Dream about running water

One of the dreams where we are left with a lot of uncertainty when we wake up, is when dreaming of a stream of water, because it leaves us with many doubts about its meaning. A stream of water can have a positive or negative interpretation, since depending on what happens in the dream, it will be its meaning.

In a positive interpretation of the dream, it can augur stability, feel relaxed, have a positive mind and have to make decisions. On the other hand, on the negative plane it can augur sadness, loss of money and hopelessness.

Dream about running water

Seeing a stream of water where it flows indicates that we will be able to stabilize ourselves in life. Standing in front of a stream of water and feeling fear signals that we must stop being so rigid. It is time to relax and let ourselves be carried away by things. Being caught in the middle of a current, unable to get to safety, means that there will be a couple of events that will ruin our plans.

Being swept away by a stream of water

This dream indicates that we will live a situation where our emotions will get out of control. We must remain calm and control our emotions, since they can take over us. Finding ourselves sleeping and seeing that stream of water drags us with bed and everything, is very positive, since it predicts that thanks to an unexpected event we will find happiness.

Interpretation of dreaming of strong water current

Seeing a strong stream of water augurs that we will have to make a very important decision shortly. This has us a little stressed out. If the running water is clear and clean, it predicts that wonderful moments await us, where we will be very happy. Being carried away by a strong stream of water and hitting ourselves with stones and debris indicates that we should worry more about our health, since we could get sick.

If the stream we see is rain

If we let ourselves be carried away by a stream of rainwater, it represents mourning, sadness and a feeling of hopelessness that invades us. We have to practice putting our mind on positive to get ahead. When the stream of rainwater floods our house, it signals that we will do everything possible to have a better economic well-being.

Dreaming of a stream of clean water

When we observe a stream of clean water, it is a very positive dream. It augurs peace and much prosperity to come into our lives. Seeing ice floating in a stream of clear water, predicts that someone else’s envy will bring our happiness to an end.

See river current 

When in the dream we are observing the water flow of a river, it predicts great profits in our businesses. It also promises a promotion at work, with a better salary. Observe that the current causes floods, augurs unexpected riches. If the current of river water floods a city or town, it signals business success.

Churning stream of water

A churning stream of water running through a city warns of disasters that will leave great emotional marks. If we see a person being swept away by a churning stream of water, it indicates that we are grieving. We are invaded by a great sadness that does not allow us to see the promising future we have.

Dream About Dirty Water Stream

A stream of dirty water after a major storm portends the loss of a business or job. Also this dream means that a person close to us will get sick. If the stream of dirty water splashes and makes us dirty, it indicates that we will have losses of money or the failure of our business. You will have to prepare for difficult times that are yet to come.

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