What does it mean to dream about running? 24 dream interpretations

Dreaming of running represents a reality from which you escape. Running allows our blood to pump through our bodies, the air that fills our lungs and allows us to be whole again in real life, in waking life.

Running in dreams can often be associated with nightmares. I am afraid that if you are running away from something terrible, like a murderer or a monster, this can lead to worries and anxiety in life. This dream (if it is a nightmare) indicates a step of strength that you need to continue.

The dream itself is connected to the following: trying to get away from a problem, personal growth, challenges and joys in life. Running is difficult and can indicate that you need to focus on one goal in life. Also, spiritually, running indicates that you need to understand your goals and your personal approach in life.

What does it mean to dream of running? 24 dream interpretations

dream of running

The most obvious meaning of this dream is that you are trying to escape from reality. The dream meaning of running is associated with trying to escape from something in life. Seeing yourself on the run is about pursuing a goal. The distance you covered during sleep can indicate the degree of challenge you face.

Being lost and running can indicate that you cannot find your way in life. Running to get fit or lose weight in a dream is associated with your psychic ineptitude and you may be stressed at the moment and need to recharge your own batteries.

There are many scenarios in which these dream experiences can be developed. For this reason we thought it convenient to prepare the following list of the most common dream interpretations related to running :

1-Dreaming of running in the rain

Dreaming of running in the rain speaks of purification. Depending on what the rain is like in your dreams it could say a few other things about the meaning. But in a general way, it means; that you are beginning to free yourself from all negative energies.

2-Dreaming of running slowly

Dreaming of running slowly can indicate the need to slow down to better understand things. Perhaps lately you have been feeling that things are going too fast and you need a break.

3-Dreaming of running very fast

Dreaming of running very fast downhill reflects the emotional setbacks you are facing. It also denotes a current situation that you are struggling with. Try not to believe that you will fail and everything will be better for you.

If you dream of running very fast upwards it denotes a fast movement in life. If you rush to achieve your highest goals first, you can sometimes miss the most important things. Also, your dream state indicates rising to a higher level of self-awareness.

4-Dreaming of running to be safe

Dreaming that you are running to get to safety indicates that there is desperation; a fear of something. If you manage to get to a quiet place in the dream; you will get out of difficulties very easily.

5-Dreaming of running a lot

To dream of running a lot denotes your efforts to prevent your life from falling apart. This can also mean that you can overcome anything. Alternatively, your dream reflects a hard-working nature that is going to help you achieve all that you have fought for.

6-Dreaming of running in the dark

Running in the dark in your dreams means that you are not very clear about your goals. You do one thing and another to see what works for you but you don’t really know what you want. This dream could also be involving witchcraft spells that are blocking your paths.

7-Dreaming of running and not being able

Not being able to move while trying to run in your dream denotes some obstacles on your way to your dreams in real life. Instead of panicking, make a concise plan to overcome these obstacles. Your efforts will give results and will be positive.

8-Dreaming of running from someone

Dreaming of running from someone heralds surprising situations that will unbalance you a bit and you will try to run away from them. They may be good or bad circumstances but they will be contrary to your opinions, and you will not like having to face them at all.

9-Dreaming of running on water

If you are running on water in a dream , this indicates that your ego is too high. You think you are the almighty and no one can get you out of your ideas. That can sometimes be good, because it helps you overcome fears more quickly. But analyze your capabilities well, lest you get into problems bigger than you.

10-Dreaming of running and crying

If you have dreamed of running and crying ; this indicates that you are running away from something that is very difficult for you to get away from. Your feelings are linked to that something. It could be an old flame or a place with sentimental value.

11-Dreaming of running and being chased

Dreaming of running and being chased predicts an unexpected event that is coming. Or someone new entering your life and applying some unforeseen changes. This could imply that you will be surprised and try to run away from what happens. But everything you are about to experience will be for your own good.

You must embrace whatever comes instead of freaking out. Alternatively, your dream reveals the guilt you feel. You want to run away from yourself; but no one has managed to do it so far. It’s better if you forgive yourself.

12-Dreaming of running and climbing stairs

Dreaming of running and climbing stairs means that you are building your future correctly and day by day with each action and each work effort you will climb to higher levels and thus be able to materialize the goals you have always had.

13-Dreaming of running and then flying

Dreaming of running and then flying speaks of the fulfillment of your goals. You have worked hard to reach them and you will reach the top sooner than you expect. You have been working hard and the universe is going to reward you with an unexpected raise.

14-Dreaming of running and jumping

Dreaming that you run and jump means that there are going to be many obstacles in your life. But your inner strength will be more powerful than these and you will be able to overcome them effectively, without being affected.

15-Dreaming of running and falling

To dream that you run and fall indicates that there will be obstacles in your way that will try to bring you down. Perhaps you have some problems in the last days for carrying things too eagerly; some adverse circumstance that hinders your plans. But you can get over it if you put your mind to it.

16-Dreaming of running and reaching the goal

Dreaming of running and reaching the finish line clearly announces a victory. In the next few days you will be seeing very favorable results from something you have been working for a long time. At last you will get your university degree or that economic progress that you long for.

17-Dreaming of running and floating

If you are running and floating at the same time in a dream ; This indicates that you are pursuing a goal that causes you great enthusiasm. You don’t care about the efforts you are having to make because the goal itself is your satisfaction. I tell you that you are doing very well. If you propose it, you will make it happen.

18-Dreaming of running and moving slowly

Dreaming of running and advancing slowly means that you are looking for your goals without holding on too much. You only go as fast as you think you can make it in time. This is not a bad thing, everyone has their own way of doing things. Going a little slower will slow you down a bit; but it will help you see your obstacles more closely.

19-Dreaming of running and hiding

If you dream that you run and hide ; this is an indication that you are running away from some situation. Perhaps you still do not dare to face the challenges that life tries to impose on you. You must learn to manage your fears better because if you continue doing what you have done until now; you will never be able to move forward.

20-Dreaming of running through a tunnel

Dreaming of running through a tunnel means that you feel trapped by problems. You perceive that your possibilities are very few and that you have to make a supernatural effort to advance in life. But don’t give up, fight and you can find your light at the end of the tunnel. It will be great when it happens!

21-Dreaming of running to catch up with someone

If you have dreamed that you are running to catch up with someone who is running away from you, it reveals that your fear of the person will influence your life. It may imply that you will be facing a series of disappointments and you will have to learn to deal with them.

If you dream of running after someone and actually catching them, it suggests that you are determined enough to keep fighting for what you want in life. The spiritual message here is to not give up on your dreams. Face your problems instead of sweeping them under the rug.

22-Dreaming of running along the train tracks

Dreaming of running along the train tracks means that you are taking too many risks. You are traveling through lands that you know are prohibited to acquire things that you require and this is dangerous. You could be hurt before you get something.

23-Dreaming of running because they chase you

Dreaming of running because they are chasing you indicates that there are people who will try to instill their opinions in you regarding the execution of some action that has to do with your personal or work matters. If the one who is chasing you is a murderer; you will have difficult problems to overcome in the coming days.

24-Dreaming of running down stairs

Dreams about running down stairs can have different interpretations. If you are running uphill it means that you are moving quickly towards a goal. But if you run downhill it indicates inconveniences that will be causing a decline in your life.


Dreams with running speak about our goals. They show us the way we move towards them. Depending on the dream setting ; These dreams announce triumphs or declines. But either way it is a signal to arrange things in a way that is more convenient for us.

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