What does it mean to dream about rape? 13 Dream Interpretations

It is normal that dreams of rape scare you , but believe it or not, these types of dreams are more common than you think. The psyche often has to work on issues of power and control, and when there is a situation in your waking world that needs immediate resolution. Rape can appear in a variety of ways in the dream.

You can see the actual physical act of rape or witness rape. This means a lack of control and direction in life. If the rape in your dream is homosexual in nature, then this is related to feeling a loss of control with the actual masculine side of yourself.

If you came across marital rape during the dream, and your husband and wife raped you, this indicates that you are losing control over a situation. Any type of forced rape performed on oneself in a dream is associated with a lack of control, usually at work.

If it doesn’t work, it may mean that you don’t have control in a relationship or in a certain area of ​​your life. Now if you are looking for the morning after pill due to rape, this is associated with releasing your psychic power in life; you are looking to fill your magnetic love power and you will become irresistible to a loved one.

What does it mean to dream of rape? 13 Dream Interpretations

When dreaming about rape, it is necessary to see some closer aspects of the details in the dream. For example, if the rapist wore a mask, or covered his head, psychologically, this means that he is feeling a lack of control in various aspects of your life.

When you dream of being raped, this is an open spiritual call that control is being taken away from you and now is the time to fight back. If you are facing a legal battle such as custody or divorce or if you feel that you are being seriously taken advantage of, this is not the time to try to play nice. Remember, you should always take care of number one!

Now, you can dream about liking rape, this can actually happen and when it does it is usually associated with ‘dead bedroom’ syndrome in the sense that you feel like you are not getting enough sexual gratification. It may mean that you lack affection and that this is affecting your emotional well-being. If we look at this dream from a more psychological perspective, the images of the rape can be connected to self-control.

This is not to say that you may feel depressed or that your mental state is challenged after having this dream. Rape is quite a difficult experience to go through. Dreaming of being raped and the experience you suffered in the dream was terrifying can be associated with challenging experiences in a more productive area of ​​life.

Finding violence connected to the dream indicates that experiences should be channeled in a more productive direction in life. What does it mean to dream of a gang rape? – A gang rape that appears in a dream is an indication that someone is using her very strong character to exert destructive time on other people.

By the way, committing rape in your dream indicates that you were worried about sexual problems in a relationship, moreover, this can indicate, to some extent, possible uncertainty in a relationship. Let’s look at other interpretations below.

1.- Dreaming of being raped by someone of the same sex

The dream of being raped by the same sex , for example, women raping a woman or a man raping a man, has no greater meaning than what we have already outlined. It all has to do with control, and the dream It means that it is important to understand any contradictions that have been brought together and brought under control.

2.- Dreaming of strange rape

Dreaming about a rape that is bizarre , or having a dream that is extremely bizarre or crazy is associated with control and the feeling that it is necessary to find approaches to difficulties. Ok, this is pretty annoying, but covering it up will be beneficial for some users.

3.- Dreaming of rape related to animals

Dreaming of an animal related rape suggests that you need to take charge of your own destiny. Sometimes rape dreams are a sign of pregnancy.

Weird and crazy rape dreams are common during pregnancy, and the mind tends to be overactive due to hormones. Again, don’t worry about these dreams, but consider what areas of your life need to be streamlined in order to reduce stress.

4.- Dream that you are raped

If you were raped in a dream, but survived and fought back, consider ways you are overcoming your own barriers in life. These dreams are perhaps the most frightening because you feel that they are real and that you experience the rape from beginning to end, and you can feel that you have actually been raped.

Often there are ways in which you are being threatened or taken advantage of, and you feel that you are perhaps playing a large part in the situation. When you react in this way to your dreams, your own fears about a person or situation are likely well founded, and you should keep your guard up.

5.- Dream that you want to be raped

Wanting to be raped in a dream   indicates that you want someone to take control of a situation that you have been struggling with. Being raped in real life and having flashbacks is perfectly natural. You should try to work through the trauma with a therapist and control the situation.

Dreaming of incest or rape of relatives, this indicates that you do not trust someone close to you. It can signify possible “trust” issues in the past.

6.- Dreaming of being raped by a demon

Dreaming of being raped by a demon is a psychic dream indicating that your soul is trying to find ways to control someone’s inappropriate behavior in life. You have some fear or concern that someone in waking life will take “control” away from you.

This dream can be disturbing and is playing on your subconscious mind. If you do any kind of magical psychic work, it is possible that a demon could rape you.

7.- Dreaming of family rape

Dreaming of being raped by a parent (such as a mother or father) can be a shocking dream, it indicates your desire to be rescued by others and to control people in waking life. Don’t worry, the dream itself is symbolic in nature and only connected to your subconscious mind, so don’t dwell on it too much.

Dreaming and raping a relative indicates that you are seeking protection from other people. The dream itself is symbolic and connects to your relationship with that particular relative. If you have experienced any type of traumatic abuse in the past in waking life, it is not uncommon to have these types of repetitive dreams.

8.-Dreaming of being forced to have sexual intercourse

Dreaming of being forced to give oral sex can be associated with sexual frustrations in life. You will find it very difficult to express your wishes with a partner. Being raped at a party in a dream indicates that you must break a person’s resistance so that you can obey her command.

If the rape dream involved a murder, this may highlight that you are going to visit people in a work context. The murder itself represents a subconscious end to a problem in life.

9.- Dreaming of rape in prison

Going back to the topic of jail or prison rape, we need to address the deeper aspects of this dream. Many men or women often face the fear of rape in jail , which is a concern. Maybe you dreamed of being attacked in the bathroom or in a communal shower? Yes, even the thought is worrying.

Rape in overcrowded prisons is common. Sometimes the assaults are not even recorded. In dreams, prison rape is more about control in life. It’s more about power.

Dreaming of being raped in prison is associated with consciousness. Consciousness is one of the basic meanings of dreams. Self-awareness is important along with the ability to distinguish the most important aspects of life.

10.-Dreaming of violent rape or sexual assault

It can be quite disconcerting when you dream of being sexually assaulted. This could mean being raped or alternatively being touched inappropriately during sleep. In general, this is associated with your own inner confidence. It can indicate that you are being controlled by someone in the dream.

If you are touched sexually in a dream, this may mean that you need to take a break and consider if you really invest more of your time and effort in your projects.

If you dream of being teased, then this is related to a block in life. Try to persevere with your projects. Rape dreams are often when you feel like someone is controlling you in real life. Do not try to take things personally if you dream of being molested by a family member in a dream.

As we have already concluded, rape is associated with many different feelings towards the opposite sex. Nine times out of ten it means that you feel violated by someone. You can also represent an aspect of yourself by learning to recognize when you are in control and when you are not.

11.- Dream of seeing someone raped

So you could see someone raped? Doesn’t sound like a good dream. Let’s see the meaning: seeing another person raped in a dream can be harmful to their subconscious mind. Seeing someone sexually touched in a dream can represent an aspect of yourself that you need to learn to recognize.

The person being raped in your dream is someone who knows that this may indicate a desire for control over them. To carry out rape in the dream and see yourself as the third person, again can be an expression of your own desire to control others.

12.- Dream that you are persecuted and raped

Of course, there are times when you are hunted in a dream. You will be relieved to know that being chased by a rapist in a dream is associated with how people love to control you. At least you can do something about it. The chase is connected to the energy that you need to focus on, in order to achieve the goals in your life.

Being chased and then raped in a dream indicates the stresses and strains of everyday life. On the positive side, if you have this dream and you manage to escape from the rapist, this indicates that you will overcome any difficulties in life.

If you are indeed raped in the dream (after the chase), this may indicate the doubts in your mind that you are questioning. You need to understand what is missing in your life.

The fact that you were chased indicates that you feel quite restricted in life. It means that modern day life has taken its toll. Being raped as an ending to being chased indicates that you are letting someone else take control.

We usually have such a dream when we are scared or moving forward in life. If you came across abortion in your dream, due to the fact that you are being raped, it suggests that you are going to be a victim of life.

This is not necessarily related to the rape itself, so you may encounter some emotional problems later on. Building relationships with you will alleviate these problems.

13.- Dreaming of being enslaved and raped

Hopefully, we can attribute this to the focus on love and lust in waking life. If you are being raped or enslaved in your dream and you are African American, this denotes that you feel that others are taking advantage of you, usually due to the history related to the issue of rape and the stereotype of African American slavery. Yes, it is not uncommon to have such dreams.

It is society that has often described men as unable to control their sexual desires, but this is not necessarily true, it is just a stereotype.

The promiscuous nature of women and men stems from a long-standing history. Did you know that a lot of people don’t report a proper rape to the authorities, but what if it happens in your dream? Well, you are trying to be innocent in life, you need to take control and NOT blame yourself.

Conclusions about dreaming of rape

Dreaming of rape represents negative life experiences that you are unable to stop or control. Someone or something is affecting your self-esteem, well-being or ability to do what you want. Feelings of victimization.

Sex in a dream represents the merging of different aspects of oneself to create life experiences. Rape is then a negative experience that you cannot stop and that is filled with fear, stress, desire for things you cannot have, or other negative emotions.

Rape dreams can occur when experiencing situations that are very frustrating, humiliating, frightening, or make you feel powerless.

Examples of real-life situations that can encourage rape dreams might be the loss of a promotion to a less qualified person, an unsupportive spouse, or a problem that never seems to get better. People may also dream of rape if they experience unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

If you see someone raping another person, it represents an aspect of your personality that is forcing another person to control your life experience. For example, if a murderer raped your mother in a dream, it can represent a powerful fear that controls your intuition so that you never make decisions that help you face the fear.

If you were actually raped in real life, it may suggest that you have unresolved issues with the event.

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