What does it mean to dream about preparing a lot of food

What does it mean to dream preparing a lot of food

Dreaming of preparing a lot of food is a dream where it symbolizes your urgent desire for affection. This is because you feel alone and consider that no one is close to you. Although this is not true, the dream reflects your feelings and that you need support from your friends.

It is a dream that has a direct relationship with dreaming of cooking , which seeks to be close to the people you love most and at the same time shows your desire to feel important. That is, that people accept you because you care too much what they think of you.

However, when it comes to cooking a lot of food, it will only have to do with you. It is a dream that people who are in urgent need of affection see and do not know what to do.

Perhaps it is true and you are so busy that you have left the social side and miss your friends. If so, it is something very common and the solution would be to find a space and try to plan an exit to clear your mind.

But this may not be your case, you simply feel loneliness without any meaning. This is because many times we are immersed in routine and fail to see the simple things that we valued before.

Being just as common, but it is at the same time a situation that is more complicated to solve. Since it is not about taking any specific action to solve it. In this case you should concentrate on what you are doing and little by little you will stop feeling lonely. You cannot despair despite this.

You may be interested in dreaming that someone cooks , being a very related dream and it can help you to interpret the dream you had

We will present some variations that can help you if you remember the contexts of your dream.

Dream of a lot of prepared food

If you see that there is a lot of food or dream of sharing food, this symbolizes that you will be lucky in your portions.

You will meet people who will be key in your life. They will be people you can trust a lot and are likely to be able to start important projects.

Also, it shows your desire to be sociable. So soon you will be a person who can have many friends and you will become a person that anyone can trust.

Dream delivering food

If you see yourself delivering food in the dream, this shows that you have a lot of talent that you have not exploited yet. You have many things that you can offer to the world, but you don’t for different reasons.

The main reason is that you don’t feel ready to do it yet. Being a hindrance that ends many dreams. In reality, no one who has achieved anything in life has been 100% prepared. They have achieved it because they dared despite the fear and possible failure that may arise.

In addition to this you feel afraid of what people say. That is, you are afraid of criticism and mockery of people. Get rid of that idea and act because then you will regret it when it is too late.

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