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What does it mean to dream about snails

What does it mean to dream of snails? Currently we can find snails anywhere in the world. We ourselves can find them in the meadows, orchards, parks or in our own garden. Most carry a shell on their backs, although there are species, such as slugs, that do not. Surely everyone has seen a snail throughout their lives, but what is the meaning of finding a snail in our dreams? How do we interpret the appearance of this animal in our dreams?

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  • 1 General interpretation of dreaming of snails
  • 2 Psychological interpretation of dreaming of snails
  • 3 Spiritual interpretation of dreaming of snails


In the general interpretation, dreaming of snails represents tranquility, and is a sign of sensitivity. When a snail appears in our dream, it is warning us to be patient but at the same time it warns us against indecision and exaggeration. For sensitive people, dreaming of snails may be indicating that they only care about themselves and that they are moving too far away from their environment.

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What does it mean to dream of snails? Depending on the different situations that we can find in the dream, the symbol of the snail can be interpreted in the following ways.

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  • If in the dream we find a slimy snail , what it indicates is the discomfort we feel in our current environment. This should make us think about what it is due to and try to solve it.
  • When we dream of a snail slowly crawling on the ground, this situation in the dream tells us that in our lives a person to whom we are making a promise keeps us waiting. You should wait a while to make a decision about it.
  • Dreaming of the snail shell and its spiral shape is interpreted as a repetitive life situation.
  • Eating snails in the dream tells us that we are taking advantage of another person’s patience in the real world.
  • If we dream that we step on a snail, it indicates that very soon we will meet a person who will not be to our liking.
  • When in the dream we step on one or more snails in an evil and intentional way, it indicates some kind of premature action in our lives, mething that will bring us a series of disadvantages.


In other times the psychological interpretation of dreaming of snails was that of a symbol of resurrection and purity. The current interpretation is more like that of the tortoise. This is why the symbol of the snail is interpreted as a sign of strength of character.

Another interpretation of dreaming of snails is that of their slowness, which can attribute to the dreamer excessive sensitivity and insecurity. Seeing a snail in the dream can also indicate that we should slow down in something that we would like to do in our life, but it is possible that we feel overwhelmed by events.

What does it mean to dream of snails?

If we dream that we are moving at a snail’s pace in the dream, we act carefully and planned in our life. If we consciously step on a snail during sleep, psychologically it is interpreted as that we are reaching the end of our patience . We do not want to wait any longer and we need to act now in a certain situation in our lives. But we must do it with caution so as not to make mistakes by doing it too fast.

When a snail hides in its shell during sleep, it tells us that we must be patient. If, on the other hand, we see the snail leaving its house, it indicates that we would like to separate ourselves from an overly sensitive person in our environment.

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