What does it mean to dream about rain

What does it mean to dream of rain

Dreaming of rain has a symbolism of magic and new opportunities, seeing the future differently. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, because you know you have what it takes to face whatever comes your way.

If the rain you see in your dream is very strong, it warns you that there may be many problems to solve. You must take the necessary precautions to be protected, thus avoiding further damage.

Rainwater comes to provide freshness, cleanses the landscape and gives new life a chance to flourish. So it also announces that you can have a fresh start, if you manage to clean up all the bad.

Emotionally it represents that you are asking for a break, it may be that you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. You need to have a different attitude to face whatever comes, be it good or bad.

Rain is also related to fertility, it can be the news of a new baby in the family. Perhaps a new job or the achievement of a goal, you will see the completion of an important project for you.

It is also a dream that is related to good luck, it is a stage that can bring prosperity to your life. The same in love, it is a great time to let new things into your life.

If you have a business or project that is causing more problems than you thought, it may tell you that it will pass like rain. And that later you will see the fruits of your effort, just like the sun the next day.

The most important thing is that it is you who knows if you have something to change, if you need to cleanse your soul and start over. You make the decisions, the warnings will be your weapon to face whatever comes.

dream of heavy rain

This dream usually means that unexpected problems will come, that you will have to protect yourself from financial problems. It is a danger alert in the face of possible obstacles, you must take care of the details of what you are doing.

It can also be a warning to go easy, maybe you are rushing into some business or a relationship. Rome was not built in a day, so it is better to lay the stones one by one without haste.

Dream of torrential rain

Seeing torrential rain in your dream is not a good thing, because it tells you that serious problems are coming. You will need help to get out unharmed, strengthen your family ties they are always helpful.

Sometimes this dream reflects the fear that something will go wrong. Perhaps you are about to take an exam or you are applying for a job. You may feel frustrated or in a very low mood, remember that after the storm comes calm.

dream of light rain

Having a dream where you see soft rain means that you are worrying about others, that the problem can be solved quickly. It can be a great opportunity to make that change you were looking for, cheer up.

It may be that this dream is an indication that you are not happy, that something is bothering you. It’s up to you to change it or just remove it, it will only take a moment for it to be fixed.

dream of light rain

This dream has a very special symbology, because it reflects how you feel about your surroundings. You are feeling invisible, excluded, you feel that your friends do not give you the importance you deserve.

Dream of rain and getting wet

Having a dream where you see that you get wet from the rain is a warning of caution, what you are about to do can cause you serious problems. You must be careful not to damage your image, think things through.

This dream also announces that you will soon feel liberated, some obstacles will come out of your way. Or that your sadness goes away with the drops of that rain, you will have a new real opportunity in your life.

Dream of rain without getting wet

A dream that has several meanings, because if you feel protected from that rain it means that the problems that come will not affect you. It also means success in your projects, these are blessed.

Another meaning is that you will be successful with family relationships, you will be the one to calm down in some conflicts. Be yourself and everything will be fine, just keep your feet on the ground and do not commit excesses.

dream of acid rain

This dream of seeing acid rain is very similar to that of torrential rain, because problems will come that will harm you. It will be inevitable to get hurt, so try to calmly analyze the situation to avoid worse damage.

It also tells you that you may have health problems, that your environment causes you a lot of stress due to its negativity. Watch your diet and try to exercise more, surround yourself with positive people.

dream of raindrops

Seeing raindrops falling in your dream says that you are very happy and carefree, that you generally see the positive side of everything. You are very optimistic in life, which allows you to improve yourself and give the best of yourself.

It also augurs a very lucky stage for you, so it is a very good dream that invites you to start that project that you have asleep. This is the right time to consolidate a partnership, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity.

dream of black rain

This dream is a bit negative as seeing black rain means a dark conscience, you may have done something wrong or you are about to. Think carefully about the consequences of your actions, and face the results.

It also foreshadows that you will be involved in a problem, which will tarnish your image, do not get involved in transactions under the table. You can achieve everything you set out to do, without having to resort to that.

dream of sudden rain

If when you have this dream of seeing a sudden rain you feel comforted, it means that the problems dissipate. That favorable times are approaching for you, that circumstances change in your favor.

If you feel anguish, it means that you will have a not-so-pleasant surprise, perhaps a friend moves away from your environment. Take care and strengthen the ties of both your family and your friends, and surround yourself with sincere people

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