Dream about rattlesnakes

Dreaming of rattlesnakes symbolizes betrayal, gossip, conflicts, setbacks, enemies, and obstacles. Whenever we have these kinds of dreams, it is very important to know what their meaning is, to get away from bad people and overcome difficulties.

Rattlesnakes often cause people a lot of fear, that’s why this type of dream makes us so curious to know what it means. To know it we must remember the details of the dream, and we can have a better interpretation.

Dream about rattlesnakes

Finding a rattlesnake hiding behind a piece of furniture means that we will soon be informed of a drop in salary. Being attacked by a rattlesnake alerts us to betrayals by people posing as good friends. A very large rattlesnake shows that we will be able to find enough strength to overcome our ailments and begin to improve.

A small rattlesnake indicates deception from a person we trust a lot. If we see a poisonous rattlesnake, it indicates that we are doubting the goodness of someone, but that person will prove to us to be a good person and will become a good friendship. Many rattlesnakes together represent all the people who are around us and envy us.

Being bitten by a rattlesnake indicates that our enemy has just found out what our weak point is to attack. A rattlesnake attacking in the dream shows that we will not be able to rest easy because of our conscience. To avoid this bad moment, we must think before acting.

Being afraid of and fleeing from the rattlesnake means that we have distanced ourselves from everything, depriving ourselves of new opportunities and new paths. Walking over rattlesnakes shows that our enemies will start to get into our circle of friends. Seeing a coiled rattlesnake showing its fangs indicates that we will not be able to do anything in the face of the evil of our enemies.


A rattlesnake chasing us indicates that we have an enemy and we don’t know it. There is a person who pretends to be good when in reality he wishes us evil.

Dream about rattlesnakes that bite

Being bitten by a rattlesnake in the dream alerts us to trouble ahead. If a rattlesnake bites us and nothing happens to us, it shows that we should not make too much trouble, since thanks to our fighting character we will be able to overcome all obstacles. Seeing the rattlesnake bite another person indicates that we are acting badly towards our friends and that will have a devastating effect on us.

See black rattlesnake

If we see a black rattlesnake in the dream, it means that there is a lot of intrigue and betrayal around us. Our enemies will make us fall into their traps.

What if it’s white?

It is a positive dream when we see a white rattlesnake, since it indicates that a person we do not expect, will lend us a hand, and help us overcome problems. We will finally get ahead.

See a yellow rattlesnake in the dream

When the rattlesnake is yellow, it means that we will meet new people and we will like them very much. But then those people will betray us.

Dream about dead rattlesnakes

Finding a dead rattlesnake indicates that we will soon have health problems. If the rattlesnake is dead inside our house, it shows that we must be alert, since someone we consider our friend will try to deceive us. But if the rattlesnake is dead because we killed it, then this dream is very positive, as it indicates that we will be able to defeat our enemies.

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