Dream about pine trees

Pine trees are excellent environment purifiers, so dreaming of pine trees shows that the time has come to begin with the liberation of the negative, and thus be able to deeply cleanse our body and soul, to charge ourselves with positive energy.

Also when we see pine trees in dreams, it represents immortality, pride, sincerity and strength of character. Although in other aspects it symbolizes health and longevity, that is why it is very important to see what state the pine is in in the dream, for example, if we dream that it is green, felled, dry, burned, etc. Your interpretation will depend on your state in the dream.

dream of pine trees

Observing pine trees in the dream predicts success in all business. If we see that we have pine trees in our yard, it indicates that we have good friends whom we can fully trust. Many pines portend very good times in our lives. Full of tranquility in the family, many joys, prosperity and good health. Sitting under a pine tree in the dream means that we will take a break that will be very pleasant and will fill us with energy again.

When we water a pine tree in a dream, it indicates that we will begin with a spiritual and physical cleansing that will make us feel more relaxed and happy. If a pine tree begins to grow in our house, it indicates that we will soon be promoted at work to the position we have always wanted. At last they will recognize all our effort. A pine tree on a sidewalk shows that we will have good health thanks to the changes we have begun to make in our lives.

See pine forest in the dream

Walking through a pine forest indicates that we will take a break to enjoy with the family. A snowy pine forest predicts loneliness and anguish, but we must take courage and face the circumstances to get ahead. But if all the pines in the forest are green, slender and beautiful, it is a good sign, as it augurs much health and longevity in the family.

Meaning of dreaming of green pines

Green pines augur good times, happiness, union and prosperity, we must make the most of good times. If we have a green pine tree in the house, it means fertility in the family. When the green pine of the dream is ours, it predicts a lot of luck in love. If someone gives us a green pine tree, it reflects the unconditional love, persistence and resistance that we have.

when they look dry

If the pine trees in the dream are dry, it portends the beginning of difficult times, worries and great losses. This dream also shows that we will have a great loss that will take away our strength and desire to move forward. But we must not let ourselves fall, the best thing is that we turn to the family for support and thus be able to get ahead.

If dry pine is in our house, then we should pay attention to the health of loved ones. Touching a dry pine portends sad times and many tears shed. A great old and dry pine, are great problems and worries that we will have on our shoulders.

smell of pine

If we can smell the aroma of pine in the dream, it alerts us to diseases in the respiratory tract. We must not overlook the signals that our body gives us.

Dream of cut pine trees

When the pines are cut, it is a bad sign, it indicates that our appeasement will lead us to problems for which we are not prepared. Seeing the trunks of the cut pines indicates that many problems come together, and they will end up surpassing us. If we are the ones cutting down the pine, it indicates that we will be the cause of our own problems. But if we see another person who is cutting the pine tree, it warns us that at any moment the least expected person will betray us.

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