What does it mean to dream about someone? 20 dream interpretations

Dreaming of someone can be said to be one of the most recurrent dreams in a person’s life. Since every day we live relating to people who are part of our environment. You could have a dream about a loved one, or someone you just met. But the truth is that most of the time we are dreaming of someone specific.

Dreams about someone can often be exciting, especially if that person you are idealizing attracts you and/or is the one with whom you long to share pleasant moments in real life. Many times these dreams are signals that our subconscious sends us to make our conscious memory aware of eventualities that we have not been able to perceive on our own.

What does it mean to dream of someone? 20 dream interpretations

Dream about someone

Countless scenarios of this dream involve different situations. Each of these has a different meaning. For this reason we have prepared for you below a list of interpretations of the most common dreams that are related to someone; so you can find the exact meaning of your dream. You can also merge them at your convenience if necessary:

1-Dream of someone deceased

It is important to look at the situation involving your dream to determine how it applies to you. Dreaming of someone deceased can be a warning that you are doing things a little crooked. Perhaps you are acting very differently than that person perhaps once advised you. You must try to decipher in what aspect you are wrong so that you can take the right course.

2-Dream about someone you like

Dreaming of someone you like often represents a fulfillment of the wishes you have in real life. This dream usually means that this person also has feelings for you and has been hiding them for a long time just like you. Neither of them dares to take the initiative and therefore the feelings are being wasted.

However, your subconscious has taken part in this story to open the door to a relationship that could be very satisfying.

3-Dream of someone who is dead

Dreaming of someone who has already been dead for a long time is the sign of a divine voice that wants to help you get out of the situation in which you find yourself at the moment. You should try to remember what advice that person gave you when they were alive; because that will tell you which is the path you should follow to be able to move forward without problems.

4-Dreaming of someone deceased who speaks to you

Dreaming of someone deceased who speaks to you represents a warning. You must be very aware of what is speaking to you in the dream experience, because the meaning of your dream will depend on that. If he is talking to you for example about your partner; You must be careful because an infidelity could be taking place.

5-Dream about someone from the past

Dreams with someone from the past indicate that there are stages in your life that you have not yet closed and you need to do so in order to move forward. Perhaps it may be about a love that you have not been able to forget or a behavior that you are refusing to change.

6-Dream of someone crying

Dreaming of someone crying is a very bad omen; Announce that you will soon receive bad news related to your loved ones. It could be dealing with a near death or a very serious illness within your family environment.

7-Dream about someone you know

Dreaming of someone you know indicates that this person will be willing to support you in whatever you need. Perhaps he has been watching you very closely, he has realized your needs and has decided to lend you a hand. It will be up to you to know how to take advantage of the help and be grateful.

8-Dream about someone you don’t know

If you dream of someone you don’t know who is being nice to you; this means that you are actually going to meet someone new who is going to be very important in your life. Someone who will represent a significant support for you in difficult times.

If in the dream the unknown person is arguing with you, it means that you are going to have serious problems with newcomers who will be very problematic.

9-Dreaming of someone dying

Dreaming of someone dying indicates that something in your life is actually dying. Maybe it’s a feeling that means a lot to you but hurts you, or a relationship that doesn’t suit you. In the spiritual sense, death in dreams means the opportunity to change course for the better.

10-Dream of someone sick

Dreaming of someone sick generally means that your plans are suffering from unfavorable eventualities. These obstacles that are being presented to you will be able to solve them if and only if you attack them now, because if you let them gain more ground it will be almost impossible. On the other hand, this dream could also be telling you that a person close to you has health problems.

11-Dreaming of someone pregnant

Dreaming of a pregnant person may be indicating that there will be a future birth in the family. If you haven’t taken a pregnancy test, you should; because most likely your subconscious is warning you that you are going to be a mother. If it is not you who is pregnant, it could be your mother, your sister or someone very close to you.

12-Dreaming of someone who has hurt you

Dreaming of someone who has hurt you is a warning that you should take more care of the people around you. You could be having serious problems with a person who is very interested in making you look bad.

13-Dreaming of someone you have never seen

Dreams with someone you have never seen means that a new person is going to arrive in your environment, who is going to play very important roles. You must take into account the sensations that this dream produces in you, because it will depend on this whether you should make room for it in your life or not.

14-Dreaming of someone who has died

Dreaming of a person who has died at that moment means that your life is going to take an unexpected turn that will lead you to improve in all your aspects. Perhaps you are currently in a relationship that does not suit you and you refuse to leave it. But the universe is going to force you to do it because it is necessary for you to move forward.

15-Dreaming of someone you dislike

Dreaming of someone you dislike indicates that you are going to find them in a place that you frequent a lot. You may find that she is going to study in the same section as you, she is going to enroll in the gym where you go, among others. This dream generally announces that you are going to see yourself obliged to interact with this person.

16-Dreaming of someone you know

Dreaming of someone you know has a literal meaning. For example, if you dream that this person is treating you with kindness; she will do it in real life. If, on the contrary, fights or ill-treatment arise between you, it means that in the very near future you will be involved in lawsuits with that person.

17-Dreaming of someone who is not your partner

Dreaming of someone who is not your partner and with whom you are being unfaithful, means; that you do not feel comfortable in the sentimental relationship in which you currently find yourself. Infidelities in dreams mean that in real life you long to do it and since you have not dared, you do it secretly in dreams.

18-Dreaming of someone dressed in red

Dreaming of someone dressed in red speaks of a passionate temptation. Someone you have hidden desires for. Perhaps you will soon be experiencing an unbridled love that you have longed for since you met that person. But be careful not to fall in love because you could end up suffering.

19-Dream about someone famous

Dreaming of an actor, singer or any famous person indicates that you are aiming for more than you should. Your mind may be in the clouds, but your feet are not yet on the ground. Although this is not exactly a negative dream; You must try to learn to look at reality where you stand. Aspiring big things is not bad, but you must work on them and build your future on solid foundations.

20-Dream of someone in a wheelchair

Dreaming of someone in a wheelchair means that someone close to you is going to need your help. This person has many limitations that may be preventing them from getting up from very difficult situations. The universe has chosen you to be the hero of this story. Don’t worry, he will know how to reward you very well for this work.


Dreams with someone can have very different meanings; these totally depend on who exactly you are dreaming about and the environment in which the dream experience takes place . They do not have a specific pattern that relates them, because they are totally independent of each other. But whatever case we’re in; All these dreams are signs of our subconscious that wants to help us get out of the coming situations.

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