Salt is a well-known preservative that has traditionally been used to preserve food, therefore, in the world of dreams it is also attributed a meaning related to preserving, guarding or protecting certain feelings, thoughts, material or otherwise immaterial goods. .

Salt is also an element that is used to ward off bad vibrations, to cleanse negativity or the evil eye, which is why dreaming of salt can also contain a meaning of protection against the negative that surrounds you.

On the other hand, salt can also be a destructive element, for example, it can make fertile land barren if a quantity of salt is spilled on it.

For this reason and depending on the rest of the nuances of the dream, the meaning may be related to the unproductiveness of your efforts or sacrifices.

Meaning of dreaming about salt

Dream of fine salt

Dreaming of fine salt represents for you what you want to safeguard, protect or keep intact, whether it is a memory, a feeling for a person or anything else. You will have to observe if in the dream where the fine salt appears there are other people, objects or you experience a certain sensation, a memory or a feeling to be able to analyze what you need or want to preserve.

Dream about coarse salt

When you dream of coarse salt, salt in granules or salt stones, it means that you need to protect yourself from certain negativities that are around you or even that you must eliminate from yourself the negativity that is preventing you from moving forward.

If you dream that you are surrounded by coarse salt, it means that you should not fear certain danger, threat or negativity.

dream of salt in bed

If you dream of salt in bed, it means that your sentimental relationship is strong and solid, that it will be in the future or if you are single or single today that your next relationship will bring you a lot of stability.

When you have this dream and you are going through a relationship crisis or you have doubts, insecurities or fears, the meaning of the dream is related to your need to preserve that relationship, with the effort you make to maintain the flame or prevent it from breaking.

Dream about spilled salt

If you dream of salt spilled on the ground or on a surface, it means that despite the efforts you are making to achieve something concrete, in the end the result will either not be what you want or you will not be able to obtain any result. That is, you are fighting for a cause that will be unsuccessful.

Dream of mountains of salt

Dreaming of mountains of salt is a good omen both of protection for you, and for everything that you value and is important in your life.

Seeing mountains of salt around you is also a wonderful omen of well-being, calm and tranquility.

Dream about pink salt

Dreaming of pink or red salt is directly related to the feelings that you try to keep alive, with the feelings that make you happy, with the feelings that you rely on to continue your fight, and with the feelings of someone you want to save, protect, or protect. preserve.

Dream about black salt

If you dream of black salt, it means that there are certain thoughts or feelings in you that despite hurting you, causing you unhappiness or making you suffer, you somehow insist on maintaining.

Having this dream is a clear indication that you need emotional cleansing, that you need to turn the page or overcome a certain situation.

Dream that you eat salt

If you dream that you eat salt or have salt in your mouth, it means that you have to be very careful with what you say in front of other people, either because it can compromise you in some way because it can reveal something intimate about you or because it can cause discomfort in the people who listen to it.

Dream that you throw salt

Dreaming that you throw or spill salt is a clear indication that you are under the flow of bad energy, that you are going through a bad streak of luck or that someone around you is causing you a bad vibration. You may need an energetic cleansing to reopen your paths.

Dream that they give you salt

  • If you dream that someone gives you salt, it means that this person, if known , will protect you, stand up for you or help you at some crucial moment in your life.
  • If the person who gives you salt is unknown , it means that you are going to meet someone who will have very good intentions with you and who will give off a very good energy.

Dream that you walk on salt

Dreaming that you walk on salt means that you are protected or protected against bad energy, that you have divine protection. Probably from your beings of light or your ancestors.

Dream that you clean with salt

If you dream that you clean your house or some place or object with salt, it means that you are worried or worried about something, that you are living and you do not know how to deal with or solve with someone with whom there is a conflict, that worries you or simply, that you feel afraid before the bad vibration caused by a situation or a person.

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