What does it mean to dream about selling fish

What does it mean to dream selling fish

Dreaming of selling fish shows that you will undergo important changes in life. The end of these changes will be positive, that is, many joys await you. But in the meantime problems will arise that can make you throw in the towel.

This dream is experienced by people who are afraid that things will change or worry that they may lose the peace of mind they have today. So they are people who live with constant fear on a day-to-day basis. Generating stress and lowering their performance at work or school.

This fact makes the dream become an alert that your subconscious is doing so that you are prepared for anything. That is to say, stop that nervousness because important things are approaching.

By nature human beings avoid changes, so it is a very common attitude. Especially when nothing comes out and you feel frustrated with yourself.

It is a dream that is even seen in people who care too much about the opinion of the people around them. It is another point that coincides with the nature of the human being, who needs to feel important and be in the crowd.

Keep in mind that things will happen that can make you lose hope, but after that important things await you in your life. Such as dreaming of fish where it shows luck in relationships and becoming a mature person capable of achieving any goal.

It is closely related to dreaming that I am a fish , where it shows what you want to be in life.

I will leave you the variants that will help you specify your interpretation adequately. These will vary depending on the state of the fish.

Dream selling fried fish

If what you are selling is fried fish, this shows that your faith will be tested. It is because you are a person who lacks faith. This will affect your relationships, between family and friends.

You don’t believe in people because they have hurt or cheated on you in the past. So you can’t believe anyone. This is preventing you from making new friends and having someone you can trust with your things.

You must not be naive and it is good that you learn that not everyone will be good. But at the same time you should know that there are good people and they are willing to be your best friends.

Dream selling fresh fish

Now, if you dream of selling fish that is fresh, this means that you feel that there is a lack of excitement in your life. Nothing surprises you and you feel bored with your day.

The dream shows that important things are coming up and you are excited. But the most important thing about this dream is that you are not looking at the simple things in life. You can’t be happy with simple things that life gives you.

Be very careful that you are becoming a materialistic person. You must value more the human being and the people who love you

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