The stars are related to destiny with providence and luck. Dreaming of stars is a symbol of good fortune, happiness, chance and wealth. Generally dreams with stars are usually an excellent omen, however, the most precise meaning will be decided by the rest of the nuances that manifest in the dream.dream with starsdream of stars in the sky

  • Dreaming of stars in the sky that are very bright is an announcement of good fortune or a stroke of luck for you in general or in some specific aspect of life.
  • However, dreaming of stars that do not shine or are dark or pale is synonymous with bad luck, with complications that will paralyze or prevent the achievement of your plans, in short, it is the omen of misfortune.
  • If you dream of stars that fall from the sky to the earth, on you or around you , it is related to great changes that turn your life or a part of it upside down, they are generally unexpected changes and before which you will have no choice but to stand up.
  • If you dream that you count stars in the sky, it means that there will be positive news around you or regarding a specific issue whose resolution or management you are waiting for.
  • Dreaming of stars that form figures in the sky can have a very revealing meaning, you will have to look closely at the figure you see in the dream to be able to fully analyze it.

dream of shooting stars

Dreaming of shooting stars is a very positive dream, on the one hand it has a message for you about making the most of the opportunities that arise, the important moments and life in general, since we are passing through and we must take advantage of every moment of life. lifetime. On the other hand, it also represents the arrival of news from someone or something important to you, for example a birth, a wedding, a declaration of feelings…

If you dream that you make a wish while you see shooting stars , it means that that wish or another one you have is going to come true.

dream of moving stars

If you dream of stars that move, it means that you should focus on what is important, that you should put all your attention or energy on what is truly worthwhile, since the result of all this will be very favorable for you.

dream of touching the stars

Dreaming that you touch the stars or one of them symbolizes your highest desires, goals or ambitions, what seems unattainable right now but that you want to achieve, that you want to obtain or that you do not lose hope of being able to achieve at some point.

To dream that you touch the stars means that you are going to achieve it when the right circumstances arise or the due time elapses.

Dream of stars and the moon

If you dream of the stars and the Moon, it means that a bright stage will be presented to you, very prosperous and in which you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the advantages that will arise, develop your projects or carry them out personally.

dream of starfish

If you dream of starfish, it means that you will have a special protection that will help you get out of any situation or a specific one. This dream represents the support or the favors that you will be able to count on at a certain moment.

Dream about five-pointed stars

Dreaming of five-pointed stars symbolizes good luck in everything that has to do with laws, bureaucracy or financial matters, therefore, if you have this dream it means that you will be able to satisfactorily resolve any legal, judicial or financial.

dream of six pointed stars

Dreaming of six-pointed stars means that you must be prepared or prepared before the precipitation of events in your life or in a part of it, you will have to know how to deal with different situations without losing your calm since the good course of life will depend on it. the same.

Dream about seven pointed stars

If you dream of seven-pointed stars, this is the announcement of a golden stage, of happiness, prosperity, good luck and overcoming problems. Having this dream is a wonderful omen of success and fortune for you.

dream of colored stars

The color of the stars in the dream will also bring more meaning to it.

  • Dreaming of red stars is related to feelings, love and relationships with others.
  • Dreaming of blue stars symbolizes spirituality, the divine.
  • Dreaming of yellow or orange stars symbolizes strength, courage, and bravery.
  • Dreaming of green stars is related to hope, prosperity and well-being.
  • Dreaming of black stars symbolizes negative thoughts, blockage and fear.
  • Dreaming of white stars symbolizes purity and peace.

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