What does it mean to dream about police

What does it mean to dream of police? The police are your friend and they are here to help you. Since we were little we have always heard this phrase when we meet a law enforcement officer. Even the appearance of a police officer at a given moment can make us afraid since we immediately connect with our conscience and think about whether we have done something wrong. Not everyone has the same opinion of the police. Some criticize them for not taking care of people’s safety as much as they should or for not taking enough measures, while others accuse them of being too strict. It is a job that is not always easy, a profession in which they often risk their lives.

It is true that sometimes we only know the work of the police on television, as in crime series in which the police have to solve murder cases. But many times this way of working has little to do with the methods used in reality by our police. In general, the police do much more desk work than we think, although there are many who have to spend hours at a crossroads to regulate traffic.

But, what does it mean to dream of police? How do we interpret the police symbol in our dreams?

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  • 1 General interpretation of dreaming about police
  • 2 Psychological interpretation of dreaming about police
  • 3 Spiritual interpretation of dreaming about police


When the police appear in our dreams, the general interpretation of dreaming about police is usually associated with a control issue, or sometimes it tries to draw our attention to some issue related to morality. There is probably some issue in our lives today that requires moral action.

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If we analyze the dream, we ask ourselves if it is about our own morality or that of another person. In this way, dreaming of a policeman can indicate that we are about to carry out some activity that borders on the illegal, and therefore it would be warning us of the danger of crossing that line. On the other hand, dreaming of police indicates our duty to warn another person of inappropriate behavior or behavior that seems immoral to us.

It may also happen that our job is that of the police and that during sleep we see ourselves dressed in a police uniform. In this case, we interpret that it is likely that we are too subject to the rules that we generally have to apply in our daily work, or that we sometimes forget to have our own opinion.

If during the dream the police come to help us, the general interpretation of dreaming about police is that of some kind of reward for our social actions. When the police arrest us or handcuff us, it indicates the existence of a feeling of guilt. This dream also refers to something that is considered immoral.


The psychological interpretation of dreaming about police is related to our conscience. It tells us that the person who dreams is facing a conflict between his thoughts and her actions. Although he tries to convince himself that his actions are correct, his conscience tells him that it is necessary to stop and review his actions.

When a policeman appears to us in the dream, depending on the context, it can reveal parts of our attitude with the different relationships and thoughts in life. For example, if we dream that a policeman stops us or chases us, he would be in some way stealing our freedom. On the other hand, if he is freeing us or helping us with a criminal, what we interpret from the dream is that the policeman tells us that we can lead a life without ties and free.

If we dream of a police station or police station, the dream may allude to our body, to which we may be unknowingly demanding too much.


The spiritual interpretation of dreaming about police is understood as a symbol of authority, a part of us that is warning us of something.

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