Dream about rue

Dreaming of rue is representing how our finances are, and depending on how we see the rue plant in the dream, it will indicate whether we will have economic gains or losses.

The meaning of rue in dreams also indicates that nothing can stop the luck, prosperity and economic gains that life has in store for us. This plant symbolizes money, fights, profits, happiness, harmony, calm and misunderstandings.

dream of rue

Seeing a rue in the dream means that we will have to use all our savings to be able to save a business that is affected by bad investments. If we see or find wild rue, it shows that our opinions of others are wrong and we prejudge people before we meet them. If the plant is dry, it portends arguments and fights caused by misunderstandings. When rue has buds, it indicates that we will have to make important decisions in our lives, and our future will depend on them.

Meaning of dreaming with green rue

Having a green rue in our house predicts great profits and much abundance to come into our lives. We will feel relaxed and blessed. If the shadow of rue in the dream catches our attention, it indicates that we will have many fights with the people around us. If the green rue is in a pot, it portends many positive changes for our lives.

See rue plant in the dream

Putting or seeing a rue plant in a vase indicates that we are wasting time with so much accumulated resentment, and we are depriving ourselves of the joys of life. Also this dream means that we will have new opportunities, very promising, that will open new horizons for us. To dream that we cut a piece of rue, predicts that we will have economic losses. The bigger the piece of rue that we cut, the bigger our economic losses will be.

Drink rue tea

If we drink rue tea, this dream indicates that we will achieve our goals and it will give us hope. Also this dream can show that we will have a surprise that will be very unpleasant.

Dream of rue that we plant

This is a very positive dream, since it augurs us joys, profits and a lot of peace. We will feel very happy, since after so long we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally we will see the fruits of our effort and dedication.

Buy a rue plant

It means that we are very distrustful people and make rash judgments. This limits us to meet new friends and live new experiences. However, if we buy rue to give it to someone, it indicates that we are leaving our prejudice aside and letting ourselves be carried away by our emotions. For the first time we will begin to enjoy life.

What does it mean to dream of rue in the field?

Walking through the countryside and seeing a green rue indicates that soon life will take an unexpected turn. This change will lead us to live new experiences, but all of them will be very beneficial for us.

See in the dream a withered rue

This dream calls us to attention so that we fix a mistake we have made. We are still in time to apologize and make peace with the people we love most. If the withered rue is in a pot, it predicts that we will experience a series of changes, and all of them will be unfavorable for us. We have to accept these changes and learn to live with them.

Dream about little rue

If the rue plant that we see in the dream is small, it means that we are people who venture into new experiences. Through these new adventures we find harmony in our lives.

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