deep sadness because you know that it is already too late to try to recover them.

4- Dreaming of black doves

Dreaming of black doves is a very bad omen, it indicates that you are going to receive bad news that will leave you devastated. You will soon find out about the arrival of a serious illness in a close relative, which will end in his or her early death. This dream is warning you that you should not be so distant from that person in the last days of her life since you are very important to her.

Seeing black doves in a dream also means that you have macabre feelings in your mind, against people very close to you and that if you materialize them you could end up destroying beings you love, for the simple fact of being hurt by something that happened. in the past; My advice is to forgive and forget the past.

5- dream of pigeons attacking

Dreaming of pigeons attacking you suggests that you be careful with what you say as you could be harmed by your own comments. Everything you say can be used against you, so before you talk about something, you must first analyze the situation and not say anything that could harm you.

Dreams in which pigeons attack you are warning you that around you there are hypocritical people who pretend to be your friends to get information from you and then use it to your detriment, you should not say more than necessary about your personal things, since that your secrets can become very powerful weapons if they reach the ears of unscrupulous people.

6-dream of pigeons at home

Dreaming of pigeons in your house means that you will soon have family gatherings, where you will talk about issues that could be positive or negative, depending on how they break into your home.

If the pigeon enters your house in a peaceful way and perches on you and/or surrounds the environment of your dwelling, it means that a relative will approach you to offer you financial help, and will be an unconditional support on a sentimental level.

If, on the other hand, the pigeons burst into your house in a rowdy or merry way, it is indicating that in less time than you expect, a problematic person will visit you who will not mind making public scandals in order to get their own benefits, regardless of what is happening to you. harming.

7-dream of colored doves

Dreaming of colored doves means that many opportunities will come into your life, which will allow you to have much greater aspirations than you have at the moment, since they will give you numerous tools that will be very useful to you.

Seeing colored doves in a dream means that you are beginning to experience a very high optimism and that your spirit is being renewed in various ways. There is a great hope and indestructible inner strength that will help you achieve your goals in a better way.

8- dream of brown pigeons

Dreaming of brown pigeons means that your thoughts are a little cloudy and you don’t know whether to use them for good or for evil. You must be careful of what you are going to do since you could harm not only yourself but also the people around you who have not done you any harm.

Brown doves in a dream present your inner being in a neutral and still state; Like a box of good and bad surprises that is waiting for the moment to burst, it will be up to you to bring out the positive or the negative things, taking into account that the negative ones will not bring you anything good.

9- dream of injured pigeons

Dreaming of wounded pigeons is telling you that someone who is not totally honest will soon approach you; He will try to delude you and make you believe that he feels true love in every possible way to achieve his main purpose, which is to enjoy you, but after he achieves it, he will discard you and leave your feelings behind.

Seeing pigeons wounded on the ground in your dream also brings out those hidden feelings from the past that you have not yet managed to overcome, that are stealing your inner peace and that you must learn to forget in order to be happy with someone else.

10- dream of pigeons that shit on you

Dreaming of pigeons pooping on you is a very good omen as it portends health and good fortune. You will be experiencing a good streak that will last for a long time and you will be able to be the bearer of excellent news for your loved ones.

The fact that the pigeons poop on you means that many opportunities will come into your life that seem to have fallen from the sky and that will bring a lot of profit in your life, both in love and at work.

11- dream of blue doves

When blue doves appear in your dream it means that a divine being is taking care of you from the bad intentions of people around you, doves of this color are usually related to divinity, blue is the color of the sky, where everything is perfect and pure, a little piece of heaven has come down here to earth in a messenger being to tell you that you should not worry because you are not alone.

12- dream of pigeons eating

Dreaming of pigeons eating tells us that the obstacles for which you have not been successful in your projects will disappear over time, if you have patience you will achieve everything you have proposed in your life.

Seeing that the pigeons are eating in a dream also means that a great love that you never managed to forget despite having lost it will return to stay, and to give you that full happiness that you have been yearning for so long.

13-dream of carrier pigeons

Dreaming of carrier pigeons that are flying means that you are experiencing full freedom. You are in a moment where you feel free and independent and you are enjoying this moment of your life very much.

Seeing doves that come to bring you a message indicates that the end of all your worries and sufferings has come. You will feel like a renewed person, a totally different being and you will discover new talents in you that will help you find new sources of both personal and economic growth.

14- dream of pigeons without feathers

Dreaming of pigeons without feathers means that we will soon receive news of feasible projects for our life but for the achievement of which we will have to go through many obstacles since we will have almost no support at all to carry them out.

If in the dream we see that someone is removing the feathers from a dove , it indicates that someone will be willing to help us arise, but another malicious and interested person will seek to get in the way to harm you with malicious comments and thus make the benefits pass. at your hands.


As we could see, dreams with pigeons usually have generally positive meanings, but the environment of the dream must be analyzed and remembered in detail in order to know its meaning.

Our subconscious sends numerous positive and negative alarm signals into the environment through the hidden world of dreams that not all of us have the ability to interpret. I hope I was able to help you with my article.

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