Dreaming of skulls is not a bad omen nor is it directly related to death. Dreaming of skulls is a representation of your deepest fears towards something or someone, it is a reflection of your most controversial thoughts.

On the other hand, dreaming of skulls can also mean the sign of how you really feel in your life or in a part of it, it may be indicating that you have hit rock bottom in some aspect and you must resurface to take control of that situation.

Dream of animal skulls

When you dream of animal skulls, it means that you are repressing a part of yourself, that in some way you live oppressed or oppressed by a situation or person, by a belief or even by some people around you.

This dream is associated with the conditioning to which you are subjected or subjected in your life or in a part of it.

Dream about human skulls

Dreaming of human skulls reflects your deepest, most intimate and complex thoughts about an issue, situation or person. This dream highlights the fact that you do not feel fully free to give your opinion, decide or act in a certain circumstance.

Dreaming of skulls of children

When you dream of children‘s skulls, it means that there is a part of your childhood, youth or adolescence that you have not been able to overcome, a trauma, a situation that marked you then and continues to mark you now in one way or another in your adult life.

Dream of Mexican skulls

Dreaming of Mexican skulls is associated with fear, death, loneliness, pain… In short, this dream represents your deepest fears that you have trouble facing, fears that you avoid so as not to face them, fears that paralyze you.

Dream of small skulls

If you dream of small skulls, it means that even if you feel safe or secure in your life, you are self-sufficient or have a stable life, there is in the depths of your being a devouring fear of something or someone that possibly without being aware of it limits you or limits you. conditions you.

Dream about big skulls

If you dream of large skulls, it means that you should reflect on a part of your life, a behavior you have had, a reaction, an attitude… that could lead you to lose control of that situation or your life in general.

Dream of many skulls

If you dream of many skulls around you, it means that you have hit rock bottom in a specific situation or in your life, which places you in a very delicate and vulnerable position. You probably need to ask for help but above all you need to react and get up again.

Dream about skulls and bones

If you dream of skulls and bones, it means that the end of a stage is approaching, the outcome that you have been waiting for for a long time or that you fear so much.

Dream of white skulls

White skulls are associated with problems, conflicts or fears in the environment of the family or the couple.

Dreaming of white skulls shows that there is a situation pending to be resolved, addressed or overcome in your family or partner environment, since as long as it is not addressed there will be no peace and harmony fully.

Dream about black skulls

If you dream of black skulls you should be alert in the coming days as you could see yourself involved or involved in other people’s problems or have to deal forcefully and decisively with important issues related to work, finances or legal issues.

Dream of gold skulls

When you dream of gold skulls this reflects your deepest fears related to the economy, debts, payments or property. You may be going through difficult times or have to make delicate decisions that put your financial stability at risk.

Dream about dancing skulls

Dreaming of dancing skulls is an omen of hope in the face of insecurity, fear, sadness or mistrust.

Dream of buried skulls

If you dream of buried skulls, it means that you are afraid of an outcome, of news, of a response that you have received or that you are going to receive, or even of a result that you are awaiting.

This dream also reflects that you feel bad about yourself or yourself since you consider that you have not done enough for a certain cause.

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