What does it mean to dream about rain at night

What does it mean to dream of rain at night

Having a dream where you see rain at night has a very different meaning than what you imagine. It is a dream that foreshadows good luck, as well as finding a great sincere love in your life.

The rain at night symbolizes that all problems will be solved soon, that you will be happy in the days to come. Your strength allows you to be victorious, as well as to face any situation that comes your way.

Another meaning of this dream is when you feel anguish during your dream, as it would be a reminder that you did something wrong. That you should ask for an apology and try to correct what was done, in time things can be clarified.

Sometimes this dream tells you that you should put aside secondary issues, that way you will see things more clearly. It is a good time to correct bad eating habits, or some excesses that are harming you.

It also warns you that you must be careful with the unforeseen, that is, go out protected to face the new challenge. You are a cautious person and you may not be seeing something, it is just a warning that you do not trust anything.

Above all, it is a sign that you should wait, that you should control your anxiety because the good times are yet to come. Maybe you’re seeing everything very confused and you’re getting discouraged, and he tells you don’t despair.

You are perhaps someone who wants everything for today that it is difficult for you to wait, this dream is a call to calm. Hectic days will come because you have many things to do, but you must strengthen your patience.

You will be able to solve the problems that arise, you are capable of that and more. To be warned is to be armed, so don’t stress and you will find the right way to come out of it stronger.

Dream of heavy rain at night

This dream of seeing very heavy rain at night means that you are going through very difficult days. That you want to escape from everything, keep calm that everything will be solved favorably for you.

It also has a meaning of self-criticism, because it tells you that you should be more open to listening to good advice. It invites you to reflection and honest analysis of your achievements, but try to stay in an inner circle.

Dream of light rain at night

Seeing the rain at night but that it is soft announces that you will be involved in a climate of exchange and movement. You will feel somewhat worried at first, but everything will dissipate because you will feel that they listen to you and support you.

It also announces that you can adapt and listen to others, take into account their ideas and arguments. It is up to you to achieve the harmony of your environment, you will have to be able to savor the proposed complicities.

Dream of soft rain at night and not get wet

Having this dream where you do not get wet in the rain at night is a sign that you are not getting involved with some family problems. Do not forget that the family is always your support and they expect the same from you.

Sometimes it portends small inconveniences that look darker than they really are, so try to focus on what is really important. Do not be fooled by misleading or exaggerated impressions, it is a good time to make use of your neurons.

Dream of taking the rain at night

This dream tells you that you can make a mistake in business, perhaps they are giving you a cat for a hare. Open your eyes wide with what you sign and the commitments you make, do not let yourself be fooled with false promises.

Also seeing that you drink the rainwater at night, warns you of the hypocritical flattery of your environment. Do not let flattery make you take your feet off the ground, you are used to being recognized for your hard work, do not forget it.

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