What does it mean to dream about spitting on broken glass

What does it mean to dream of spitting on broken glass

Although it is a dream that can cause fear, dreaming of spitting on broken glass is a relatively positive dream. Since it shows that you are trying to leave the past that hurt you a lot.

However, it also shows that you still care in some way about what has happened and affects you in the present. But you want from your heart to avoid these situations and it is what you express through the dream.

Generally, the problems that you want to leave in oblivion will be related to friendships or family relationships. This has hurt you so much that at the time you thought you couldn’t forget about them.

So it is a dream closely related to dreaming of glasses where it shows the concerns of problems between friends or a partner. Generally, dreaming of glass shows you conflicts and deception.

If you dreamed that you spit glass, perhaps you suffered this or caused frustration in other people, but you are willing to change and not be the same.

This dream is had by people who want to start traveling new paths in life. They may feel some fear, but they are sure of what they want. This can be anything from starting a new business to starting a new relationship.

This attitude will be vital to achieve important things and achieve success or be truly happy.

But anyway it is a sign that there is still a lot of fear in you. The important thing is to know how to handle it and not make the same mistakes of the past. Living with optimism towards the future is very important.

On the other hand, you may be interested in dreaming that you eat glass that has a close meaning. This can help you better interpret the dreams you have. In addition, below we leave you the most common variants of this dream.

Dream that another person spits glass

Seeing that someone other than you is spitting glass shows that you have hurt another person in your past. The dream comes from the regret of having done such a thing.

We dream of this when they do something similar to us or because of the concern that they can do the same to us.

The important thing is to want a real change, since in this case it is not seen on your part that you want to change. Do not live in fear that the world is spinning. If you commit to being a better person, you don’t have to suffer.

Dream that you try to remove the glasses from the mouth

It is a dream that you would not have wished to have. Trying to remove the glasses but not being able to has a resemblance to dreaming of broken glass in the mouth , where it shows that the problems of the past have been due to deception.

This has made you a very distrustful person and you can’t take the next step for anything. Unfortunately you must be strong and leave all this in the past, otherwise you will never be happy and you will continue to have the same dream.

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