Dream about red wine

The ways in which we can dream of red wine are very varied, in a dream we can drink red wine, spill it, see it in a glass, share it, buy it or serve it. A red wine represents love, relationships with people, wisdom, business, well-being, our current life and family.

In most dreams, red wine is a positive symbol, indicating that our dreams will come true and all the changes that occur in our lives will be favorable. The only danger that the person who dreams of red wine can expect is his own greed.

Dream about red wine

It represents success in love and many joys to come. A cellar full of red wine indicates parties where we will have an amazing time. Filling glasses with red wine indicates that we will do something wrong for which we will later feel guilty. Think carefully about the decisions you are going to make.

Buying expensive red wine indicates that someone will help us financially to get ahead. Serving red wine to other people indicates that we will be treated very well at work and there will be a very pleasant atmosphere. Also this dream can show a promotion at work, with a good salary.

See us drink red wine

Drinking red wine shows us that soon someone will let us down. The sweeter the taste of the wine, the greater the disappointment that we will take. Drinking red wine with friends predicts that we will live moments of great joy.

Meaning of dreaming of spilled red wine

If we spill red wine, it indicates that a family member will get into trouble. It can also predict health problems. If the person who spills the red wine in the dream is a woman, it portends pregnancy in the family. When we spill red wine on ourselves and our clothes get stained, it signals that we should avoid getting into trouble by making hasty decisions.

Dream about red wine in a glass

Red wine in a glass shows that we will participate in something that will call our reputation into question. We have to be more cautious when making decisions, since the consequences can make us live bad times. Drinking red wine from a glass in the company of someone indicates that we will meet someone whose cultural level will be very high and that will attract us a lot. If the glasses of red wine are made of crystal, it is a very good omen, since it augurs health, economic well-being and great harmony.

See bottles of red wine

Drinking red wine straight from a bottle predicts a lot of joy in the family and unexpected trips that will turn out to be extraordinary. Breaking or seeing a broken bottle of red wine predicts that we will live love with great passion. Buying a box of a bottle of red wine indicates that business will give us more profit than expected. Having a bottle of red wine represents the well-being and riches that we will achieve after getting an honest job or the profits that we will obtain from a profitable business in which we are working.

Get drunk on red wine in the dream

If we get drunk because we drink too much red wine, it alerts us to keep our mouths shut and avoid giving our opinion. In this way we will avoid many problems. This dream also means that there is a person close to us who envies us very much and is trying to get information from us to harm us and end our lives.

Dream about red wine in barrels

It predicts that our life will improve a lot and we will be able to give ourselves some luxuries that we have always dreamed of. This dream also promises a dream life as a couple, full of love and understanding. It’s time to enjoy a little of everything around you.

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