What does it mean to dream about rats and mice

What does it mean to dream of rats and mice

Dreaming of rats and mice shows us something bad that we have in us. But this at the same time is just a perception of things that will depend a lot on whether we want to change it or not to finally solve it.

This is what people who have had confrontations or bad experiences with the closest people at the time have. Those problems have made them have a bad or uncomfortable relationship today.

But the negative is that it has made you a person who does not know how to act before people or is submissive. That is, you have lost confidence in yourself because of everything that has happened.

This is because rats and mice , when they get together, symbolize conflicts and misunderstandings. And it is precisely what you feel for what happened.

But if you did not have a confrontation with someone, the dream reflects that you have a submissive attitude or fear of anything because of some failures that marked you. These events have made you a person who is afraid of making mistakes and does not try new things.

You have to understand that mice show negativity. Fear and negative ideas that arise in any situation. And the rats show that you are a self-deceived person.

So the dream with living rats and mice also means that in reality you can face those fears, but you are not doing it because you feel comfortable where you are currently.

If you know that you can change your life, do not fool yourself, because this can affect you throughout your life, and have the same attitude in any situation. Only causing you to get stuck and not achieve anything you really want.

Dream of rats and mice running

This means that you must act soon because otherwise it will be too late to fix the problems.

In fact, you know you have to do it and fear won’t let you. But in reality you are just kidding yourself in order to say that you couldn’t do anything.

You cannot get used to letting things go that way because when time goes by you will accumulate many things that you leave behind and you regret not having faced it.

Dreaming of rats and mice in my house

If you dream of rats and mice at home, it shows that you are used to being a bit unstable. That is to say that you settle for having a life with little inner peace.

This is one more way of showing that you are being conformist. Because in reality you know the way to solve your problems that you have, but you don’t do it. Face things despite fear, because that will be the key for you to be truly happy.

Dream of many rats and mice

If you see a lot of rats and mice together, this means that you feel overwhelmed by all the problems you have.

First you must look at the things that have a solution, or at least you must create an order of priorities, because if you do not stop seeing all the problems you have, you will never take action because they will seem impossible to solve.

Dream about gray rats and mice

This means that you are a person who constantly worries about things and cannot be calm.

It shows that you are tense. You must live more calmly because if not, you will generate other problems that you may later regret.

Be very careful that you may be doing this so as not to act, saying that you are worried about your problems, but in reality it is an excuse for not taking the necessary step to solve it.

I dream of dead rats and mice

Although curiously not or it is a negative dream, it shows that if you do nothing, things will only remain stagnant.

The reason it’s not negative is that it’s not going to make things worse, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything. If you have some things you want to do or have problems to solve, you should go for them.

Dream of living and dead rats and mice

Without a doubt, it shows you that you think too much before acting. This makes you finally do nothing.

You can take precautions or find out the situation well before going for it, but that cannot be a reason why you do not end up doing nothing

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