Shadows represent in the world of dreams the lack of clarity, transparency, communication. Shadows also represent your insecurities, your fears and also your emotions, but those that are negative, everything that stands in your way to happiness, everything that you must heal, overcome or leave behind.

Dream about human shadows

If you dream of human shadows, it means that there are unclarified issues, without solving with someone close to you, that there are feelings that have not been expressed, that there is some blockage in that or those relationships.

If you dream of your own shadow , it means that you are experiencing some internal conflict, that there are toxic emotions, fears or insecurities in you that in some way dominate or influence you.

If you dream of shadows of known people, it means that there are pending issues with that or those people that you need to understand, something that is hidden or blocked or that there is not a good communication between that or those people and you.

If you dream of shadows of unknown people, it means that in your relationships with others you do not show yourself as you really are, that you do not express yourself as you would like.

Dream of animal shadows

Dreaming of animal shadows reflects your weaknesses, your most primal and impulsive instincts, those aspects of your personality that stand in your way.

dream of black shadows

If you dream of black shadows, it means that you feel sadness or hopelessness in your life in general or in a specific part of it. You may be going through a personal crisis, a relationship crisis or an emotional crisis.

Dream of white shadows

Dreaming of white shadows symbolizes beings of light that protect you. This dream is very positive since it speaks of the protection you have.

dream of long shadows

Dreaming of elongated shadows or without a concrete form is related to your deepest fears, with the insecurities that you have rooted inside you and that knowingly or unknowingly limit you and prevent you from being happy.

Dream of shadows chasing you

When you dream of shadows that chase you, it means that you feel threatened or threatened by something or someone, you feel fear of some specific danger that threatens your stability, your happiness, that which has cost you so much to achieve.

Dream of shadows attacking you

When you dream of shadows that attack you, it means that you must be alert with the people around you, that you must be prudent with the decisions that you must make, that you must act carefully in your relationships with others since this dream alerts you to possible problems. , conflicts or confrontations.

Dream of the shadow of death

If you dream of the shadow of death, you should not be scared, since it is not an omen of death or anything like that. This dream reflects that you are capable and will be capable of overcoming any obstacle, problem or difficulty that you are facing or that you are going to face in the near future.

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