Dreaming of smoke is related on the one hand to the difficulty to see what is ahead, to see the reality of things, smoke prevents vision and hides everything that is wrapped in itself.

On the other hand, dreaming of smoke also represents the communication between the earth and the sky, between the earthly and the spiritual, therefore depending on the type of smoke and the rest of the nuances, the meaning may vary.

dream of black smoke

If you dream of black smoke, it means that there may be some hidden danger on your way, in your decisions or in your relationships with others.

This dream tries to warn you, warn you about possible threats or hidden enemies that may be around you.

dream of white smoke

If you dream of white smoke it means that you have doubts about some matter of a spiritual or faith nature, you may have had an experience that has put you face to face with your beliefs, with your way of seeing life and that has generated a series of of doubts and new approaches.

Dream about gray smoke

Dreaming of gray smoke represents the lack of vision before what you have to do, decide or give your opinion. When you dream of gray smoke, your lack of objectivity is revealed, of reality, since a series of external conditions that can be people, experiences or feelings prevent you from seeing clearly what is in front of you.

dream of smoke in the house

If you dream that there is smoke in your house, it means that you should be very attentive to the people who live with you or to the closest people, since you could be surprised by someone’s attitude, behavior or reaction.

dream of smoke and fire

When you dream of smoke and fire, that is, the smoke comes from a fire, it means that you have prepared yourself for a regeneration, a rebirth, something has happened in your life or is going to happen that will cause an important change for you and will lead you to evolve by a new path and towards a new goal.

Dream about tobacco smoke

Dreaming of smoke from a tobacco cigarette symbolizes the fears that live in you that, even if you are not aware of them, block you in some way or in part of your life and prevent you from seeing what is right or what is most convenient for you.

If you dream that you smoke a cigarette and expel smoke, it means that those fears or fears are deeply rooted in you and you still do not feel prepared or prepared to face them.

Dream about smoke in chimney

If you dream of smoke coming out of a chimney, it means that you are in a stage of spiritual or energetic cleansing, that you are rethinking everything around you or that you are going to do so soon.

Dream of incense smoke

Dreaming of incense smoke is related to your inner world, with your beliefs. When you have this dream it means that you are looking for peace, a balance through your personal relationships, your beliefs, your experiences…

Dream that you are surrounded or surrounded by smoke

If you dream that you are surrounded or surrounded by smoke and you do not see what is around you clearly, it means that you are going through a stage of confusion, of doubts, that you are being manipulated or manipulated by someone or something, in short, that you are not being objective or objective with your life or your actions.

Dream of drowning in smoke

If you dream that you drown from inhaling smoke, it means that someone is hiding the truth from you, that you are living a lie but that at some point it will be discovered and you will know the real truth, which will cause you disappointment, sadness or some feeling of failure and pain.

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