What does it mean to dream about Santa Muerte?

The dreams in which we see the Personification of death (the Holy Death), are associated with healing, protection and safe delivery to life after death by her devotees.

Death is a living presence in every person , and it reminds us that as we live our lives, so full of the thoughts of physical life, its pleasures and pains, we are indeed dual beings.

Our body is dying every second as thousands of cells die, and by doing so the new, living body can continue.

If we allow ourselves to realize that it illustrates the meaning of the phoenix, it is consumed by flames, and yet it has risen again.

It can also be a notice telling us that it is best to avoid making fun of or making comments as we go through this site to avoid ill will.

– If we dream that the holy death while we hold our breath , it means that she is trying to feed our vital energy.

And if the person who dreams is someone dedicated to worship, it means the same as before, or he wants to make a generous gift too, which is not very convenient.

– If you dream that death asked us to light a candle, it means that we should not be influenced by this cult.

– If in the dream we see an IMAGE OF HOLY DEATH AND CANDLES AROUND , it tells us that we should not be influenced by the cult, and that is not good.

Dream about the statue of Santa Muerte

If in our dream we see a statue of Santa Muerte on an altar , but dirty, it means that we have managed to free ourselves from the influence of Santa Muerte or the damage it could have caused to a person devoted to the cult.

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If in our dream we see her statue, and it happens that we cannot find our ex-wife (or ex-girlfriend ) it means that someone has used all kinds of machinations and/or witchcraft to separate her.

If we see a Statue of Santa Muerte from behind  it means that we have no affinity with her, but if a devotee of this cult has this dream, it means that she is upset with him, for some reason, she advises you to be careful, because the saint death is something bipolar and if it bothers him.

If in the dream we see it and we also present a lot of money , it tells us that, although we are going through money problems, we should not do dishonest things to get it or be influenced by this cult because eventually we are going to cause too many problems.

– If someone who is devoted to Santa Muerte or who is attracted to this cult , and in the dream they are praying for you without danger , it means that she can help you get out of some problem, however, ask for favors from Santa Muerte he is dangerous (since he is an unreliable spirit).

– To dream that we collapse and suddenly Santa Muerte picks us up  and takes us to an old and ugly house, tells us that we are going through a difficult situation and we ask for help from Santa Muerte (or unreliable beings).

It can bring you bad luck or misfortune , in which case the ideal is to get rid of all the objects related to it, and replace them with something good, such as an image of our Divine Lady ( Virgin of Guadalupe ).

– If we dream, someone makes us witchcraft with Santa Muerte , it means that we have a problem. It can also mean that someone is manipulating us, or manipulating our environment, which means the former or the latter, depending on our current situation.

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What does it mean to dream of Azrael (The Grim Reaper)

To see Azrael, death in your dream means a person who interferes in your decisions or with whom you have to act together.

To dream that when you see Azrael, you are not afraid of him indicates that you will have merchandise, property and achievements in the world. If you fear him in your dream, it means that you will continue to do so with less.

Escaping death in your dream can represent that you will realize your own mistake and try to make up for it.

If you are waiting for Israel in your dream, it means that you will be successful in your work as long as you show courage and indecision. Alternatively, there will be a person who accepts you as long as you don’t give up.

Seeing that death in the death dream is the result of the death of the grim reaper indicates that you must err on the side of caution for the matters that concern you. Some of your doubts will happen in reality unless you are careful.

Killing Azrael ( the fallen angel ) in your dream can represent that you will defeat your enemy and as you eliminate your partner, you will rise to power for yourself.

To see Azrael kill a person in your dream indicates that a person you will do business with will attract more attention than you.

Talking to death in your dream suggests that you will come to a mutual understanding with your enemy and meet people you don’t like because you are interested in them. Alternatively, it refers to important business-related meetings and conversations.

Seeing yourself as the grim reaper in your dream means that you will interfere with the life of your partner or person within your family. Because of this, these people will feel strange towards you gradually.

To see that the grim reaper is laughing in your dream implies that the cheating partner game will destroy. A person who does something behind your back will get out of your way.

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Kissing Azrael in your dream symbolizes a person whom you disappear due to health problems. If you kiss the hand of death, it means that you will have a short journey to get a big inheritance.

Greeting the grim reaper in your dream implies that you will make your partner happy by exhibiting good behaviors. Alternatively, it denotes learning your enemy’s weak point.

If you see the grim reaper as human, it refers to a friend who sacrifices himself without you realizing it because he wants to pave the way for a difficult job.

Dream about Santa Muerte in different colors

Although we almost always refer to the Black Santa Muerte , in reality and according to San Antonio , the Santa de la Muerte is said to have seven powers and each one is represented by a different colored robe that she wears.

Black is the color most associated with Santísima Muerte , but we have already seen that the meaning of the color black , in general, provides protection and containment.

Therefore, dreaming of the Black Santa Muerte can symbolize that you are protected from any harm and evil.

However, Santa Muerte , in addition to the seven colors of power, can be shown with other colors of robes, but as far as the interpretation of dreams is concerned, according to its color it represents:

  • The Holy Death color Gold : Abundance and money.
  • The Holy Red Death : Love and family.
  • The Purple Holy Death : A change from negative to positive and asking for good health.
  • The Santa Muerte color Silver : Good luck to bring money and success.
  • The Holy Death of amber color : Health.
  • La Santa Muerte Negra : Protection against black magic.
  • La Santa Muerte Verde : Justice, legal matters.
  • The Copper-colored Santa Muerte : Breaks negative energies.
  • The Holy Blue Death : Wisdom.
  • The Holy White Death : Purity.

Symbolism of the holy death according to the way of dying

  • Dreaming of dying in an elevator represents a promotion in the workplace.
  • Dying of a heart attack indicates that you will enjoy a long and happy life.
  • Dreaming of starving indicates that you are afraid of failing in any situation or afraid of losing material goods.
  • Dreaming of dying in the workplace symbolizes a change in the workplace.
  • Dreaming of choking to death indicates an impending marriage.
  • Dreaming of dying in peace indicates going beyond the fears that persecuted the dreamer.
  • Dreaming of dying in anguish indicates the fear of having to face high expenses to overcome problems.
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Other interpretations of the dream of the black Santa Muerte

  1. Dreaming of dying alone represents the fear of loneliness, the terror of not having good friends to trust for both good and evil.
  2. Dreaming of being afraid of death symbolizes the presence of internal conflicts that do not make the dreamer’s life serene.
  3. Dreaming of seeing people cry over our death indicates that you are highly envied.
  4. Dreaming of being buried after having passed on to a better life indicates that you will soon have a certain amount of gold.
  5. Dreaming of someone who wants to kill us indicates that someone is plotting behind our backs but that despite everything they will not be able to harm us.
  6. Dreaming of dying indicates inconsistency between mind and body, between the decisions we make and the actions we eventually take, and often these do not coincide.
  7. Dreaming of taking your own life foreshadows the presence of an inner torment that brings suffering, it would be appropriate to talk about it with someone.

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