What does it mean to dream of school? School is often a place we associate with learning and education. If you’re an adult who’s long out of school, it can also be a sign that you’re subconsciously dealing with parts of the past.

Meaning of dreaming about school

knowledge and understanding

If you dream of going to school, this may demonstrate your need for deeper knowledge and understanding in some area of ​​your waking life. You may be searching for the truth about a situation, and dreaming about school is a reflection of the need to investigate and gather more information.


Many people associate education as a valuable opportunity for a better life. It could also mean that you will have the opportunity to learn a valuable new life lesson in the near future.

Memories from the past

If you are an adult who has already finished school, you may find yourself having dreams that you are still in school. This can be a frustrating dream to have! Many times this dream is a subtle way of telling you that there is something that you are not ready to let go of the past.

Things to consider to understand a dream about going to school

If you dream about going to school, seeing the deeper details can help you understand why you dream about going to class, taking tests, or losing your locker combination. When you consider that many of us spend the most important developmental years of our lives in a classroom or at school, it shouldn’t seem unusual for us to have these dreams even decades later!

What are the details you remember from the dream ? Learning to remember the details of your dreams can make it easier to understand what a dream means. Are you able to remember details such as what subjects you were studying or what types of other objects were present in the dream?

What class were you in? If you are dreaming of parbulitos it is very different from dreaming of being in a university class. Elementary courses may mean that you are ready to progress into a more mature area of ​​your life, or it may mean that you are feeling held back by some aspect of your current waking life.

Who else was in the dream ? People in our dreams are often like actors and actresses in a movie. Sometimes they can act like themselves, but more often they symbolize something else, sometimes even presenting themselves as aspects of our own selves!

What was the general mood of the dreamDid you feel that you were anxious? Afraid? Happy? Carefree? Paying attention to your feelings in the dream can help you understand what feelings are surfacing subconsciously and how they relate to current events in your life.

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