The river symbolizes your existence, your life and its journey from its source until it flows into the sea symbolizes your experiences, the events or events that occur in your life, therefore, dreaming of a river is the reflection of the trajectory of your life, the flow of it, the aspect of the water, the landscape that accompanies the river, as well as the actions or events that occur in the dream with the river will nuance its meaning and make its interpretation something much more personal.

Dream of a clean and crystal clear river

If you dream of a river whose water is crystal clear, it is clean, it is a symbol of purity, happiness, well-being… it means that you are going to live a stage of tranquility in which there will be no room for lies or falsehood in which you will feel in peace with yourself or with yourself and with what surrounds you.

If you have any concerns or problems and you have this dream , it means that it will end up being solved and you will be able to leave those problems or concerns behind.

Dream of a dirty or cloudy river

Dreaming of a river whose water is dirty or cloudy represents falsehood, conflicts, misunderstandings, the bad energy that may be around you. This dream portends problems derived from lies, a possible betrayal, a deception, a scam or manipulations by someone close to you.

Dream of a dry river

If you dream of a dry river that has no water, it is a bad omen, since it announces material losses, a stage of lack, unforeseen expenses that disrupt your economy. In short, dreaming of a dry river with no flow means that you will have to face a difficult situation in terms of finances, work, business or material goods.

Dream of a wild river

Dreaming of a whitewater river warns of possible dangers to which you may be exposed or exposed. This dream must be taken as a precautionary advice before the decisions, acts or movements that you are going to carry out, since there are risks or dangers that you can avoid if you know how to move with caution and cunning.

If you are about to start a project or you are going to make a change of any kind and you have this dream, it is advisable to wait a bit before executing it, since now may not be a good time to do it.

dream of a swollen river

If you dream of a swollen river that overflows and floods what is in its path, this is a bad omen since it portends misfortune, problems or dire consequences.

Dream of a river with little flow

Dreaming of a river that has little water, little flow corresponds to the situation that you are currently going through in your life, whether at work, in love, in the economy or on a personal level, it means that things are not flowing as you hope or wish, that events are going very slowly or even that the results that are taking place are less abundant or prosperous than you expected.

Dream of bathing in a river

If you dream that you bathe in a river and the waters are crystal clear , it means that you will receive a pleasant surprise, good news or a favorable change will occur in your life.

If, on the contrary, the water is cloudy or dirty, it means that you will be the victim of a betrayal, a deception or that you will fall into a trap hatched with bad intentions.

Dream of swimming in a river

If you dream that you are swimming in a river downstream, it means that you are going to make rapid progress, in terms of your purposes or goals, that it will be relatively easy for you to stand out, achieve success or prosper.

However, if you dream that you swim in a river against the current it means that you will find various obstacles in your way, that in your purposes you will have to make an effort to achieve what you want. This dream may also be indicating that you are making the wrong decision, that you have chosen the least recommended path or that you are completely wrong in your thoughts, actions or behaviors.

Dream of drowning in a river

Dreaming that you drown in a river is a reflection of the possible effects of your last actions or decisions, it is the result that you will face if you do not change your mind and do nothing to remedy it. This dream tries to warn you of the fatal outcome that you could be a victim of if you do not put the means to avoid it.

dream of falling into a river

Dreaming that you accidentally fall into a river symbolizes the burden, the stress or the problems to which you are being subjected or subjected, it is likely that you have reached the limit of your strength or your patience and this dream is the reflection of it.

If you manage to get out of the river, it means that you will be able to solve that situation or at least be able to overcome it.

If you dream that you fall into a river because someone pushes you , it means that whether you are aware or not, you will be a victim of the manipulation, influence or evil of a person around you. It is time to react and take action on that matter.

Dream of sitting on the riverbank

If you dream that you are sitting or sitting on the river bank, it means that you remain motionless before the events, problems or conflicts that are taking place around you, that you are patiently waiting for them to be resolved or that you are waiting for a favorable moment to act or take action. your own decisions.

Dream of walking along a river

If you dream that you are walking on the banks of a river in the direction of the water current, it means that you accept things as they are, that you are adapting to the different situations that arise in your life, that you are a consistent person and you look life in the face.

However, if you dream that you walk on the riverbank against the current, it means that you do not accept certain things or situations that occur in your life or that will occur in the future, that you rebel against it and even try to deny it. what you don’t like or that goes out of your predefined scheme, in short, that you look at life in an unrealistic way.

Dream of the birth of a river

If you dream of the birth of a river, it means that you are in a very propitious moment to carry out a new idea, a new project or start an initiative. This dream is very positive as it portends prosperity, abundance, new opportunities to grow or expand and achieve your goals.

Dream of the mouth of a river in the sea

Dreaming of the mouth of a river in the sea is the announcement of the end of a stage of struggle, of overcoming, of effort after which you will feel satisfied or satisfied by the journey made, by the work carried out.

When there is someone sick close to you in their last moments, having this dream represents the departure of that person, the end of their stage, but at the same time it announces peace and rest for that person.

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