Rain, being made up of water, in the vast majority of dreams symbolizes fertility, abundance and prosperity. But in the case of rain, when it falls from the sky it represents purification, since it embodies the celestial or spiritual influences that fall on us.

Dreams with rain are generally positive and portend positive news. Of course, the rest of the elements that appear and the emotions that manifest during sleep will have to be analyzed. On the other hand, since water is the main element of dreams with rain, I recommend that you take a look at the post about dreaming about water. DREAM with WATER????✨ What does it mean? What does it mean?

We are now going to delve into the most common dreams with rain.

In this dream you can have

  • He was caught in a storm.
  • Unable to open his umbrella.
  • I’ve seen the rain fall.
  • Raindrops on your body.
  • Bring a raincoat

Dream of heavy rain

If you dream of heavy or very heavy rain that prevents you from leaving the house or immobilizes you, it means that although you are going to obtain important benefits or you are going to receive good news before this materializes. You will have to wait or face some unforeseen event, obstacle or impediment.

If you dream that you walk without stopping in the heavy rain with an umbrella or some protection that prevents you from getting wet, it means that you will have the help of someone or something that will make it easier to obtain your wish.

If you dream that you walk without stopping in the heavy rain and without an umbrella or other protection, it means that you are going to face every obstacle with great force . No one and nothing can with you.

If you dream of heavy rain, which destroys and causes damage , it means that all the good that will come to you will be at the cost of the suffering or misfortune of one or more other people. If your mood while you dream of heavy rains is sadness or concern, it means that you are very afraid of what you have to assume but you will still achieve it. If your state of mind, on the other hand, is calm or happy, it means that you will know how to manage your energies and your emotions throughout the process.

Dreaming of an umbrella

If you are holding an umbrella in the dream it indicates strong beliefs about authority. Perhaps you have been controlled by someone for some time. If you see an umbrella in your dream this indicates that it is important to protect yourself.

Freud noted that the umbrella is a connection associated with the protection of the emotions. Spiritual meaning of rain in a dream

There may be some unhealed emotional pain that you have experienced in the past. It is important to consider your own emotions and those of others. Perhaps you have been feeling vulnerable lately?

Face or face the feelings you carry inside. Perhaps there is a past relationship that still loves you? There is also negativity in the past that you are trying to protect yourself from.

Dream of light rain

If you dream of soft and constant rain, it means that the benefits, changes or news you receive will be very favorable , but they will materialize little by little. That is, there is a time process that must be respected. This dream is very positive, since it announces the triumph that you are going to achieve without major problems.

Dream of rain inside the house

If you dream that it rains inside your house, it is a very favorable dream , since it symbolizes fertility in the home, both in relationships with the family, with the couple, as well as in the economic and spiritual sphere. This dream reflects a rebirth or a regeneration for you and yours .

If the water falls smoothly, it means that the process will be progressive and little by little. If the rain falls in torrents, with great intensity or causes damage, it means that you have been suffering or are suffering from the bad energy or negativity of someone around you . However, this dream symbolizes the purification of your home and those who live in it.

Dream about rain and get wet

Dreaming of rain falling on you and getting you wet means that you need to free yourself from the bad energy that you have been carrying for a long time, with bad vibrations that cause you to block or that there is someone around you who is blocking you. This rain purifies you, cleanses you and renews you on an energetic level.

If you dream that the rain wets you with your clothes on , it means that you must get rid of something or someone that causes you pain, suffering or generates bad vibrations.

If, on the other handyou dream that the rain wets you while you are naked or naked , it symbolizes your rebirth in the spiritual and personal. This dream announces a new, more positive and clearer state in which you will develop much better.

Dream of rain and hail

If you dream of hail rain, it means that the path to happiness or to obtaining your wishes will not be easy . You probably have to make difficult decisions, you have to give up certain things or make a great effort to achieve it.

If the hail when it falls causes damage , it means that although you are going to improve and you are going to evolve favorably. There will be hard or sad moments in that process.

Dream of a raincoat

The Radiant Monastery symbolizes the way you are thinking. It is connected to your heart, which symbolizes the feelings of your gut instinct. The raincoat is a protector. Protecting himself against emotional turmoil.

Dream of rain and storm

If you dream of rain and lightning storms, thunder or a lot of wind, it means that there will be sudden , unexpected and at the same time very big changes that will transform your life or some part of it or perhaps transform your way of thinking and your convictions.

Dream of rain and deluge

If you dream that it rains a lot, without stopping and rivers of water form that drag objects, even people or other elements, it means that you are going to be dragged or dragged by the problems that separate you from your goals. The situation may be complicated because something happens suddenly that you have not contemplated.

Dream of rain in the field

If you dream that rain falls in the field, in the forest, in a garden or in a park where there is vegetation, plants, trees, flowers… it means that a very flourishing, abundant and prosperous time in the economy is coming for you. at work, in business or in love.

If the rain is soft , it means that prosperity will come little by little . If the rain is heavy , it means that you will have a stroke of luck or a change in your favor very suddenly . If you dream that the rain falls so hard that it destroys trees or causes damage, it means that you will not know how to take advantage of all the good that comes and you will mismanage it, which will cause you problems and regret in the future.

Dream of rain and sun

If you dream of rain and sun at the same time, it means that you are going to start a new, happier, more prosperous and abundant stage in every way or in a specific area of ​​life, but it will also be through a revelation, a change of consciousness, of a personal transformation that you are going to experience due to an experience, the influence of someone or your own personal growth.

Dream of rain and rainbow

If you dream of rain and the rainbow appears in the sky, it is a wonderful omen of happiness , well-being and protection. This dream announces the end of problems, suffering and worries to make way for happiness, peace and well-being.

Dream of rain of stones

If you dream of a rain of stones, that is, stones of different sizes fall from the sky, it means that you are going to begin to suffer the consequences of your actions , your bad decisions or what you have done in the past and that may have caused pain. , suffering or injury to someone or something.

Dreaming of a shower of shooting stars

If you dream of a shower of shooting stars, it is a magnificent omen of wealth, wishes that will be fulfilled and purposes that will lead you to be very happy or to feel very full in every way.

Dream of rain of fire

If you dream of rain of fire, that is, seeing fire falling from the sky in balls, drops or adopting other figures, it means that you feel guilty for something you did, something you have done or something you intend to carry out . It is likely that all the aspects that surround you or intervene in that decision have not fully matured

This dream is associated with the following scenarios in your life Spiritual meaning of rain in a dream

  • Vulnerability.
  • emotional unavailability
  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of trusting others.

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