Dream about sewing machine

If when we dream of a sewing machine we wake up very curious to know the meaning, we have to keep in mind that we need to remember the details of the dream very well, for example, if we are the ones who are sewing, if we see a person sewing by machine, if the machine works well or if the sewing machine is broken. Each of the details will make the interpretation of the dream easier.

Also in this dream it is very important to know how we felt about the sewing machine, if we were upset, sad or anxious, then we must be prepared for problems and obstacles. But if we felt happy, what will come into our lives will be happiness. This type of dream represents improvement, efforts in vain, personal and professional development, plans, economic difficulties, friendships, achievements, fights and trials.

Dream about sewing machine

Seeing a sewing machine shows that we will put our plans into action, but soon we will encounter difficulties that we did not foresee. Even if we get frustrated at first, we will manage to overcome them without any difficulty. Putting the spool of thread on the sewing machine indicates that it will take us longer than planned to achieve our goals.

If we are sewing by machine and we do it without any difficulty, it predicts that we will achieve everything very quickly, and without setbacks. Seeing that someone is cooking very fast on a machine indicates that our family will be supporting us in difficult times. If we are working with a sewing machine, it predicts problems and fights with a person close to us.

Sewing something beautiful by machine portends that something spectacular is about to happen in our lives, this event will bring us a lot of joy. To be sewing with a machine and we run out of thread, portends that we should not expect any benefit from our efforts. If the sewing machine falls on the floor, it portends many obstacles that we will have to overcome to continue with our plans.

Our mother or grandmother is the one who sews

If we see our mother or grandmother sewing on a machine, it indicates that we must work as a team with people we trust to achieve success. It is important to know how to choose the right people.

Sew on a machine and watch the thread break

When we are using the sewing machine and the thread is cut, it predicts that our efforts will not bear the fruit we hope for. There will come a time when we will have to put an end to what we do and look for an alternative.

Dream About Old Sewing Machine

Sewing with an old machine and seeing that it gets stuck, or does not sew well, portends many problems that we will have to face, both personally and at work. If someone looks at us while we sew with an old sewing machine, it indicates that we will receive help from a friend or family member.

An old sewing machine that looks worn over time indicates that we will feel very tired from so much work and so little reward. If the machine works like new, it is a very good omen, as it shows that our efforts will be rewarded.

See it doesn’t work

Trying to use a sewing machine and seeing that it doesn’t work predicts the start of a losing streak. Everything we try to do will be stuck. If we try to repair it and we still can’t get it to work, he points out that the losing streak will be very long and we will have to have a lot of patience.

Buy sewing machine

If we buy a sewing machine in the dream, it means that in real life we ​​are very lazy people. It is time to start doing things that are useful for our lives and our future.

Dream About Rusty Sewing Machine

When we see that a sewing machine is rusty in the dream, it predicts that we will take a well-deserved vacation and we will be able to rest from so much stress.

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