What does it mean to dream about snakes and vipers

Dreaming of snakes is a problem that many people have had at bedtime, since it represents evil, family problems, envy, apart from being the animal most hated by everyone since the beginning of our race.

In the times of Jesus, Satan appeared as a Viper to tempt or intimidate him; This animal frequently appears in dreams when they want to cause the dreamer some harm, dreaming of vipers is the cause of a trauma or phobia towards them.

According to an old popular interpretation, the snake is a bad omen unless you kill it.

Symbolism of Dreaming of Snakes or Vipers

Dreaming of snakes for most people is unpleasant and desperate, and yes, they have every right to feel that discomfort since any dream in which a snake appears is evil.

If the snake attacks you and shows aggression , it may mean that the dreamer is about to be attacked by an enemy or will be judged due to problems that he himself has caused.

Snake Dream Interpretation!

When we cut off the viper’s head

It can be something positive for us because that would mean the end of our problem or the end of a person who is willing to harm us.

When   you dream of snakes , you may find one that wants to hypnotize you, this may refer to a problem or legal process which you are going to face with the support of close people.

If in the dream a friend appears next to the snakes

It can refer to a betrayal that you are going to suffer, not precisely from that friend, but from a close person.

When a snake appears in a large size, it means that the dreamer is an ambitious person who likes to have money and is never conformist.

If we dream of a Rattlesnake

It is meaning of being a dreamer with inattention, a person who needs company.

Dream of a dead snake

It is a good sign, since this represents the end of a serious problem that the dreamer believed he could not overcome.

If a cobra snake appears in the dream , it could be the sign of a love betrayal or the breakup of a relationship, it can also be due to doubts or conflicts that the dreamer is going through in their relationship.

Depending on what the snakes do in the dreams

Your interaction with these reptiles can mean different meanings in dreams and these vary as follows:

  • Being surrounded by Vipers : It is possible that you have doubts or do not trust one or several people around you and you express a certain hypocrisy towards them since you do not trust them at all but your treatment is still going on.
  • Dreaming of snakes coiled around you : This is a sign that the dreamer is a person addicted to sex and always enjoys it to the fullest.
  • Dreaming that you are eating a viper : It is also associated with the end of sexuality and sexual need.
  • To dream that a viper coils in front of the dreamer and flees : It means that the problems and the enemies are going to go away but only for a while but that sooner or later they will return.
  • Dreaming of a viper that moves slowly and with no intention of attacking is usually a sign that the dreamer has not had a desired sexual pleasure, which is recommended to examine their own sexual relations with the opposite sex. Likewise, vipers inspire rejection and fear in real life, but when we dream of them it is a sign of upcoming problems in our lives, warning us of future errors that should or should be corrected in time.
  • To dream that the snake is a pet or a domestic animal : It means power and control, and identifies a possessive person.
  • If a viper is shedding its skin : It means that they are going to see very marked changes in the dreamer’s life to which they will have to adapt sooner or later.

Subconscious Meaning of Vipers in Dreams

When dreaming we are unconsciously expressing all the experiences and knowledge obtained on a daily basis, this implies fears, phobias or other causes of a part of the brain called the Hippocampus.

This means that when we dream the mind builds by its own decision a scene that is what we call the “Dream”.

When dreaming, the brain takes a part of our fears and memories from our memory and begins to create a fictitious story that would become a dream.

When we are worried or going through problems, we often dream of snakes due to the level of stress and importance that we give to these problems.

When dreaming of a snake , it is advisable to kill it, so that your problems are solved without any difficulty!

Among dreams with an animal theme, the most common is that of the snake and it can be interpreted both positively and negatively; we only have to consider the emotions aroused by the dream, the relationship the dreamer has with that animal, and how this animal is viewed in their culture.

In principle, the vision of a snake can indicate the slander and evil that your enemies say about you, it could also denote a mysterious and dark side of yourself, of which you are not aware; It could also be a symbol to express your virility , as an expression of the freedom of the body and sexual pleasure.

Finally, it could be associated with the idea of ​​spiritual well-being , physical healing and wisdom because, as you well know, the figure of the serpent is present both in the stick of Asclepius (symbol of medicine) and in the caduceus of the god Mercury mediator between the human and the divine.

colored snakes

  • A Silver Snake is synonymous with an inner change that will lead you to spiritual growth.
  • The yellow snake is the symbol of intellect and intuition.
  • The blue snake embodies spiritual energy.
  • The red snake represents a sexual charge.
  • The green snake is an expression of feelings of jealousy and envy.
  • The white snake is symbolic of a choice or possibility that you have not considered.
  • Black snake is the expression of a possible threat or danger and indicates its most hidden part.

Other types

  •  The two-headed snake is the symbol of a conflict that grabs you and makes your life difficult.
  • The sea serpent is the sign of an emotional transformation.

Other known meanings

  • Dreaming of a snake chasing you and trying to attack you can indicate that you are experiencing a period of uncertainty and anguish; alternatively, it can mean that you will be a victim of deception.
  • Dreaming of a snake that bites you can symbolize the aggression that you are a victim of or the aggression that you have inside and that you cannot express. Being bitten could have a positive meaning as the poison could represent a serum ready to heal you.
  • Dreaming of seeing many snakes is a typical dream of those who are cautious and who can see enemies everywhere.
  • Dreaming of having snakes in you is a recurring dream of those who suffer from complexes and problems of a sexual nature.
  • Dreaming of crushed or strangled snakes can mean that you are a repressed type, that you cannot express your emotions and ideas, that you need to keep everything under control without letting go.
  • Dreaming of a snake at home can symbolize the presence of a possible threat that hangs over you or your carif the snake is determined to escape it may indicate that negativity is leaving you. If the snake is in or under the bed , the problems that afflict you are of a sexual nature or more generally relate to the sphere of sexuality.
  • Dreaming of a dead snake can indicate that everything that negatively affected you and generated distressing emotions in you, you left behind.

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